Bet Live on the Masters

by WagerHome Blog on April 11, 2024

There are a number of great golf tournaments that take place throughout the year, but the Masters is always the betting event that stands out the most. This year is the 88th edition of the popular golf tournament, and the best players in the world are playing at Augusta National. 

Golf is not a sport that is typically popular for those that bet on sports, but there are actually some great betting options out there. Not only can you bet on the Masters Tournament on your own, but you should also be looking to become your own bookie. 

Since this is the first major golf tournament of the year, becoming your own bookie now will unlock some great opportunities for you. Becoming your own bookie is easier than you might think, especially if you know where to go to get some assistance. 

Here is a look at why becoming your own bookie now is a great option, and what betting options are going to be available. 

WagerHome Can Help

When you are looking to become your own bookie then you will want to reach out to WagerHome to get some assistance. WagerHome is the number one source for those that are looking to get started in this industry, especially when it comes to setting up a PPH site. 

Setting up your own PPH site is one of the most important parts of becoming a successful bookie, and this is also one of the hardest things to do. After you get your website set up, WagerHome will give you some help in getting customers to your site. 

It is possible to set up your own PPH site, but you will likely run into some issues along the way. Take some of the stress out of this process by letting handle all of the hard things.

Since it’s easier than ever to get your PPH site up and running, you can be ready to go to accept some wagers during the 2024 Masters. Don’t miss out on any day of this event, and it will also prepare you for future majors. 

Plenty of Bets

Most people find it extremely difficult to make predictions on the sport of golf, but that can work in your favor when you are your own bookie. You will be in charge of setting the odds and betting options, and you can attract plenty of wagers. 

Scottie Scheffler is the betting favorite to win the 2024 Masters Tournament, but there are going to be some others in the mix as well. Since this is an event that is so popular, you can become a popular bookie by having unique betting options. 

Even though Scheffler is the favorite to win at Augusta National, this tournament will likely be won by someone else in the field. Instead of simply focusing on the golfers that will win the title, you can also offer head-to-head matchups as well.

Now is the perfect time to become your own bookie as you will cash in during the best golf tournament in the world.

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WagerHome BlogBet Live on the Masters

UFC 300 is Loaded With Fights

by WagerHome Blog on April 9, 2024

There are some great MMA fights that take place every single weekend, but the biggest of them all will be taking place this weekend. UFC 300 is the third fight in a trilogy, and it has one of the most loaded fight cards of all-time. 

Saturday night is going to conclude with a couple of title fights, and those events always lead to some great betting opportunities. Instead of sitting back and trying to make predictions on the top fights this weekend, now is a perfect time to become your own bookie. 

By becoming your own bookie, you are going to be in charge of the betting options that are available for all of the top UFC events. Setting up your own PPH site will be the first step in this process, and you can get some help to make this happen. 

There really is no bad time to become your own bookie, but there are some really big advantages to getting all signed up and ready to go for this event. The anticipation and excitement for UFC 300 is unmatched, and this is an event that is going to live up to the hype in a major way. 

So Many Options

Every UFC event is going to have a main card that is filled with some title fights, but this one has more bigger fights than ever before. Three title fights will round out the action, but there are also some other big bouts set to take place. 

When you become your own bookie, you will be able to set what types of bets can be made on each of the fights. You can also look at adding some prop betting option, and UFC 300 is going to be the perfect event to make that happen. 

There will be so many big names set to battle it out in the Octagon this weekend, and that will have bettors looking to get in on the action. The most popular fighters always lead to the best fights and betting options, and that is the case this weekend. 

Even though there won’t be another event as big as UFC 300 the rest of 2024, there are still going to be events nearly every weekend. Getting your PPH site set up right now will allow you to accept bets on upcoming events as well. 

WagerHome Will Help

The best part about trying to become your own bookie is that you aren’t going to be alone in this process. has all of the tools needed to make this an easy process, and it is looking to help you out as well. 

Since getting a PPH site set up is the first step, you will want to get the most help from WagerHome. It’s not easy to get your website established, but things should roll along nicely after that.

There is going to be a great opportunity this weekend and beyond to become your own bookie, and it’s an even better option when using tools from WagerHome.

