NFL Week 14 Playoff Clinching and Elimination Scenarios

by WagerHome Blog on December 6, 2023

As wild as it seems, with multiple nine- and 10-win teams, as well as 10- and 11-loss teams, no one has clinched a playoff berth, or been eliminated from the playoffs through 13 weeks of play.

That is likely to change this week as the number of games remaining dwindles down to just four after this week.

NFC Clinching Scenarios

Philadelphia Eagles

As the only 10-win team in the conference, the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest of the clinching scenarios. Win on Sunday in Dallas, and if the Rams or Seahawks lose, the Eagles are in. 

The Eagles also get it if they win, and they get one of the following combinations: Minnesota loss/tie + Green Bay loss/tie, or Green Bay loss/tie + Detroit loss/tie.

An Eagles tie on Sunday also gets them into the playoffs with a number of other teams losing outright.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are going to get into the playoffs, but it likely won’t happen this week. Even if they beat the Eagles (a must if they are to get in this week), they would also need the following: A Detroit win/tie, Tampa Bay loss, Seattle loss, Green Bay loss, Rams loss/tie, and Minnesota loss/tie.

It could happen this week but don’t bet on it.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have a fairly easy road to clinching this week. If they win, and if the Vikings lose, or the Packers lose, or both the Vikings and Packers tie, the 49ers are in. The only way the 49ers don’t clinch this week is they lose, or both the Packers and Vikings win.

NFC Elimination Scenarios

The Arizona Cardinals are off this week, but they are the only NFC team that could get knocked out of the playoffs. If the Rams and Packers win, or the Rams win and the Packers tie and the Vikings win/tie, Arizona can look ahead to next season.

AFC Elimination Scenarios

In the AFC there are no teams that can clinch a playoff berth this week, so we move straight to the elimination scenarios.

New England Patriots

Anything less than a win for the Patriots this week, and they are out. A loss or tie with the Steelers on Thursday will eliminate the Patriots.

If they do win on Thursday, but Houston also wins, or Cincinnati wins, or the Raiders + Bills win, then the Patriots are also out.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans aren’t dead yet, and the scenario to knock them out this week is unlikely to happen. But they will be gone at some point soon. It happens in Week 14 if the Titans lose, Jacksonville and Cleveland tie, Indianapolis wins, Pittsburgh wins, and Houston wins or ties.

Pay Per Head Software

We have the final month of the NFL season, the full college bowl schedule, and NHL and NBA and college basketball. If you are an independent bookmaker, this is the month to join forces with a top pay per head software provider. gives you a fully customizable website, access to their huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ Live betting. See a demo today at

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WagerHome BlogNFL Week 14 Playoff Clinching and Elimination Scenarios

Betting on the FedEx Cup Playoffs

by WagerHome Blog on August 8, 2023

Betting on the FedEx Cup Playoffs

The bulk of the golf season is behind us, with all four majors now in the rearview mirror. But the big prize of the FedEx Cup still remains, and the three-tournament playoff to decide the season’s champion begins on Thursday.

Leg one for the 70 qualifiers is at the FedEx St. Jude Championship in Memphis, Tennessee. From there the top 50 golfers move on to the Olympia Fields Country Club in Olympia Fields, Illinois, south of Chicago. The final 30 golfers that remain go on to Atlanta the final weekend of August for the Tour Championship, and the biggest payday of the season.

Everyone that plays the final weekend in Atlanta will get at least $500,000, the Top-10 will all make more than $1 million, and the check for winning the FedEx Cup is for $18 million.

Favorites to Win FedEx St. Jude Championship

Scottie Scheffler (+650)
Rory McIlroy (+900)
Jon Rahm (+900)
Patrick Cantlay (+1600)
Xander Schauffele (+1800)
Viktor Hovland (+2000)
Tyrrell Hatton (+2200)
Collin Morikawa (+2200)
Wyndham Clark (+2800)
Tommy Fleetwood (+2800)
Rickie Fowler (+2800)

FedEx Cup St. Jude Championship

Rory McIlroy is the defending FedEx Cup champion, although he began his victorious playoffs by missing the cut in the St. Jude last year. Thus is the importance of having a big lead in the standings as you head into the playoffs. The regular season points will carry over until we have our final 30 golfers.

