Three Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

by WagerHome Blog on December 5, 2019

Think about these numbers. A customer who averages $100 bets per game will lose more than $3,000 in any given year. So imagine how much you can profit as a bookmaker if you have as few as 100 customers.

You live in California; you want to live the California life. So instead of working harder, work smarter. And a smart, independent bookmaker knows that in 2019, profit can best be found in opening your own pay per head site and following these three steps.

Research the Business

There are a lot of pay per head services out there ready to give you your own site. In order to pick the right one for you, look around. Good sites like will give you four free weeks to test drive their platform, customer service, bet offerings, and see how they manage changing odds.

Become the customer and think about all the things they will want in a betting site. Then think about everything that might go wrong and how each site will handle those potential problems.

Then read blogs and learn as much as you can about the business and the direction it’s going. That way, when you do settle on a site, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Get Your First Clients

One of the beautiful things about employing a PPH site to handle your sports wagering operations is that it frees you up to build your client base.

To get started, reach out to people you know. Friends and family, co-workers and classmates, friends of friends, etc. Having that personal connection makes it more natural and risk-free to extend a line of credit or offer free introductory bets.

But, and this is important, a PPH site charges you per head regardless of how much they wager. So if they’re only going to place one $10 bet per week, they are going to cost you money. So be smart when choosing your clients as well. This is your business, and you want it profitable.

Build Your Business

Once you are up and running, it will become much easier for you to add more clients. Word of mouth is still the best and most effective way to draw in new players. Ask your best customers to tell their friends and colleagues about your services. Use social media to spread the word. Offer them introductory free bets.

And since you live in California, go to the many racetracks, golf courses, cycling events, beach volleyball matches, surf competitions, and everywhere else that sports fans gather and strike up conversations.

Let people know what you do, how they can become involved, and then again, offer them a free bet to get started.

Also, look for new customers at the end of sports seasons. Some bookies only do football or baseball, etc. So when the football season ends or at the close of the Final Four, there are good customers that have suddenly become free agents.

Find them, offer them new season specials, and make them permanent clients.

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WagerHome BlogThree Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

Turning Your Pay Per Head Site Into A Monster In Nebraska, Indiana, And Iowa

by WagerHome Blog on November 28, 2019

The seasons are changing, football is in the final stretch, and basketball and hockey are just heating up. It’s a great time to open up your own Pay Per Head bookmaking service in Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa to maximize your profits and minimize your work.

Advantages Of Using a Pay Per Head Site

The number one advantage is clear. Money. Both money going out and money coming in.

Before PPH sites were on the market, the tools of a bookie were pen and pad and a phone, or a huge outlay of cash in an effort to start your own bookmaking website. Now you can ditch all that, save that capital, and pay a small per-person fee to a Pay Per Head site and give your clients more than they’ve ever gotten before. And signing up at gives you four free weeks to test drive the service and make sure it’s right for you.

The other advantage of a PPH site is customization. Pick your sports, pick your odds (or allow the site to manage your odds and point spreads for you), and set limits for certain clients. It’s all available, it’s all easy to use, and all of it comes with full customer support for both you and your clients.

Advantages For Your Customers

There are lots of great betting opportunities in Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa. But in today’s world, sports wagering is global, and it is 24 hours a day. By moving your bookmaking service to a PPH site, you will be giving your clients access to that 24/7 global network of events and improving their sports wagering experience.

Customers can bet when they what, what they want, and participate in the fast-paced world of in-play wagering — something they can’t do by just calling you on the phone.

They also can place wagers with the peace of mind that comes with a top-of-the-line website and the backing of complete customer support, making them even more loyal to you as customers.

Pay Per Head vs. Pay Percentage

If you are operating a bookmaking service in Nebraska, Indiana, or Iowa, then you no doubt have heard about percentage-based deals in the region. They’re quite common in places like Minnesota and Nebraska, and some people even mistakenly believe that they offer a better deal.

That is false.

If the bookmaking service you are with or thinking of joining takes a percentage of your winnings, go somewhere else. In the long run, you will lose profits. And if they tell you otherwise, they are being dishonest.

Some places even charge a flat fee per customer and then take a percentage on top of that. Run for the hills if you come across a site like that. Good Pay Per Head services will give you 100 percent of all profits you generate and only charge a small fee for each customer. So be sure to find a service like that, and only do business with them. The rest are trying to take the business that you built, and that is flat out wrong.

