Betting on Burrow: Time to Bet Bengals Win Total for 2020?

by WagerHome Blog on April 30, 2020

It’s not often that people are excited to bet on the Cincinnati Bengals. But after a good draft that saw them pick Joe Burrow as their new starting quarterback – as expected – there is a buzz with the Bengals that hasn’t been there in many years. So much buzz in fact that the over/under on their 2020 win total is now 6.0.

So is this a time to put money down on Cincinnati? Can the Heisman Trophy winner make that much of a difference and make the Bengals good buys for the 2020 season? The history on that is mixed, and the answer is far from certain.

Joe Burrow vs. Peyton Manning vs. Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts have been in a position to grab franchise-saving quarterbacks with the first overall pick twice since 1998 in Peyton Manning out of Tennessee and Andrew Luck from Stanford.

The year prior to Manning’s selection, the Colts were 3-13. The year with Manning as their rookie quarterback, the Colts were also 3-13. So there was no improvement there, although in year 2, Manning led Indy to a 13-3 record.

For Luck, the improvement was far more immediate. The Colts were 2-14 before he was drafted and 11-5 in his rookie year. So big turnarounds can happen.

Joe Burrow vs. Baker Mayfield vs. Kyler Murray

Burrow’s selection marks the third straight season that a quarterback has gone first overall. In 2018 the Cleveland Browns selected Baker Mayfield, while in 2019, the Arizona Cardinals picked Kyler Murray. All three of them won the Heisman Trophy the year before their selection.


It’s worth noting that neither Mayfield or Murray were the sure things that Burrow is thought to be, but both did lead their teams to improved records. Mayfield only started 13 games in 2018, but the Browns improved in the win column by seven victories. Easier to do when you were 0-16 the year before, but still, that’s a very noticeable improvement.

Murray, for his part, improved the Cardinals from 3-13 to 5-10-1. So not as big a jump, but still noticeable.

Joe Burrow vs. Andy Dalton

One big difference in the Burrow selection is that the Bengals weren’t saddled last year with a terrible quarterback. Andy Dalton has never been exciting but has always been solid.

The Browns, Cardinals, and Colts didn’t have a competent NFL quarterback as their starter prior to drafting their young superstar. So just how much will Burrow move the needle in Cincinnati?

Oddsmakers say they’ll go from two to six wins. It’s a tall order, but definitely not impossible.

Pay Per Head Software

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WagerHome BlogBetting on Burrow: Time to Bet Bengals Win Total for 2020?

NFL Draft Results Push Oddsmakers to Update Betting Odds To Win Super Bowl LV

by WagerHome Blog on April 28, 2020

No one can really say what teams came out of the 2020 NFL Draft having had a great draft or having had a bad draft for at least a couple of years. Some picks will be busts, and others will be steals. But until they play a down of real NFL football, it’s too soon to give the definitive word on any one player.

Or course that doesn’t mean that we can’t have our own instant reactions, or that the bookmakers in Las Vegas don’t have their opinions as well. And since how they feel about the draft actually changed the futures betting board on winning Super Bowl LV, theirs is an opinion worth looking at.

San Francisco 49ers

The Super Bowl runner-up hangover is real, and so the 49ers have that to contend with. They also traded away DeForest Buckner and Matt Breida, lost Joe Staley to retirement, and saw Emmanuel Sanders walk in free agency. But a really strong draft has them still as the favorite to repeat in the NFC.

Defensive lineman Javon Kinlaw is a beast, wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk draws high praise from everyone who’s coached him, and a draft-day trade brought in Trent Williams to fill Staley’s shoes. The 49ers have improved to +1000 to win the Super Bowl, trailing only Kansas City and Baltimore.

Dallas Cowboys

This was considered to be a wide receiver-rich draft. If you wanted or needed a wideout, you would get a good one. But for some inexplicable reason, the player everyone had tabbed as the best wide receiver of the bunch, CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma, fell into the lap of the Dallas Cowboys at pick 17.

Dak Prescott now has Amari Cooper, Lamb, and Ezekiel Elliott as primary weapons, and in the NFC East, that will be tough to stop.

nfl draft

The Cowboys also got a second-round steal in cornerback Trevon Diggs, who most people believe has first-round talent. For their efforts, the Cowboys jumped to +2000 to win Super Bowl LV.

