Get to Pay Per Head Bookies for NFL Week 17 Betting

by WagerHome Blog on December 31, 2020

If you are an independent bookmaker, or you place bets with an independent bookie, make sure to get connected to a pay per head service provider before NFL Week 17 begins on Sunday. There are so many great games to bet and so many playoff positions still to be settled, you don’t want to short change your action by failing to act by Sunday.

Important AFC Games in NFL Week 17

There are five games in the AFC that will help decide the rest of the postseason field. They are:

  • Miami at Buffalo (-3)
  • Baltimore (-12) at Cincinnati
  • Pittsburgh at Cleveland (-9.5)
  • Jacksonville at Indianapolis (-14.5)
  • Tennessee (-7) at Houston

If Miami beats Buffalo, then it clinches a Wild Card berth. But even if the Bills win, the Dolphins can still make the playoffs if the Ravens, Browns, or Colts lose. It does not need to be all three.

A loss by one of those teams sends Miami to the postseason. As for Buffalo, the No. 2 seed in the AFC is still in play.

The Ravens also get into the playoffs if they win, or the Browns or Colts lose. The Steelers are resting their starters, including Ben Roethlisberger, and if the Browns can beat the Pittsburgh backups, then Cleveland ends its 18-year playoff drought.

If the Titans win, they are in, though they can still get in with a loss. By losing last week, Indianapolis is the only team not in control of its own destiny.

If Indianapolis wins and either the Titans, Ravens, Browns, or Dolphins lose, the Colts are in the playoffs.

Important NFC Games in NFL Week 17

  • Dallas (-3) at New York Giants
  • Green Bay (-5) at Chicago
  • Arizona at Los Angeles Rams (-1.5)
  • Seattle (-5) at San Francisco
  • New Orleans (-6) at Carolina
  • Washington (-1) at Philadelphia

Six of the eight NFC games could impact the playoff bracket, and the NFC East still has three teams that could win it.

nfl week 17

A Dallas win and a Washington loss gives the division to the Cowboys. The Giants win the division if they beat Dallas and Washington loses.

Washington, with Taylor Heinicke starting at quarterback, is in control of its own destiny and only needs to beat the Eagles.

The Packers, Saints, and Seahawks all still have a chance at the top seed and the first-round bye. A Green Bay win and the Packers get it.

The Saints get the bye if they win, Green Bay loses, and Seattle wins. The Seahawks get the bye if they win and both Green Bay and New Orleans lose.

The last game of importance is Arizona at the Rams, as an Arizona win puts it in the playoffs. If the Cardinals lose, the Rams are in, as are the Bears. What happens to the Bears in their game against Green Bay does not matter.

Pay Per Head Software

What a great NFL Week 17 of the regular season! What a great playoffs we’re going to have!

Now is the time to partner with a pay per head software provider and make the most money this year. You’ll have your own website, fully automated odds from sporting events around the world, and 24/7 customer support. Get a demo at and a free four-week trial.

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WagerHome BlogGet to Pay Per Head Bookies for NFL Week 17 Betting

Betting College Football Playoff with Pay Per Head Bookies

by WagerHome Blog on December 29, 2020

There is so much sports on the calendar this week that it’s almost easy to forget that the three biggest games of the college football season are yet to be played. That changes on New Year’s Day when the semifinals of the College Football Playoff kick off, and the eventual national champion takes one step closer to the title.

It also leads us right into the final week of the NFL regular season and the sports betting bonanza that is the month of January.

Rose Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Alabama (-19.5)

Only the year 2020 could give us a Rose Bowl game played in Arlington, Texas, and Notre Dame making the game as a representative from the ACC. But since 2021 will be upon us by the time this game begins, let’s talk about the football.

Notre Dame is very good. The Fighting Irish beat Clemson earlier in the season, only to lose to the Tigers in the ACC Championship Game. That is the only blemish on an otherwise stellar record that comes from Notre Dame playing great defense and featuring an offensive line that is one of the best in the country.

That offensive line will be key because it absolutely has to keep the Notre Dame offense humming against Alabama. Even with a great Irish defense, we know Alabama is going to score.