That means no matter what disaster strikes the top three golfers in the world, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffler, and McIlroy, they will be around for round two. Rahm is the current FedEx points leader with 3,320 points, Scheffler is second with 3,146, and McIlroy has 2,304. Only Max Homa also has over 2,000 points.

It’s important to note that these odds for this tournament only, not the overall winner of the FedEx Cup, and that none of the top-10 favorites listed here have ever won the St. Jude. However, just out of the top-10 is Jason Day, the 2015 winner of the St. Jude, paying +3000. Tony Finau won this event in 2021, and he is on the odds board at +3500.

Last year at this event Will Zalatoris recorded the first PGA Tour win of his career. He was out of the playoffs the following week with a back injury, and it is the ongoing recovery from that injury that kept him from returning to Memphis this year.

Pay Per Head Software

These are a huge three weeks for golf, and they coincide with the three weekends of the NFL preseason. Plus we have MLB pennant races, NASCAR and UFC, and college football kicks off at the end of the month. It’s a lot for independent bookmakers to keep track of, unless you have the help of a top pay per head software provider like

With WagerHome you get your own fully customizable website, access to Wagerhome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting. See a demo today at, and when you sign up your first four weeks of membership will be absolutely free.

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WagerHome BlogBetting on the FedEx Cup Playoffs

What Makes Pay Per Head Right for You

by WagerHome Blog on April 4, 2023

This time of year is the best time to be a sports bettor. We just had the NCAA Tournament and the Final Four, which handles more than $15 billion in wagering. Major League Baseball has started its season, and just around the corner we have the NBA and NHL Playoffs about to start.

Add in weekly golf and racing events, regularly scheduled MMA fights, and the end of April’s NFL Draft, and being a sports bettor in April is like being a kid in the biggest candy store in the world.

It’s great for the bettor. All day, every day, there is something great to wager. But for the independent pay per head bookmaker, how can you possibly stay on top of it all?

Outsource the Busy Work but You Stay the Boss

The reason you began your business was because it is your business. You answer to no one. Your hours, your rules, and your money.

But when it comes to setting the odds and keeping them up to date, taking wagers, collecting payments and making payouts, the work can become overwhelming at this time of year. You want to grow your business, but there is never any time.

This is where a pay per head service like comes in. For only a small fee per month and per customer, WagerHome will handle the busy work. Keeping the books, setting the odds, handling all financial transactions safely and securely, and giving you detailed reports on all of your clients betting favorites. That’s what WagerHome can do for you, and all through your own fully customizable website.

The business remains yours. You remain the boss, choosing exactly which sports each of your customers can access, setting individualized pay per head limits, and even having the option to offer an online casino. You run the show, and all from WagerHome’s easy to use Booking Agent Dashboard.

Why Your Clients Will Love Pay Per Head

The reality is that when you run your own sports betting shop, you have to limit what you offer. You’re only one person, and you can only be stretched so thin before you break.

But WagerHome gives you the power of a full-scale sportsbook that covers the Pay Per Head world. No longer do you have to limit your clients to the big-four North American sports. Offer them basketball, but from five continents.

WagerHome offers a huge menu of sports and betting options, including access to EZ Live Bet, their live in-play Pay Per Head betting platform. Expand your racing offerings and allow wagering from soccer leagues around the world. Give them real time odds and instant payouts, but most importantly, give your clients access to customer service experts 24 hours a day.

You can also give your clients horse racing options, eSports betting, and an online casino that is available on the web and mobile app, and with live dealers for Blackjack, roulette, and Baccarat.

The software is equipped with the highest security standards in the business, protecting everyone’s identity and financial information. That’s great for you, and it’s great for your clients.

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WagerHome BlogWhat Makes Pay Per Head Right for You

David vs. Goliath in Bookmaking

by WagerHome Blog on March 3, 2023

This is truly the golden age of sports betting, and the pie among bookmaking is big. But at times the independent bookmaking can feel like it’s getting smaller and smaller because of all of the big and well-known bookmaking that are coming online.

Yes, they have resources and the ability to throw money at new clients that you don’t have. But with a top pay per head software provider on your team, you can level the playing field.

What is Pay Per Head?

A partnership with a pay per head software provider is simply a way for you to farm out the hard and time-consuming work of bookmaking, helping you compete with the Goliaths of the industry and freeing up your time to work on client outreach.