Green Bay Packers

Just three months ago, the Packers were one win away from the Super Bowl. But thanks to a lackluster NFL Draft, they are now tied for seventh in the NFC as possible Super Bowl LV winners. Aaron Rodgers is still great, but he needs weapons. So with their first pick in the draft, Green Bay selected a backup quarterback in Jordan Love of Utah State.

One win away from the Super Bowl and their first pick was for a player who won’t see the field this season. In all 37 wide receivers were taken in this year’s draft, and not one of them by the Packers.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Draft Results Push Oddsmakers to Update Betting Odds To Win Super Bowl LV

Finding Winning Prop Bets For The 2020 NFL Draft

by WagerHome Blog on April 23, 2020

This year is expected to be the most-watched NFL Draft in history while being one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent memory.

Unpredictable, because after the first two players on the board, there is no consensus. Unpredictable, because pro days were canceled because of COVID-19, and teams have had far fewer meetings with players. And unpredictable because a smooth draft is dependent on the coaches and GMs of all 32 teams having good WiFi connections.

All of that unpredictability can only mean one thing – anyone can find a winning prop bet because anything could happen at this year’s NFL Draft.

Player Draft Specials

The most intriguing player to talk about is Tua Tagovailoa. He has world-class talent but is just a few months removed from a serious hip injury. If he’s worth taking a risk with a high pick, which team is most likely to select him?

  • Dolphins +150
  • Chargers +175
  • Jaguars +500
  • Raiders +1000

The smart money is on the Dolphins or Chargers, and both teams still need to solidify a QB for 2020 and the future.

Chase Young is the best defensive player in the draft, but Isaiah Simmons is the most intriguing because of his versatility. Which team is most likely to draft Simmons?

  • Panthers +225
  • Giants +350
  • Cardinals +700
  • Falcons +700
  • Chargers +700

Interesting to see the Chargers near the top of this prop bet since they are also in the Tua sweepstakes. But if Tagovailoa goes to Miami, the Chargers will probably go with defense or trade back.

LSU vs. Alabama

College rivalries don’t end just because players move on to the NFL, and the rivalry between LSU and Alabama has carried over into a couple of different prop bets. You can bet the over/under on the number of players taken in the first round:

  • Alabama Over 5.5 (+100) Under 5.5 (-121)
  • LSU Over 5.5 (+235) Under 5.5 (-305)

prop bets

Or you can just take the two rivals in a head-to-head matchup for most players taken in the first round:

  • Alabama -240
  • LSU +190

Mr. Irrelevant

The above props will be decided on the first day of the draft. But if you’re looking for some excitement on the last day, there is the very popular Mr. Irrelevant, and betting on which position will be selected with the 255th overall pick.

  • Offense -121
  • Defense +100
  • Kicker/Punter/Long Snapper +1400

Pay Per Head Software

Even with live sports on hiatus, there are so many great NFL prop bets out there, that it makes this an ideal time to sign on with a pay per head software provider like The sports betting landscape is uncertain, so having a partner to help navigate the current COVID-19 crisis and come out on the other end with an even stronger business is critical.

Use the platform to enhance your business, leave the admin duties to them, while using their ideas to unlock additional streams of income.

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WagerHome BlogFinding Winning Prop Bets For The 2020 NFL Draft

What Quarterbacks Will Be Drafted In 2020 NFL Draft?

by WagerHome Blog on April 21, 2020

The NFL Draft is this week, which, in a normal year, would be an exciting time. But with the world thirsting for sports and sports betting, this year’s draft has even more anticipation surrounding it.

As always, the marquee position of quarterback is the one with the most intrigue as we count down to Thursday’s first round. Will Joe Burrow become the newest Cincinnati Bengal, or will they trade down and get a king’s ransom from someone else who wants the Heisman Trophy winner?

And what about the fate of Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa? Is his hip going to scare off general managers, or will his obvious talent win out? So many questions, and because of that, so many great prop bets surrounding this year’s draft and its crop of future NFL quarterbacks.

