Pay Per Head Advantages: We Make the Bookmaker’s Life Easier

by WagerHome Blog on December 3, 2020

One of the reasons you started your own bookmaking business is because being your own boss meant that you’d have more time on your hands to enjoy life. You want to set your own hours and work as hard as is necessary to carve out a good life. But when you run a one-person show where everything falls on you, that’s not easy.

In 2020, with the uncertainty of the sports calendar every week, it’s not easy. Being on top of the games and the news, and still being there for your clients whenever they want, can be too much at times.

That’s precisely where a good pay per head service like comes in handy. They take over the work that you’re having a hard time doing to ease your workload and allow you to focus on finding new clients while maintaining relationships with existing clients. The pay per head advantages are endless, but here, we will take a look at a few of the benefits.

Pay Per Head Advantages

Pay Per Head Advantages – No More Technology Hassles

The first pay per head advantage is capital. Think of the money it requires to create your own website and secure the financial transactions that use that website. Then you have the sports and odds to update, and the hassle of being a technical expert if something goes wrong. Both the labor costs and time costs involved in running your sportsbook can overwhelm in a hurry.

Instead of footing the bill for all that, one big pay per head advantage is you pay a small fee per client, and you still get to manage your sportsbook with all the bells and whistles. A customizable, state-of-the-art website, your choice of sports and betting options, updated odds, a fully staffed customer service department, and with, you get four weeks to try it all for free.

Instead of chasing the odds,’s software does it for you. Instead of having to be available to your clients 24 hours a day, does that for you. And instead of having to know all the news about cancellations and postponements, does that for you. Availability is never an issue, which is another pay per head advantage through

Pay Per Head Advantages for Your Clients

Not only will life be better for you with a pay per head partnership, but the experience for your clients will also be better.

Think about the number of sports you can now offer them. All across the world, sports are being played, and at all hours of every day. Be it rugby in Australia that begins at 2:00 A.M. local time, baseball in Korea, basketball in Europe, or the 15 hours of college football on a Saturday, your clients have access to it all.

With a quality pay per head software provider, you can also offer your clients the pay per head advantage of in-play wagering. Also called “live betting,” in-play wagering involves placing bets on games in progress and with constantly changing odds. It’s a trend that is sweeping the sports betting world. But when running your own shop, it is nearly impossible for you to capitalize on its popularity. That all changes with a partnership. also offers access to their 24/7 online casino, complete with live dealers. So instead of having to go elsewhere to satisfy their love of blackjack and poker, your clients can stay right on your website and stay more engaged with the services you offer.

With a pay per head service at your side, you win, your clients win, and your business truly becomes the complement to your life you’ve always dreamed about – no hassle, no headaches, only your sportsbook at the next level. If you’re interested in seeing the pay per head advantages for yourself, sign up for a free demo today.

WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Advantages: We Make the Bookmaker’s Life Easier

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