Account management, setting odds and taking wagers, deposits, and withdrawals, and 24-hour customer service – all of that is handled by the pay per head software like And you, as the name says, only pay a small monthly fee per client.

Why Your Clients Will Love It

The reason you have loyal clients is because of the personal attention you give them. With as your partner you can still give them the independent bookmaking feel, but with all of the bells and whistles that come with a big and powerful sportsbook.

They can give them in-play betting through WagerHome’s EZ Live Bet. This offers them hundreds of great betting options around the world, and around the clock. On your own, this would be a nightmare, but with it’s as easy as the click of a switch.


One of the fastest-growing sports in the world is eSports, and placing bets on eSports is growing just as fast. That is just one of the more than 80 sports and sports leagues from across the world that your clients can wager. And the odds for each of those 80 sports, and the hundreds of events inside each sport, are automatically kept by WagerHome.

And if you choose, you can add horse racing and an online casino to your business’s offerings.


Why You Will Love It

Your clients will be happy when placing wagers through the platform provided by WagerHome, and you will be happy as their bookmaker.

You can customize exactly what you offer to each client. What sports, what odds, betting limits if you so desire, weekly deposit caps – all of those are available to you through your Player Controls panel. And that, along with all of the other things you will use to manage your business, is easy to access through your Bookie Agent Dashboard.

No more time wasted on having to crunch the numbers on each of your bookmaking clients. WagerHome will provide you with weekly figures on each player, so you know what they bet and when they bet. That information allows you to better tailor your offerings to the needs and desires of your clients.

And since the idea of any good business is to grow, WagerHome allows you to bring on board and manage a collection of sub-agents who can be your bridge to a new and expanding client base.

More clients equals more money, and suddenly you are the Goliath of your sports betting business.

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WagerHome BlogDavid vs. Goliath in Bookmaking

Making Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

by WagerHome Blog on May 4, 2022

When you own a small business, no matter what the industry, being able to perform efficient communication between you and customers is key. Being able to understand their needs, so you are better equipped to meet those needs is what defines success.

In a static industry, communication is important. In a dynamic industry like sports gaming, it can be everything. Trends change in the industry, which changes the needs and desires of your customers, which you only know about if you are able to adequately keep open the lines of communication.

WagerHome’s Answer to Changing Client Desires

As with the growing desire for live and in-play wagering, WagerHome was at the forefront of making sure that our platform, and the one you and your clients rely upon, was updated to meet those changing needs. The trend in the industry changed, and because WagerHome made the change with it, your clients never missed a beat.

But if the changing needs and desires aren’t on such a macro level, like in-play wagering, but are limited to a small group of your players, or even a single player, how can you keep up? How can you make sure they don’t go unnoticed?

Making Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

That is why WagerHome’s client interface now comes with a private messaging system that allows you to speak with each of your clients on a one-to-one basis. You can still communicate with all of them with company-wide announcements that will keep them all abreast of any changes you are making.

But in helping you to keep abreast of the changing desires that they have, now you have the ability to speak with them as individuals.

The Messaging Difference

Everything WagerHome does is geared toward making your business more profitable, which is why along with giving you your own website, customizable client reports, and full-service customer support, we give you an easy way to talk to the people who make your business.

You give your clients access to 24-hour sports betting, casino betting, and horse racing, and giving them a fast and easy way to communicate is only natural.

You know that your players are all very different. Desires in sports are different, and they come with different budgets.

There are also different skill levels in how they approach sports betting. That is why we allow for a full customization in what you offer as a bookmaker, both collectively to your clients as well as individually.

Being able to communicate with them as individuals is key in making this happen.

Messaging Security

Confidentiality is key in any business discussion, but especially in an industry that features so many clients that want privacy. You can be sure that with WagerHome’s dedication to keeping all of your and your client’s information secure, we do the same with all communications you have with those clients.

The same engineering and IT team that built our seven-layer DDOS protection, keeping your financial information out of the hands of hackers, built our private messaging system.

Use WagerHome’s messaging system to speak with your clients, and use it knowing that everything you say is private and protected.

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WagerHome BlogMaking Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

More Player Options Means More Profit

by WagerHome Blog on May 3, 2022

One of the biggest hurdles to being a successful independent bookmaker is the lack of options that you can offer your customers when you are running a one-person shop.

Too many options, like sports and betting types, can become overwhelming. So you keep it manageable, which eventually makes it really hard to keep your customers.