First Overall Draft Pick

Not since Andrew Luck was at the top of the draft board have experts been as united on who will be the first overall selection. LSU’s Joe Burrow had one of the most dominant college football seasons ever, and the national champion is a huge -10000 favorite to go with the first pick.

Second Quarterback Drafted

Very little drama surrounds the first overall pick and the first quarterback to come off the board. But who will be next? There are several teams near the top – Dolphins, Chargers, and perhaps the Lions – that all may draft a quarterback. Which player does that group value most?

  • Justin Herbert -125
  • Tua Tagovailoa -110
  • Jordan Love +2000
  • Joe Burrow +3300
  • Jacob Eason +15000
  • Jalen Hurts +15000
  • Jake Fromm +20000


Third Quarterback Drafted

It’s a two-man race to be the second quarterback drafted, so it stands to reason that those two men are also the leading candidates to be the third quarterback drafted.

  • Justin Herbert +100
  • Tua Tagovailoa +100
  • Jordan Love +400
  • Joe Burrow +10000
  • Jacob Eason +10000
  • Jake Fromm +15000
  • Jalen Hurts +15000

Player Draft Position

You can also try your hand at predicting the over/under on the final draft position of each of these quarterback prospects.

  • Justin Herbert 5.5 Over (-110) Under (-110)
  • Tua Tagovailoa 5.5 Over (+110) Under (-134)
  • Jordan Love 19.5 Over (-177) Under (+144)
  • Jacob Eason 47.5 Over (-143) Under (+118)
  • Jake Fromm 60.5 Over (-115) Under (-106)
  • Jalen Hurts 60.5 Over (-106) Under (-115)

Pay Per Head Software

Because most of the sports world is dark at the moment, this is expected to be one of the most heavily wagered NFL Drafts in history. That makes this the perfect week to jump into the bookmaking game and team with a top pay per head software provider.

At, you get four weeks free to try it, which means that no matter how much your customers bet on the NFL Draft, you will pay nothing. Let someone else handle the admin side of your sportsbook business while also providing your guidance through this most unusual time in sports. Then when all of this is past us, you’ll be ahead of the competition and have a reliable PPH partner moving forward.

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WagerHome BlogWhat Quarterbacks Will Be Drafted In 2020 NFL Draft?

Wide Receivers Could Rule First Round Of NFL Draft

by WagerHome Blog on April 16, 2020

As the NFL Draft is quickly approaching, and fans and G.M.s have visions of future All-Pros dancing in their heads, sports betting on the NFL Draft is also heating up. There is Joe Burrow excitement and questions on which team will land superstar Chase Young, but the position group creating the most pre-draft buzz is at wide receiver.

The 2019 wide receiver class was incredible. A.J. Brown, D.K. Metcalf, Deebo Samuel, Mecole Hardman, Marquise Brown, and Terry McLaurin all made first-year impacts. But this 2020 wide receiver class may be even better.

First-Round Selections

How many wide receivers will be taken in the first round? Right now, the line is 5.5, but the over on that is paying just -250, so clearly, oddsmakers think six wideouts will come off the board on the first day.

First Wide Receiver Selected

Everyone knows it’s a great class, but which player is best? Who is going to have the honor of being the first wide receiver selected in 2020?

  • Jerry Jeudy -121
  • CeeDee Lamb +175
  • Henry Ruggs III +250
  • Justin Jefferson +10000
  • Denzel Mims +10000
  • Tee Higgins +15000
  • Jalen Reagor +15000
  • Laviska Shenault, Jr. +15000

According to the odds, it’s a three-man race between the two Alabama wideouts – Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs – and the standout from Oklahoma, CeeDee Lamb.

Ruggs is the fastest of this group with a 40-time of 4.27. But don’t sleep on Baylor’s Denzel Mims, who goes 6-2, 206 pounds, with a 40-time of 4.38.

Wide Receiver Draft Position

Jeudy is the favorite to go first among the wide receivers, but just how high will he go? The line on his draft position is 12.5.

Lamb has the next highest draft position line at 13.5. Interesting note – the under on Lamb’s 13.5 line pays -150, which means oddsmakers really do have him going right behind Jeudy.