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WagerHome BlogTurning Your Pay Per Head Site Into A Monster In Nebraska, Indiana, And Iowa

How Pay Per Head Software Can Make Life Easier for Local Florida Bookies

by WagerHome Blog on November 21, 2019

There are lots of reasons to go to Florida. The sun, the sand, the sports, the lifestyle. And if you’re going to open up your own pay per head bookmaking service and live in Florida, you want to take advantage of all the state has to offer. So finding a PPH service that takes on all the hard work, allowing you more time to play, is definitely the smart move.

Advantages of Using a Pay Per Head Site and Software for Bookmakers

The first advantage is obvious. Unlike before, when you needed to build capital before opening your own online bookmaking service, now you don’t have to. You pay a small fee for each client that uses the service, saving you loads in financial commitment.

Plus, if you sign up at, you’ll get four weeks free to make sure the service works for your needs.

Point spreads and odds are constantly moving, and with a PPH site, you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on them. They will do that for you.

You also get total customization with a pay per head site. You get to choose the sports. You get to set the limits, and those can be customizable for each of your clients.

Pay per head sites also offer full customer support. Instead of staying by your phone all day and all night just in case something goes wrong, the site that you employ takes care of that for you. Let them troubleshoot with the customers, while you spend your time bringing in new customers, or just enjoying the Florida sun.

Advantages For Your Clients

If you have Florida clients that you’ve been working with through an outdated system, they too will love the upgrade to a pay per head site.

Imagine the number of sports in which they can now wager. All across the world and well beyond the borders of Florida, whenever a game or match is ready to begin, they can place a wager. Instead of having to contact you, all they’ll need is an internet connection.

There are few ways to bet that are more fun or intense as in-play wagering. With a pay per head site, they will now be able to take advantage of those opportunities. Your clients can enjoy a more complete wagering experience, which makes them much more loyal to you.

Places like also offer a fully functioning live casino. Giving such a popular feature to your customers, and at no greater cost to you, keeps them more engaged in the many services you are offering.

And of course, that customer service we already talked about as a benefit to you is also a huge benefit to them. It gives customers confidence and peace of mind knowing that 24 hours a day, there is someone available to solve their problems and take wagers over the phone if necessary.

As you can see, selling your Florida clients on making the change will be one of the easier sells of your career.

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WagerHome BlogHow Pay Per Head Software Can Make Life Easier for Local Florida Bookies

Keys To Keeping Your Pay Per Head Clients Coming Back For More

by WagerHome Blog on November 14, 2019

So you’ve signed up with to operate your own pay per head bookmaking site. An exciting move to be sure, but it’s just the first step in making sure that you get the most out of your new venture. You want and need new customers, but the meat of any business is repeat customers. You want long relationships with reliable clients.

Here are some keys to keeping your clients around and happy.

Request Feedback

It’s hard to know what your clients want or don’t want if they don’t have a way to tell you. So be sure to offer them an easy means of providing you feedback on the services you provide. It will help you improve your product and open up a dialogue between you and your clients, enabling them to see just how much you value them.

And positive feedback is a great way to bring in new clients.

Offer a Loyalty and Reward Program

With every decision you make, think like a customer and ask yourself, “Is this something I would like?” If the answer is yes, do it. And since a loyalty program makes clients feel wanted, while at the same time giving them rewards for continuing to give their business to you, they will love it.

Study some of the loyalty programs that exist in the industry so you can pick and choose which features you want to include. And be as creative as you can, and as customer-focused as possible.

Use points per play that can then be cashed in for free bets or other rewards. Offer your rewards program members tiers, so that as they accrue more points, their rewards increase. Create rewards members-only competitions, so that becoming a part of your club comes with exclusivity.

And again, don’t be afraid to change how your program works as the feedback rolls in. In everything you do, be flexible when it comes to meeting your clients’ needs.

Be Personal

Online sportsbooks seem to have all the advantages. They’re everywhere, offer everything, and they have big budgets that allow them to put their name seemingly everywhere. But you have one big advantage they will never have: Your clients can see and talk with you. You aren’t just a website; you’re a person who is right there and ready to meet their needs.

Use that to your advantage. Be available. Create a community. You can even host events for your clients and members of your loyalty program. Give your clients the one thing they can never get from a big offshore bookmaker – you – and they will love you for it.

Be Honest

It sounds obvious, but when things go wrong, a lot of bookmakers’ first instinct is to hide reality. Don’t do that. At some point, software will crash, a bet will go wrong, or a payment will arrive late. It happens. And the surest way to lose your client is to lie about it.

If they feel like they can’t trust, you’re dead in the water. So, whatever happens, be fully open and honest about it, and do your very best to fix it. In the end, your clients will appreciate you for it.

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WagerHome BlogKeys To Keeping Your Pay Per Head Clients Coming Back For More

Five Tips On How To Acquire Consistent Traffic To Your PPH Website

by WagerHome Blog on November 7, 2019

The main goal of your pay-per-head website is to get players to bet with you, as you make money with every wager made. Because of this, you always want to get new players in the fold to your PPH site, as the more players you have, the more bets can be made, and the more money you can put in your pocket.

When you have a solid PPH website, such as one you can get at, you need to make sure you have constant traffic to the site, as the more people that view it, the more people that may make bets through you.

Here are five tips on how to acquire consistent traffic to your PPH website:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your PPH site. By sending out mass emails, you can reach a lot of people and get many to view what you have to offer. One of the nice things about email marketing is that you can set up one and then send it to many people.

There is also solid automated software available, which can help you automate the process of sending many emails.

Social Media

Obviously, social media is huge these days with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just to name three popular ones. You can use social media as a way to advertise your PPH site and drive traffic to it.

For example, you can set up a specific Facebook or Twitter account for your PPH site that has all the details about what you have to offer being an online bookie. Sell yourself and what you can offer through social media in order to get constant traffic to your site.

Considering you are advertising through social media, you should get permission from that social media site. You also need to have a solid social media strategy knowing exactly you want to advertise on that platform.

Online Advertisements

You can use specific keywords you want to target to your PPH site. If a person is searching for keywords and sees an ad you have, they may click it, and you may pick up a customer.

You will have to pay for this type of service, but it is one way that you can drive traffic to your PPH site.

Set Up A Blog

Setting up a blog is an easy and great way to get traffic to your PPH site. Write a blog that details all about your site and what you have to offer potential players. You can make it interesting and funny but factual. Having a good blog can make people interested in the product you are offering.

You can always go into the blog and change things and add things to make it into a solid tool that can help you increase your PPH site’s exposure.

Set Up The PPH Site Well

There are many PPH sites out there, and you need to set up yours well, so it stands apart and is one that players want to join. Explicitly state what you offer your customers as an online bookie and how it can be advantageous to them.

If you use a good PPH service like, it makes it much easier to make a solid and attractive PPH site that stands out.

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WagerHome BlogFive Tips On How To Acquire Consistent Traffic To Your PPH Website

3 Effective Pay Per Head Marketing Tips To Keep Your Players

by WagerHome Blog on October 27, 2019

When you have a Pay Per Head (PPH) site, you not only want to attract new players but also keep your existing ones in the fold. Consistent marketing to your player base is the best way to keep them happy and in the know.

Why Pay Per Head Marketing Tips Can Help You Grow

When you have a good PPH site driving your bookie business, you have the tools to manage your players, but you still have to put in the time to market to them as well.

If you want to be a successful bookie using a PPH site, then you have to go above and beyond when the site software offers and not just let the sportsbook run itself.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for marketing to your players.

Let Them Know What Sports Are Active

Just because YOU know everything about every sport, doesn’t mean your players do. Make it a habit to send out regular messages to your players about big games taking place.

Remind them each weekend of the big college football and NFL games on the schedule. If there is a big night of sports, be sure to remind them of the lines and give them a nudge to bet.

Don’t assume your players know. They may not remember and a friendly reminder will give them that extra push to make a few bets.

Educate Them On Your Sportsbook Options

One of the most important types of marketing you can do is “teaching” your players how to use your sportsbook. When you utilize a PPH site (like, you get a ton of different options at your fingertips.

Your players may be a bit overwhelmed so make it part of your routine to explain the features to them. Explain how they can make live bets, futures, straight bets and more.