Both quarterback Mac Jones and wide receiver DeVonta Smith are Heisman Trophy finalists, and running back Najee Harris just missed the cut as the fifth-highest vote-getter.

Can Notre Dame keep pace with Alabama? The bookmakers clearly don’t think so.

Sugar Bowl – Ohio State vs. Clemson (-7.5)

As soon as Clemson closed out its victory over Ohio State in the semifinals last year, this was the rematch we all hoped to see. It was a heavyweight fight between two teams with two great quarterbacks, who amazingly are even better this season.

college football playoff

This is Clemson’s sixth trip to the College Football Playoff semifinals, and it’s worth noting that the Tigers are 4-1 against the spread in the previous five. Ohio State finds itself in the unusual position of being the underdog in this one. Since 2012, the Buckeyes are 7-1 against the spread when playing as the underdog, with that lone loss coming to Clemson and Trevor Lawrence at the Fiesta Bowl a year ago.

Both teams are ready for a battle, and it’s hard to believe that Clemson will win this by more than a touchdown. The Tigers are more battle-tested than Ohio State, having played 11 games to OSU’s six, but that may also mean the Buckeyes are healthier.

Pay Per Head Software

Both College Football Playoff semifinal games are going to see lots of betting action, culminating with the National Championship in Miami on Jan. 11. If you are an independent bookmaker, don’t miss out.

Now is the time to improve your profits by becoming partners with a top pay per head software provider. You get your own customizable website, and all the odds and point spreads from around the world are automatically updated for you.

Get a demo today at, and sign up for your free four-week trial.

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WagerHome BlogBetting College Football Playoff with Pay Per Head Bookies

Christmas Day Opens Door for Nice Multiple Sports Parlay

by WagerHome Blog on December 24, 2020

If you are an independent bookmaker or just someone who has thought about opening your own bookmaking shop, you already know about the NBA showcase on Christmas Day. It’s the biggest day on pro basketball’s regular-season television calendar.

But with Christmas falling on a Friday this year – which is close enough to the weekend for the NFL to jump on board – we’re getting two professional sports on one big day. Add in a college bowl game and three college basketball games involving Top 25 teams, and it’s a sports betting Christmas Miracle.

NBA Lineup

From right after you open the presents under your tree to right before you go to bed, there are five of the best NBA matchups of the season to watch and wager.

  • New Orleans Pelicans Miami at Heat (-5)
  • Golden State Warriors at Milwaukee Bucks (-8)
  • Brooklyn Nets (-1) at Boston Celtics
  • Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers (-6)
  • LA Clippers at Denver Nuggets (Pick)

The day starts with last season’s Eastern Conference champion, the Heat, hosting Lonzo Ball, Zion Williamson, and the New Orleans Pelicans. Next, the favorite to win the East this season, the Milwaukee Bucks, host a returning Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

Then, the Celtics, a conference finalist a season ago, host the Nets, who are led by a now-healthy Kevin Durant.

In the Western Conference, the defending NBA champion Lakers continue the defense of their title against the Mavericks. The two biggest challengers to the Lakers, the Clippers and Nuggets, finish off the night in Denver.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

New Orleans sports fans have a full day, starting with the Pelicans and ending with the Saints and their effort to stay as the NFC’s second seed. The Saints are seven-point favorites over the sliding Minnesota Vikings, who see their Wild Card hopes on life support.

christmas dayIt’s the second game for Drew Brees since he came back from broken ribs, and it will be the second game since Michael Thomas was placed on injured reserve. The rushing title is Derrick Henry’s to lose, but the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage and is on pace to break 2,100 yards.

College Sports Schedule

Adding to the mix of great Christmas Day professional sports is the Camellia Bowl in Montgomery, Ala. Both Marshall and Buffalo began the season with long winning streaks but head into their bowl matchup after each taking a loss. Buffalo is favored by 3.5 points, and the over/under is 53.5.

College basketball has four Big Ten games on its schedule, including three games involving ranked teams.