NFL draft

Ruggs is at 14.5, and again the under on that is the favorite at -127. LSU’s Jefferson, who made an eye-popping 111 catches in the Tigers’ national championship season, has an over/under draft position of 21.5. Both sides of that bet pay -110.

Who Gets Drafted First?

One last NFL Draft wide receiver prop bet is the individual contest between Crimson Tide teammates Jeudy and Ruggs, and who will be drafted first. Picking Jeudy pays -250. Going with Ruggs plays +200.

Pay Per Head Bookmaking Software

Live sports may be on a hiatus, but thanks to the NFL Draft, esports, and some other events, sports betting goes on. And if you run your own sports betting business, or have thought of starting your own business, now is the perfect time to team up with a pay per head software partner like

Let the professionals there help guide you through this unprecedented time and put you in a position to pass your competition when live sports return.

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WagerHome BlogWide Receivers Could Rule First Round Of NFL Draft

Will A Running Back Be Taken In The NFL Draft’s First Round?

by WagerHome Blog on April 14, 2020

There was a time that a great running back coming out of college was a sure thing to get drafted in the top five of the NFL Draft. Four years ago, Ezekiel Elliott was taken fourth overall by the Cowboys. Three years ago, it was Leonard Fournette that was taken fourth overall by Jacksonville. And two years ago, Saquon Barkley was selected second overall by the Giants.

But last year, the first running back didn’t come off the board until 24th when the Raiders selected Josh Jacobs. And the second running back wasn’t taken until the 21st pick of the second round.

While running backs seem to have fallen out of favor because of the evolution of NFL offenses, the NFL Draft prop bets on running backs remain quite interesting and potentially profitable.

First-Round Selections

Oddsmakers seem to think that we might have a replay of what happened last season. The line on the number of running backs taken in the first round sits at 0.5. The last time the first round ended without a running back being selected was 2014.

Most current mock drafts don’t have anyone taking a running back in the first round but keep an eye on the Chiefs. They pick 32nd, and if they have one weakness on offense, it’s at running back.

First Running Back Selected

None of these players are expected to go high, but that doesn’t mean the wagering on which running back will go first is any less interesting. The odds for the first back to come off the board are as follows.

  • D’Andre Swift -200
  • Jonathan Taylor +200
  • J.K. Dobbins +500
  • Clyde Edwards-Helaire +2000
  • Cam Akers +5000
  • Zack Moss +5000

D’Andre Swift is excellent in the passing game, which puts him at the top of the NFL’s radar. Jonathan Taylor topped 2,000 yards last season but is less valuable catching balls out of the backfield.

J.K. Dobbins is also a 2,000-yard back and came up huge in big games for Ohio State, with 211 yards and 4 TDs against Michigan, 172 yards in the Big Ten Championship Game, and 174 yards against Clemson in the CFP Semifinal.

Running Back Draft Position

Swift is the heavy favorite to be the first running back taken, and oddsmakers have set the line on his draft position at 26.5. The over on that total pays -167, while the under is +135.

NFL Draft

The over/under on Wisconsin’s Taylor is 37.5, while Dobbins is listed at 49.5.

Pay Per Head Bookmaking Software

The NFL Draft is exciting for many reasons. Not only is it some semblance of sports normalcy, but for independent bookmakers, it’s something for clients to wager. If that bookmaker was affiliated with a pay per head software provider like, there would be even more events available for their clients to bet.

Plus, they’d have professionals leading the way through this uncertain time and positioning them to get a leg up on the competition when all of this is over.

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WagerHome BlogWill A Running Back Be Taken In The NFL Draft’s First Round?

Future Bets Rolling In For Upcoming NFL Draft

by WagerHome Blog on April 9, 2020

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to go ahead with the NFL Draft, while controversial in some circles, is seen as welcome relief in others. Not only will it give the nation’s sports fans a glimpse into normalcy during these most unusual of times, but it’s giving the nation’s sports bettors something big to wager on.

Over the years, the NFL Draft has grown in stature as a televised sporting event, and the gambling dollars have followed. And this year more than most, that is especially true, as mock drafts, trade rumors, and future NFL stars dominate the sports world headlines and the action at sportsbooks.

Top NFL Draft Bets

Anyone who watched college football last year and has seen even a minute of pre-draft coverage knows that LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is the huge favorite to come off the board first and be drafted by the Bengals. But from there, things are expected to get interesting.