Show them some of the confusing or behind the scenes features that will make betting easier on them. This is one sure fire way to get more out of your players.

Utilize Email & Text Messages

Email marketing has been around for decades, but it’s still a great way to communicate with your players. Get them on a list and take advantage of services like Mailchimp, aWeber, Hubspot, etc… Find one that works for you and start emailing.

You can setup autoresponder messages to your players or send one time blasts. But form that relationship with your players and watch the trust grow. Once they have trust in you, it’s easier to keep betting and bet more at your site!

Text messaging for business purposes is starting to grow in popularity as well. It used to be that no one would read “marketing texts” — but lately that trend has changed. More and more people will open sales texts and often times take action on them.

Consider this method as a way to get ahead of your competition.

All in all, you want to market to your players to keep them wagering with you. Keep up on them, teach them, inform them and show them that you are the best PPH bookie in the business!

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WagerHome Blog3 Effective Pay Per Head Marketing Tips To Keep Your Players

5 Essential Reasons to Become a Basketball Bookie This NBA Season

by WagerHome Blog on October 22, 2019

We are all ready for the NBA season and guess what, it’s here. But are you ready to start taking bets as a basketball bookie? Sure, you can continue doing it the hard way or you can join a top Pay Per Head (PPH) site like and really take your bookie business to the next level this season.

There are many great reasons for being a bookie this basketball season. But let’s take a look at the top five reasons to run your bookie business through a PPH site this NBA season.

1. Profit as a Basketball Bookie

It is pretty obvious that the main goal of any bookie is to make money. By using a PPH site, such as one you can get at, you can eliminate the overhead in running your bookie business.

Your sportsbook operation will be seamless and easy to run. Gone are the days of tracking bets and balances for all of your players. Your PPH site setup will do this for you. Less overhead means more profit.

On top of that, it will be much easier for your players to make bets. We all want more action as a basketball bookie because you are making money on the “juice”. More bets = More juice = More profits!

2. No Lack of Betting Options

One of the great things about the NBA is that there are so many different types of bets to make. There are the typical bets like spread, total, and moneyline, as well as many more. Other bet types include futures, proposition bets, parlays, teasers, and pleasers.

One of the great things about the NBA is that for every single game, there are many prop bets available for both players and teams. The more betting options that you can offer your customers, the more bets they can make.

Another feature you can offer your players is live betting. This type of betting allows your guys to bet as each game is taking place. Live betting is the future and you can get ahead of the competition by offering this.

3. Tracking Your Customers

Using a PPH site makes it simple to track your customers. This is not only showing how much your customers have won or lost but also showing what types of NBA bets they make and how often they bet.

If you have a solid PPH site like one you get at, you can track betting from your customers, and then you know what they like to wager on. Knowing this can allow you to offer them more of what they want, which can lead to increased wagering from them.

4. Accessibility

When you have your own bookie PPH sportsbook, you have access to that site 24/7 360365 days a year. Not only that but by using a reputable service to get a PPH website, your customers will also have 24/7 access.

This is important, as you want a website that is always live so your customers can make NBA wagers whenever they want at any time of the day. By having a solid PPH site that is always live, you will not need to worry about if your players can get into their accounts and bet, which gives you more time to cater to your players and find new ones to increase your business.

5. The Long Haul

The NBA season is a very long one with the first games starting late October and the NBA Finals taking place in June. That means there are nearly eight and a half months of NBA action going on, which gives a ton of betting options to your customers.

Ok, that’s five great reasons to not only become a basketball bookie this season, but to do it through a reputable Pay Per Head company. Click here to get started with your very own PPH site right here at!

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WagerHome Blog5 Essential Reasons to Become a Basketball Bookie This NBA Season

How to Choose a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

by Chris on October 20, 2019

In the last couple of decades, the Pay Per Head industry has grown from a few companies to several dozens. However, even though competition is good, it does make it tougher to Choose a Bookie Pay Per Head Service.  This is because every bookie and gambling operator has different needs for their operation.

Some bookies are looking for a budget PPH company that only gives them the bare minimum to start their website.  Others are looking for an all-in-one Sportsbook Pay Per Head and do not mind paying a high price for their services.