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WagerHome BlogUFC 300 is Loaded With Fights

Betting on the Women’s Final Four

by WagerHome Blog on April 5, 2024

March was a terrific month of basketball, but the first weekend of April is going to provide some great drama as well. The Men’s Final Four will be played on Saturday, but it’s actually the women’s Final Four on Monday that is generating a ton of excitement. 

Betting on college basketball is always a great option, and that is true for both the mens and womens side of things. This Final Four is one of the best in recent memory, and it will feature two of the best players of all-time. 

Not only is this weekend going to be a great time to start betting on women’s basketball, it’s a perfect time to become your own bookie. This sport has generated so much excitement and intrigue over the last few weeks, and it’s time to cash in on that wave of momentum. can help you become your own bookie, and it can actually be done pretty quickly. Here is a look at the Final Four games this weekend, and how to become your own bookie. 

Some Great Action Coming

The N.C. State Wolfpack will take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in one game, and South Carolina is a big 11.5-point betting favorite. That might feel like too large of a spread for a Final Four game, but the Gamecocks are simply that good. 

The other game is not only going to feature two of the best teams in the country, but two of the best players in the past decade as well. Caitlin Clark will lead the Iowa Hawkeyes into this matchup, and she will face Paige Bueckers and the UConn Huskies. 

South Carolina should have very little trouble getting past NC State in the first game as the Gamecocks are simply that good. It might seem strange betting on an 11.5-point favorite, but that is clearly the best option to explore. 

Iowa is a slim 2.5-point betting favorite over UConn in the second game of the night, and this game should be much more competitive. Going with the favorite and backing Iowa is the way to go, but this should be a great matchup all night long.

Become a Bookie

WagerHome can help you become your own bookie, and there is a chance that you can still accept some wagers on the Women’s Final Four. Even if you aren’t up and running by the end of the tournament, now is a perfect time to get going. 

When it comes to becoming your own bookie, you will want to set up your own PayPerHead site first, and everything else will fall into place. That PPH site is where you will accept all of your wagers, and WagerHome will help get everything set up to make that happen. 

With so much excitement and anticipation surrounding the NCAA Women’s Final Four, there will be people searching for places to wager. Instead of simply waiting around to place some wagers, start accepting the bets on your own. 

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WagerHome BlogBetting on the Women’s Final Four

Gear Up For NBA Playoffs

by WagerHome Blog on April 3, 2024

The 2023-24 NBA regular season is starting to wrap up, but that also means that the most exciting action is coming. When it comes to the NBA, the postseason is clearly the biggest and most important action of the season. 

Not only does the NBA Playoffs represent the best basketball action of the season, but this is also the best time of the year to wager on this sport. NBA betting continues to be a major part of the sports betting industry, especially as teams are trying to win a championship. 

Instead of just waiting around to make bets on the NBA, it’s a better idea to become your own bookie and control the action. It’s now easier than ever to become your own bookie, and setting up your own PPH site is going to be the first step. 

This can be done on your own, but the best option is to reach out to WagerHome to get some additional help along the way. Now is when you need to start to make this happen as that will give you enough time to be ready for the NBA Playoffs. 

Great Betting Coming

When it comes to the NBA Playoffs, there are going to be great betting opportunities out there that exist. Betting on each game is going to be one option to explore, or there is a chance to make wagers on the entire event. 

Futures betting is always a good option when it comes to any postseason, and that’s something to check out in this event as well. Instead of looking for the top future betting options, you can actually set those odds and then wait for the action to roll in. 

Not only does future betting provide some value to each individual bettor, but this is also a valuable option when setting betting lines. You can be in complete control of what prop betting options you want to set as well, and those are popular options as well. 

The NBA has become a much more popular league over the last few years, and people are always tuning in during the playoffs. Take advantage of the excitement this spring as it won’t be hard to get bettors to wager at your PPH site. 

WagerHome is Ready

Even though it’s not that difficult to start your own PPH site, there is no shame in getting some help along the way. is known for helping other potential bookies get their PPH sites up and running, and that company is looking to help you out as well. 

Some of the best help that can provide will be when trying to get your PPH site all set up, but the assistance doesn’t stop there. WagerHome will also work with you to build up your brand, and then answer any further questions that you might have. 

Reaching out to WagerHome is the first step to becoming your own bookie, and it’s a site that will guarantee you some success.

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WagerHome BlogGear Up For NBA Playoffs