Will Chase Young go No. 2, as is favored? Will his Ohio State teammate Jeff Okudah slide into that second spot? Or is No. 2 where Tua Tagovailoa will land? Currently, you can get +425 on Tua going with the second pick, with the lowest odds (+150) coming at pick No. 5, which is currently owned by the Miami Dolphins.

One of the most intriguing NFL Draft props is regarding wide receiver and which player from this great class of wideouts is expected to be drafted first. It’s a neck-and-neck race between Jerry Jeudy (-105) and CeeDee Lamb (+100). Henry Ruggs is currently at +200, or you can take the field and get +2000.

There is also expected to be an offensive player rush in the first round. Defensive prospects like Young, Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, and Derrick Brown all have shots at the top five, but overall you’ll only get -250 on there being more offensive picks in the first round, as compared to +170 for there being more defensive players coming off the board on night one.

NFL draft

There are so many fun props, like which will have more players drafted in the first round, Alabama or the entire Big Ten? Offensive line vs. Defensive line? Clemson vs. Ohio State? The NFL Draft gets started on April 23, and the money is rolling in.

Pay Per Head Software for Bookmakers

On the outside, this may look like a challenging time to start your own bookmaking service. But with the NFL Draft approaching, simulated sports on the rise, and the popularity of eSports skyrocketing, this is actually a great time to partner with a pay per head software provider and launch your new business. is built on long-term relationships and isn’t going anywhere during the current COVID-19 crisis. Sports betting goes on and is wanted now more than ever. And in this age of finding stay at home sources of income, it doesn’t get more enjoyable than running your own sports bookmaking service.

And if you’re still not convinced, gives you four weeks free to try it out – which will take you through the end of the month and the end of the NFL Draft.

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WagerHome BlogFuture Bets Rolling In For Upcoming NFL Draft

Sports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting

by WagerHome Blog on April 2, 2020

As the world remains sheltered in place and spectator sports stay dark, creative minds are hard at work to find ways to fill the void. There is, of course, the NFL Draft coming up at the end of this month to get your gambling fix. But wouldn’t it be great to bet on actual football? How about virtual football?

That is what is happening at sportsbooks across the globe. No Final Four to bet on this weekend? No problem. Missing the end of the NBA season? Not to worry.

And just as we’ve all dreamt about while playing in our living room with our friends, there are Madden 20 simulations on which you can now place bets.

NBA 2K20

Computer simulations have been used for years to help us make predictions. Now those simulations are being used as the main event.

For NBA 2K20’s simulations, you get a full 48-minute game, interviews, stats, commentary, and timeouts, and all of it is streamed live online. Not all of the possible betting options that you would get with a real NBA game are available, but point spreads are set before each matchup, and betting is taking place.


Thanks to the makers of NBA 2K20 adding full college rosters to its game last fall, there are now NCAA Tournament simulations that you can also wager on. Find your point spread or totals bet, place your wager, and then stream it all live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.

The simulations are all based on real players playing a fully randomized game, and all are taking action from bettors.

Horse Racing, Auto Racing, and Soccer

While the big sports like basketball and football are newer to the simulated wagering game, virtual horse racing, automobile racing, and soccer have been a thing for quite some time. Virtual soccer has been popular for several years over in Europe, and with the shortened games, there is a constant turnover of new wagers that can be placed.


Again, it’s a computer providing the simulated results, so no insider knowledge or research is required to place a winning bet. It’s more in line with playing a slot machine or placing a roulette bet. But it’s sports, and it’s gambling, and it’s filling a void.

Pay Per Head Software

Independent bookmakers that have chosen to team up with and use their pay per head software are consistently finding new and interesting ways to turn a profit during our current pandemic shutdown. And since PPH software handles all of the administrative duties of running your own bookmaking operation, that leaves you time to work more closely with your clients and make sure they understand all of the wagering options that are still available.

This is indeed new ground in the sports and sports wagering industries. But was built specifically to be a long-term solution to your bookmaking needs, forging lasting partnerships that will extend well beyond these next weeks and months of uncertainty.

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WagerHome BlogSports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting