Turning Your Pay Per Head Site Into A Monster In Nebraska, Indiana, And Iowa

by WagerHome Blog on November 28, 2019

The seasons are changing, football is in the final stretch, and basketball and hockey are just heating up. It’s a great time to open up your own Pay Per Head bookmaking service in Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa to maximize your profits and minimize your work.

Advantages Of Using a Pay Per Head Site

The number one advantage is clear. Money. Both money going out and money coming in.

Before PPH sites were on the market, the tools of a bookie were pen and pad and a phone, or a huge outlay of cash in an effort to start your own bookmaking website. Now you can ditch all that, save that capital, and pay a small per-person fee to a Pay Per Head site and give your clients more than they’ve ever gotten before. And signing up at WagerHome.com gives you four free weeks to test drive the service and make sure it’s right for you.

The other advantage of a PPH site is customization. Pick your sports, pick your odds (or allow the site to manage your odds and point spreads for you), and set limits for certain clients. It’s all available, it’s all easy to use, and all of it comes with full customer support for both you and your clients.

Advantages For Your Customers

There are lots of great betting opportunities in Nebraska, Indiana, and Iowa. But in today’s world, sports wagering is global, and it is 24 hours a day. By moving your bookmaking service to a PPH site, you will be giving your clients access to that 24/7 global network of events and improving their sports wagering experience.

Customers can bet when they what, what they want, and participate in the fast-paced world of in-play wagering — something they can’t do by just calling you on the phone.

They also can place wagers with the peace of mind that comes with a top-of-the-line website and the backing of complete customer support, making them even more loyal to you as customers.

Pay Per Head vs. Pay Percentage

If you are operating a bookmaking service in Nebraska, Indiana, or Iowa, then you no doubt have heard about percentage-based deals in the region. They’re quite common in places like Minnesota and Nebraska, and some people even mistakenly believe that they offer a better deal.

That is false.

If the bookmaking service you are with or thinking of joining takes a percentage of your winnings, go somewhere else. In the long run, you will lose profits. And if they tell you otherwise, they are being dishonest.

Some places even charge a flat fee per customer and then take a percentage on top of that. Run for the hills if you come across a site like that. Good Pay Per Head services will give you 100 percent of all profits you generate and only charge a small fee for each customer. So be sure to find a service like that, and only do business with them. The rest are trying to take the business that you built, and that is flat out wrong.

WagerHome BlogTurning Your Pay Per Head Site Into A Monster In Nebraska, Indiana, And Iowa

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