  • No. 9 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan State
  • No. 19 Michigan at Nebraska
  • No. 4 Iowa at Minnesota

Pay Per Head Software

It’s not too late to get a pay per head partner to help you make the most of Christmas Day parlay action. With PPH powering your bookmaking business, you get a fully customizable website, automated odds, 24/7 customer support, and detailed reports on each of your clients.

Get a demo today at and sign up now for a free four-week trial.

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WagerHome BlogChristmas Day Opens Door for Nice Multiple Sports Parlay

Invite Your Friends to Pay Per Head Bookmaking for Christmas

by WagerHome Blog on December 22, 2020

This year give the Christmas gift that keeps on giving – a pay per head bookmaking partnership that will make 2021 your most profitable year yet as an independent bookmaker.

The NBA season is here, the NHL is just a couple of weeks away, the College Football Playoff is set, and when the new year begins, so do the NFL Playoffs. No doubt, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone in the sports betting business, but the next 12 months are getting started with a full schedule of the best sports betting of the year.

As the calendar turns, now is a better time than ever before to start your own pay per head bookmaking service, and you can’t go wrong when partnering with a quality PPH provider like

What is Pay Per Head Bookmaking?

A pay per head bookmaking service operates like your standard outsourcing service. You remain the boss, and the business remains yours, but you no longer are tasked with doing all of the administrative duties on your own.

Customer service, the handling of financial transactions from clients, the compiling of individual client reports – all of that becomes the duty of the pay per head bookmaking service. And once you are free of the busy work, you can concentrate on growing the business and keeping your clients happy.

You also get your own customizable website that remains your property, and all for a small fee per client. It’s like having an accountant, an IT specialist, a customer service department, and an administrative assistant, all rolled into one very inexpensive employee.

Betting Odds and Wager Options

One of the biggest reasons people are hesitant to get into independent bookmaking, or fail to grow their current bookmaking business, is the daily challenge of keeping your odds updated. Player news is continually changing, and the odds of upcoming events reflect this. And, if you’re an independent bookmaker, the only way to stay on top of the odds is to reduce the number of sports you offer.

With a good pay per head service like, those odds will be updated automatically. No longer will an injury that changes a game catch you by surprise. No more bad lines that drive bettors away or put too much action on one side, leaving you open to a bad loss. And no more clients leaving your service because you don’t offer the sports they want to wager.

When you use a reputable pay per head bookmaking service, you get your full choice of sports from around the world, and the automated and updated odds that make those offerings worthwhile. No more staying up late reading game scores and previews to avoid setting a bad line.

Other Perks of Pay Per Head Bookmaking

The sports calendar is filling up. Long gone are the early days of COVID that left us longing for Russian table tennis. But even so, your clients like to have options – like full access to parimutuel wagering. Or how about the 24/7 online casino offering by, complete with live dealers for blackjack and roulette. Integrating the 24/7 online casino with your providings, which can help your business appeal to clients who aren’t as focused on the sports betting element.

These are additional ways for your clients to enjoy the new Christmas gift of your pay per head bookmaking partnership while giving you different means of revenue. It’s the gift where everybody wins!

Get a demo today at, and sign up for your free four-week trial before making any commitments. Our 24/7 customer support makes things as efficient as possible, for you and for your clients. Give it a shot today!

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WagerHome BlogInvite Your Friends to Pay Per Head Bookmaking for Christmas

College Football Championship Saturday Betting Picks

by WagerHome Blog on December 17, 2020

There were false starts, cancellations, postponements, and held breaths for most of the college football season. But here we are. We made it. The weekend of conference championship games is ready to kick off.

Big 12 – Oklahoma Sooners (-5.5) vs. Iowa State Cyclones

Iowa State beat Oklahoma the first time these two teams met, 37-30. Since that loss, Oklahoma has won six straight games, and they’ve gone 5-1 against the spread over that streak. Meanwhile, the Cyclones have won five straight and covered the spread in each of their last three wins.

This will be a high scoring game, but close. And with a game likely to finish inside a touchdown, the safe bet is to take the points. Sooners will win but will not cover.

Big Ten – Northwestern Wildcats vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (-20.5)

COVID-19 almost knocked Ohio State out of this game, and it wasn’t even their own positive tests. But the Big Ten ultimately righted that wrong, changed its rules, and put its best team in the conference’s championship game.

Northwestern is no push-over. They’ve had a great and balanced offense all season and earned their way into Championship Saturday by giving up just 14 points per game. Northwestern hasn’t advanced enough to win this game, but they will keep the margin under 20. Take the points.

SEC – Alabama Crimson Tide (-17) vs. Florida Gators

In the 29 year history of the SEC Championship, the Alabama Crimson Tide have been in the game 13 times. They’ve won it eight previous times, and this will be their ninth win. Florida needs this game for any chance to be considered for the College Football Playoff, but they will fall short.

Florida has a great passing attack that will find some success. But Alabama has covered the spread in six straight games, and this will be a seventh. Take the Tide and lay the points.

ACC – Clemson Tigers (-10.5) vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

These two teams met earlier in the college football season, with Notre Dame winning in overtime, 47-40. But there was no Trevor Lawrence in that game. Of course, Lawrence doesn’t play defense, and the Irish had their way with the Tiger defense, topping 500 total yards.

Lawrence will be the difference in the rematch, and the Tigers should win their sixth straight ACC Championship. But Notre Dame hasn’t lost a game by double digits in more than 14 months, and the Irish offense is good enough to stay close to anyone. 

Take the points. Clemson will fail to cover.

Pay Per Head Software

With the college football championship games here, the bowl season and playoffs are just around the corner. Independent bookmakers who want to capitalize on the soon to be crowded college football schedule know that a pay per head software partnership is the best way to maximize profits.

Get your own website, a choice of sports and betting options, and give your customers access to a 24/7 online casino. Get a demo today at, and your first four weeks free.

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WagerHome BlogCollege Football Championship Saturday Betting Picks

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites Prepare for NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

by WagerHome Blog on December 15, 2020

Pay per head bookie sites have been waiting patiently to see how the NFL navigates its way towards Super Bowl LV. The league has worked through the pitfalls of sports during a pandemic better than most. The MLB, NBA, and NHL all lost significant chunks of their seasons because of COVID-19 but were eventually able to hold their playoffs and championships. The NFL, however, is just three weeks away from completing its regular season without missing a single game.

While there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the NFL’s “No Cancellations” policy, bending over backward, at times, to keep games on schedule, there’s no denying the league is making every effort to keep things moving along as usual.

It’s been great for the league, great for fans, and extra great for a sports betting community that lost months of business last spring and summer. And now, we get the best football of the year, and the best betting of the year, with the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl; with a pay per head service provider like, you can take full advantage of the sports betting festivities.

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites and NFL Playoff Tools

If you are your own boss, running your own bookmaking business, it’s time to turn your attention to the playoffs. And with the right pay per head service as your bookmaking partner, you will have all the tools necessary to turn this playoff season into your most profitable ever.

Playoff proposition bets are a great way to enhance your offerings and encourage your customers to place even more bets. It gives your business an air of superiority to the other pay per head bookie sites out there, your clients have fun and interesting wagers to place, and you make more money.

Everyone wins, regardless of who wins the actual playoff game.

Smart pay per head bookie sites also know the value of having a live-bet ticker during the NFL Playoffs and lean heavily on the customized client reports. As the bookmaker, both of these things will let you know precisely what bets are being made and what trends your clients are following. And with that information in hand, you can gear your offerings to your clients and adjust betting limits for each client in real-time.

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites Seek Quick Start in 2021

Much of the sports betting industry took a loss in 2020. If you were lucky enough to be with a PPH partner for 2020, you probably did better than most. A PPH provider, like, helped its partners find new streams of revenue, like with their 24/7 online casino, or through new sports betting opportunities, like Russian table tennis and the Chinese and Korean baseball leagues.

When the NFL Playoffs begin, it will be a new year and a new opportunity to capitalize on the sports bookmaking business. It will be a chance to make up for last year’s losses and focus on the profits in the year to come. The best way to set yourself up for success as a pay per head bookie site is to equip yourself with the best tools available in the most hassle-free way possible.

pay per head betting sites

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites – How to Get the Best Software

A good pay per head software provider will help you gear up for the NFL Playoffs, but that is really just the beginning of the benefits. At, you get a customizable website that is yours to own and keep. You make the picks of sports offered and the types of bets your clients can make, like postseason player and team props.

Best of all, you and your clients get access to’s exclusive online casino and experienced customer service staff. In the rare instance you run into an issue, our support team is available 24/7.

See a demo today and get four weeks, free of charge, to try and see how your pay per head bookie site changes the game for the better.

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Bookie Sites Prepare for NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

Pay Per Head Sports Wagering Preparing for Another Huge Boost

by WagerHome Blog on December 10, 2020

Pay per head sports wagering wasn’t quite what many bookmakers hoped for this fall. While we’ve had a few hiccups with college football, and yet another weekend of canceled games, the NFL has done well keeping the schedule moving despite the ongoing pandemic. A few games have moved on the calendar, but all scheduled games have been played at the end of Week 13.

Still, as an independent bookmaker, your regular fall haul doesn’t rely solely on NFL action. You want and need other sports to populate the schedule throughout the entire week.

Major help is coming.

Pay Per Head Sports Wagering: The NBA Is Back

College basketball has already tipped off, and the big money bets of the NBA are coming very soon.

The NBA will begin its regular season on December 22, just in time for its traditional huge day of Christmas action. There will be five nationally televised games on Christmas Day: Pelicans at Heat, Warriors at Bucks, Nets at Celtics, Mavericks at Lakers, and Clippers at Nuggets.

Because of the later-than-normal start, the NBA season will be shortened from 82 games down to 72, scheduled to end on May 16. Each conference will have a play-in tournament for the 7th through 10th place teams (May 18-21) to determine the 7th and 8th seeds for the playoffs. The NBA Playoffs are scheduled to run from May 22 through July 22.

An All-Star break, complete with all of our typical pay per head sports wagering favorites, is scheduled for March 5 to 10. Details on the location are still to come. The 2021 game initially scheduled for Indianapolis has been moved to 2024.

Pay Per Head Sports Wagering

Pay Per Head Sports Wagering: NHL Season Starting Soon

The NHL and NHL Player’s Association have taken care of their financial differences and are now eyeing a start date of January 13, with the hopes of playing a 56-game schedule for each team. However, that date isn’t set in stone, and the schedule may be dropped to 52 games.

The closed border between the U.S. and Canada is another hurdle that still has to be addressed. For Major League Baseball, it was easy enough for the Blue Jays to play in Buffalo. The NBA has the Raptors making a temporary home in Tampa. But the NHL has seven Canadian teams, and shuffling all of them to other American cities is not so simple.

The most likely scenario is for the NHL to realign for this season and make an All-Canadian division. The remaining 24 American teams would also realign to compensate for the loss of Canadian teams in their own divisions.

But the good news is that an uncertain season a couple of weeks ago is now moving forward, and the sports calendar is close to being normal again.

Pay Per Head Sports Wagering Software

The NBA begins in less than two weeks, the NFL Playoffs are just a month away, and the college basketball calendar is filling up. If you’re an independent bookmaker, don’t miss out on the extra money you will make with a pay per head sports wagering software partner.

You get a fully customizable website, your choice of offered sports and wager types, full client reports, and four free weeks to test it out. See a demo today at

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Sports Wagering Preparing for Another Huge Boost

Updated NFL Playoff Picture After Week 13

by WagerHome Blog on December 8, 2020

It’s December in the NFL, which means that we are officially in the final quarter of the season. And that means it’s time to check in on the current NFL playoff picture and see who’s in, who’s out, and who is still in the hunt.

NFC Division Leaders

  • NFC South – New Orleans (10-2)
  • NFC North – Green Bay (9-3)
  • NFC West – Los Angeles Rams (8-4)
  • NFC East – New York Giants (5-7)

New Orleans has a three-game lead in the NFC South and is clearly in command of the division. They’re also on top of the conference thanks to a nine-game winning streak.

The Saints still have a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and if they slip, the Packers own the head-to-head tiebreaker.

The NFC East has been a punchline all season, but the Giants now have four straight wins and are in position to host a playoff game.

NFC Wild Card

  • Seattle (fifth seed)
  • Tampa Bay (sixth seed)
  • Minnesota (seventh seed)

Seattle is actually tied with the Rams but is relegated to the Wild Card because of a tiebreaker. But the NFC West is far from settled.

Although winning the division sets up a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the top Wild Card will play the NFC East champion. So losing the division does come with perks.

Arizona is currently tied with Minnesota for the seventh seed but drops out of the playoffs because of a tiebreaker. However, the Vikings still play the Buccaneers and Saints, giving the Cardinals the easier schedule down the stretch.

Amazingly, as we enter Week 14, not a single NFC team has been eliminated from playoff contention.

AFC Division Leaders

  • AFC North – Pittsburgh (11-1)
  • AFC West – Kansas City (11-1)
  • AFC East – Buffalo (9-3)
  • AFC South – Tennessee (8-4)

The top seed is down to two teams – Pittsburgh and Kansas City. The Chiefs can only catch the Steelers if Pittsburgh loses a game inside the AFC.

Losing to Washington on Monday did not hurt the Steelers too badly. Kansas City has two difficult games remaining, with trips to Miami and New Orleans. The Steelers still have to play the Bills, Browns, and Colts.

nfl playoff picture

AFC Wild Card

  • Cleveland (fifth seed)
  • Miami (sixth seed)
  • Indianapolis (seventh seed)

Before the season ends, we can expect to see a number of moves among the Wild Card teams. Both Miami and Indianapolis are in range of winning their divisions, but be sure to circle Week 17 on your calendar.

The Bills and Dolphins play in the final week of the season, possibly to decide who wins the division and who settles for the Wild Card.

The Chargers, Bengals, Jaguars, and Jets have all been eliminated from playoff contention.

Pay Per Head Software

If you are an independent bookmaker who thrives on NFL betting, don’t wait to make a partnership with a pay per head software provider. At, you get four free weeks to try it out, taking you right up to the start of the NFL playoffs.

You get a customizable website, automatic odds a wide variety of worldwide sports, and your clients get access to’s 24/7 online casino. See an online demo today.

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WagerHome BlogUpdated NFL Playoff Picture After Week 13

Pay Per Head Advantages: We Make the Bookmaker’s Life Easier

by WagerHome Blog on December 3, 2020

One of the reasons you started your own bookmaking business is because being your own boss meant that you’d have more time on your hands to enjoy life. You want to set your own hours and work as hard as is necessary to carve out a good life. But when you run a one-person show where everything falls on you, that’s not easy.

In 2020, with the uncertainty of the sports calendar every week, it’s not easy. Being on top of the games and the news, and still being there for your clients whenever they want, can be too much at times.

That’s precisely where a good pay per head service like comes in handy. They take over the work that you’re having a hard time doing to ease your workload and allow you to focus on finding new clients while maintaining relationships with existing clients. The pay per head advantages are endless, but here, we will take a look at a few of the benefits.

Pay Per Head Advantages

Pay Per Head Advantages – No More Technology Hassles

The first pay per head advantage is capital. Think of the money it requires to create your own website and secure the financial transactions that use that website. Then you have the sports and odds to update, and the hassle of being a technical expert if something goes wrong. Both the labor costs and time costs involved in running your sportsbook can overwhelm in a hurry.

Instead of footing the bill for all that, one big pay per head advantage is you pay a small fee per client, and you still get to manage your sportsbook with all the bells and whistles. A customizable, state-of-the-art website, your choice of sports and betting options, updated odds, a fully staffed customer service department, and with, you get four weeks to try it all for free.

Instead of chasing the odds,’s software does it for you. Instead of having to be available to your clients 24 hours a day, does that for you. And instead of having to know all the news about cancellations and postponements, does that for you. Availability is never an issue, which is another pay per head advantage through

Pay Per Head Advantages for Your Clients

Not only will life be better for you with a pay per head partnership, but the experience for your clients will also be better.