Our Bookie Pay Per Head tutorial guide will help you choose the best pay per head service for your needs.  Furthermore, our guide is written by actual bookies that know what features are necessary to have a successful gambling operation.

Advice on How to Choose a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

Advice on How to Choose a Bookie Pay Per Head ServiceThe first thing you needs to ask yourself is what kind of gambling operation they want to have. Are you looking for a strictly online operation or will you also offer phone wagering?  How much are you willing to pay per player?  Are you happy with the normal player website from the Pay Per head provider or do you need your own website?  These are all important questions that will help you choose the right Pay Per Head Service.

Narrow the services down by making a list the best Bookie Pay Per Head services on the internet.  However, when you make your list, it is best to use different sources of information.

Once you have your list, just look at the features and prices of each and separate them into which one best fit your needs. From there, look at the price and see which one is within your budget.

Afterwards, it’s just a matter of trying out their demo to see which one you like the best.

The Pay Per Head Solution Pay Per Head SolutionThe smart bookies use the Pay Per Head Solution.  This is because we have the most advanced Sportsbook Software in the industry that gives you complete control over your operation.  Thus, you can control your player’s lines, gambling options and even their limits.

In addition, we also offer your players a full sportsbook with live betting, casino and a racebook.  The best part is that our PPH will save you money without losing quality service.  This is because we only charge $9 per player for our normal package and only $10 per player for our premium service.

Don’t just take our word for it though, contact us today to get your Free Pay Per Head Demo

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ChrisHow to Choose a Bookie Pay Per Head Service

How pay per head bookies can generate revenue from the NFL throughout the year.

by Wager Home on May 7, 2019

      The NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the USA and not only in terms of sports fans, but also in the world of betting. It is estimated that around 118 million Americans place bets on games every year. Bookies have to take advantage of the high popularity of the sport to increase their profits and create an NFL revenue stream throughout the year. The question that arises then is: How can Local pay per head sportsbooks generate NFL revenue throughout the year? 

      The answer is through a broad catalog of betting options for the NFL. Since nowadays the players look for variety. Although the bets to choose the winner of a game are still among the most popular, not all bettors opt for this type of bets. It is for this reason that in the betting industry a wide variety of betting options have emerged to satisfy the tastes of all types of players. One of the types of bets that can ensure good income to bookies even months before the start of the NFL season is the Total Bets.

      The type of Total Bets that the bookies can begin to promote among their bettors are the 2019 NFL Win Total Bets, because they are updated immediately after the results of the Draft Day, since after this event we can have a clear idea of the roster of each team for the regular season so it can better predict their possible performance and thus determine the possible amount of games they can win during the season.

      The 2019 NFL Win Total Bets updated from the main teams are the following:

New England Patriots, 2019 Win Total: 11 (over -150 / under +130)

Kansas City Chiefs, 2019 Win Total: 10.5 (over -120 / under +100)

Los Angeles Rams, 2019 Win Total: 10.5 (over + 100 / under -120)

New Orleans Saints, 2019 Win Total: 10.5 (over -110 / under -110)

Chicago Bears, 2019 Win Total: 9 (over -120 / under +100)

Indianapolis Colts, 2019 Win Total: 9.5 (over -140 / under +120)

Philadelphia Eagles, 2019 Win Total: 9.5 (over -150 / under +130)

Cleveland Browns, 2019 Win Total: 9 (over -130 / under +110)

      This type of total bets offers bettors the possibility of choosing if a team is going to be kept Under that number of possible wins or insisted it would go Over that number of possible winnings. This is the key that allows bookies to generate income from this type of betting, since most bettors always choose the Over side. For example in the case of the Pats last season they won 11 games. The big difference is that for this season they do not have one of their key players Rob Gronkowski, to this is added that during the draft they did not fill the position left by Gronk and let go of their third tight end Jacob Hollister who was with the team since 2017. While the Pats are a great team they are likely not to meet the 11-win quota. Despite this, the bettors will have no doubts about placing their bets on the Over due to the history and prestige of the Pats, the bookies must take this into account to properly balance each side of the bet and not allow the action to go to a single side, because if this happens it can put profits at risk and even the entire business in trouble. 

       To get the most out of the 2019 NFL Win Total Bets and handle them in the best way the bookies need to have a state-of-the-art pay per head sportsbook software, one of the best options in the market is, since their sportsbook platform offers bookies access to a broad catalog of betting lines which can be customized or changed as needed. The software that makes available to bookies is one of the most powerful and easy to use in the industry, which means that the local pay per head bookies will have everything they need to manage and grow their betting business in a turnkey sportsbook solution.    is one of the Pay Per Head companies with the most experience in the betting industry and is one of the few that cares about exceeding the needs of its clients. Take the step towards to a more lucrative betting business, search on twitter for @wagerhome, call toll-free at # 1-800-728-8509 or send an email to to join the team of the best Pay Per Head provider in the industry.


Nfl pay per head win totals NFL 2019 season win totals

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Wager HomeHow pay per head bookies can generate revenue from the NFL throughout the year.

The Best Turnkey Sportsbook Solutions to Make a Profit from 2019 NFL Draft

by Wager Home on April 24, 2019

Football is one of the most lucrative sports for sportsbooks, it is estimated that around $ 4.8 billion dollars are bet on professional and college football annually in the USA. The problem is that the regular season of the NFL only lasts a few months in which the largest amount of betting action is concentrated. But this is not a problem for bookies that have a good turnkey sportsbook solution since these bookies can make a good profit of the NFL throughout the year with prop bets and especially with the NFL Draft.

Within the category of prop bets for the NFL there is a wide range of options to which bettors can place their money right now even when the regular season hasn’t started yet, for example, the result of the coin toss for Super Bowl 54 which is offered to Heads -102 Tails – 102, but it is the odds to win the Super Bowl 54 that bookies should pay special attention to and actively promote them in their betting business along with the NFL draft since football fans eyes are on the Draft day right now.

Here is an example of how bookies can promote prop bets with draft mocks

New England Patriots +700

At the top of the table there is no greater surprise the Pats won Super Bowl 53, for which they were also favorites, facing the next Super Bowl oddsmaker place them with +700 due to the retirement of Rob Gronkowski. This is despite the fact that the team is still one of the strongest in the NFL with elite players and best running back combinations in the league. The Big Ten Tight End of the year T.J Hockenson would be the perfect replacement for Gronk, but it is unlikely that the Pats can get it so Noah Fant is the most logical bet.

Kansas City Chiefs +750

The Chiefs came second on the odds table to win the next Super Bowl, they have to go out and look for a backup for Tyreek Hill, who seems to have to visit the courts very often in the next few months because he is under investigation for two cases of possible child abuse. The Oklahoma Wide Receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown would be the best option to replace Hill.

L.A. Rams +800

The Rams had an excellent season and to this day maintains one of the deepest rosters of the league. The position that seems most urgent to fill for the Rams is linebacker since the team currently only has Cory Littleton, the problem they face is that they are not in a good position in the draft to select a good linebacker for what is likely they are going to select the Oklahoma Guard Cody Ford, to fill the void left by the departure of Rodger Safford.

Football fans love to speculate on which players are going to be selected by each team during the draft, they spend days gathering information and statistics to build their own prediction tables. The bookies must then enter the football fans game and present information and prop bets like the previous ones to attract football fans to place bets for both the draft and the possible winner of Super Bowl 54.

To get the most out of NFL betting, bookies need to have an excellent turnkey sportsbook solution that provides them with all the tools they need to provide top-notch service to their bettors. In the market, there are many Pay Per Head companies that offer services and platforms for anyone who wants to establish their betting business, but very few of these companies offer true turnkey solutions like A turnkey solution is one in which the bookie only have to register an account with the Pay Per Head provider and immediately has absolutely all the tools, platforms, services and staff necessary to operate a successful betting business. offers one of the best turnkey sportsbook solutions on the market today. It has a powerful platform where bettors can access the sportsbook, online casino, horse racetracks and 2 types of live betting. While the bookie can control absolutely everything that happens in the business through an intuitive and easy to use agent backend.

Do not miss the huge profits you could generate from the NFL draft take the step towards a more lucrative betting business, search on twitter for @wagerhome, call toll-free at # 1-800-728-8509 or send an email to to join the team of the best Pay Per Head provider in the industry.

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nfl draft 2019


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Wager HomeThe Best Turnkey Sportsbook Solutions to Make a Profit from 2019 NFL Draft