Think about the number of sports you can now offer them. All across the world, sports are being played, and at all hours of every day. Be it rugby in Australia that begins at 2:00 A.M. local time, baseball in Korea, basketball in Europe, or the 15 hours of college football on a Saturday, your clients have access to it all.

With a quality pay per head software provider, you can also offer your clients the pay per head advantage of in-play wagering. Also called “live betting,” in-play wagering involves placing bets on games in progress and with constantly changing odds. It’s a trend that is sweeping the sports betting world. But when running your own shop, it is nearly impossible for you to capitalize on its popularity. That all changes with a partnership. also offers access to their 24/7 online casino, complete with live dealers. So instead of having to go elsewhere to satisfy their love of blackjack and poker, your clients can stay right on your website and stay more engaged with the services you offer.

With a pay per head service at your side, you win, your clients win, and your business truly becomes the complement to your life you’ve always dreamed about – no hassle, no headaches, only your sportsbook at the next level. If you’re interested in seeing the pay per head advantages for yourself, sign up for a free demo today.

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Advantages: We Make the Bookmaker’s Life Easier

Favorites to Win the NCAA Basketball Championship

by WagerHome Blog on December 1, 2020

One of the biggest sports casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic was last year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. The fans were, of course, deprived of the best month of sports and the best sports gambling event anywhere on the calendar.

But more importantly, 68 teams worth of young basketball players were deprived of the dream of playing for the basketball national championship.

Since last March, the sports world has figured out how to play out championships, with the NHL, NBA, and MLB all awarding their titles. We hope and pray the same works out for the NFL, NCAA football, and the college basketball season that tipped off last week.

NCAA Basketball Futures Betting Odds

Barring any changes, there will be 68 teams playing for the championship in March, with 31 automatic bids going out to the conference tournament champions (The only conference missing this season is the Ivy League).

As for which of the 68 teams will be left standing at the end of the Final Four in Indianapolis, these are your favorites.

  • Baylor (+175)
  • Gonzaga (+175)
  • Villanova (+200)
  • Virginia (+200)
  • Iowa (+225)
  • Kansas (+250)
  • Kentucky (+250)
  • Texas Tech (+300)
  • Creighton (+325)
  • Duke (+325)
  • Illinois (+325)
  • Florida State (+350)
  • Wisconsin (+375)
  • Michigan State (+425)

We’ve already seen our first big game between contenders when Gonzaga won easily over Kansas. It was an offensive explosion with the Bulldogs, besting the Jayhawks 102-90.

The game was especially welcome when you consider that we lost a Baylor vs. Villanova game due to COVID-19 issues.

Normally this kind of upset is reserved for the first weekend of the tournament, but Virginia lost to San Francisco in one of the true early-season shockers. It’s a window into the upcoming season and not only the unpredictability of COVID-19, but the unpredictability of how it will affect play on the court.

Blue Bloods vs. New Bloods

Kentucky reloads every season, and, as former Providence head coach Pete Gillen once said, “Duke is Duke.” So it’s no surprise that the Wildcats and Blue Devils are among the favorites to win in March.

But perennial participant North Carolina doesn’t make our list, as it is tied with Ohio State and San Diego State at +700. Long-time basketball powers UCLA and Louisville are also at +700. Connecticut, with championships in 2011 and 2014, is only +1400 – the same as Maryland and Purdue.

ncaa basketball

Meanwhile, Baylor, which hasn’t been to a Final Four since 1950, tops our list. And the Creighton Bluejays, who have never appeared in a Final Four and haven’t gotten to the Round of 32 since 2014, has the same odds as Duke and five-time Final Four participant Illinois.

Pay Per Head Software

All hail basketball, and it giving us nightly sports betting. Football is great, but it leaves much of the week without action. And if you are an independent bookmaker taking college basketball bets, join forces with a pay per head software provider today.

You get your own website, customizable sports and betting options, automatically updated odds and point spreads, and your clients have access to a 24/7 online casino.

Get a demo and free four-week trial today at

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WagerHome BlogFavorites to Win the NCAA Basketball Championship