This is why in today’s expanding sports betting landscape when your customers have multiple sportsbook options a click of a button away, the only way to stay in business is by partnering with a top pay per head software provider like

A Full Sportsbook at Their Fingertips

You’re in this business because you love sports and sports betting, and that’s why your clients are with you. So make sure and give them the most complete sportsbook experience anywhere in the industry.

With WagerHome, your clients will have access to up to 80 different sports leagues across the world and the many sports betting options that those provide.

With an easy-to-understand betting platform, novice bettors feel right at home. But with a full slate of sports and betting options from every time zone on the planet, your veteran bettors will never get bored.

Two Types of Live Betting

If your veteran bettors do get bored, they simply aren’t trying. When you are partnered with WagerHome, you get not one but two types of live betting to offer your clients.

With WagerHome’s standard service, each of your clients has access to commercial live betting and all the many ways that a player can take advantage of in-play and in-game wagering.

And with the premium service, which is just $3 a month more per person, they all get access to WagerHome’s proprietary EZ Live betting and the 1000s of live events that can be wagered through that.

More Player Options Means More Profit

Esports Betting

Many of the big chain sportsbooks don’t even offer it, and certainly, it’s hard to find in the pay per head world. But with, you can offer your clients the best in esports wagering.

From CS:GO to Dota2, the fastest growing sport in the world that has leagues and tournaments all across the globe, is yours to offer to each of your clients.

Online and Live Dealer Casino

Opening multiple revenue streams is the name of the game, but with just the one partnership with WagerHome, you also become the manager of your own casino.

The standard membership comes with 24/7 access to WagerHome’s huge online casino, as well as the live dealer games featured in Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

The WagerHome platform is fast enough and nimble enough for multiple live dealer games to be played at the same time and with absolutely no lag. And the casino is large enough that your customers will have access to a huge selection of slot machines and table games, and they will always have something new to play.

Add in WagerHome’s worldwide racebook, and there is nothing in the gaming world that you can’t offer your customers.

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WagerHome BlogMore Player Options Means More Profit

The Voted #1 Pay Per Head Software in the Industry

by WagerHome Blog on May 1, 2022

Sports betting is growing by leaps and bounds, and if independent pay per head bookmakers don’t grow with it, they are going to be left behind.

The most powerful way to change with the times is to create a partnership with a top pay per head software provider. It allows your business to remain yours, but with the added benefit of a team of experienced professionals working on your behalf.

The market is full of options, but simply put, there is no better pay per head provider than

The Software

Featuring the very best pay per head software in the business, no one else can compete for the flexibility and the user-friendliness of WagerHome’s sports betting software. Instead of having to wade through a complex website setup and having to learn how to manage client reports, your sports, the wagers, and the money, you can remain focused on growing the business.

The player platform features a full sportsbook, casino gaming, horse racing, and multiple types of live wagering.

And on the agent’s end, everything is ready to go the moment you create the partnership. You have total control and ease of control. Which is why when current agents voted for their favorite software in the industry, WagerHome was #1.

The Tools

It’s not just the great customer service that makes WagerHome the best in the business. It’s not only the server security and the seven-layer DDOS protection that keeps your and your client’s information safe. It’s the number of great bookmaking tools that are at your disposal.

Inside the bookmaker management platform, you can easily track every wager placed by each of your clients, allowing you to keep track of your risk and manage that risk. And you can also track all of your customer’s behaviors, helping you more readily meet their needs.

You have access to WagerHome’s lines and odds, brought to you by SharpLine Access. Or you can create and manage your own lines and odds and shift them as the betting landscape shifts.

The Voted #1 Pay Per Head Software in the Industry

With the player management platform, you have access to a full customer messaging system, as well as options to control bet totals and bet frequencies for each customer. You can also add an action ticker and create and manage player groups.

This is what 40 years of experience gives you. Any tool that has been needed over the years has been added. There is nothing you need or want that you don’t already have.

Signing Up

To see the software and its many features in action, there is a demo available at And when you sign up for your new WagerHome partnership, you will be given your first four weeks absolutely free.

But even after those four weeks, the price per head is nominal. The standard rate, which is just $9 per customer per month, gives each customer full access to the sportsbook, the casino, and the racebook. And if those players also want access to WagerHome’s thousands of live in-game betting events, it’s just $12 per month.

Usually, you get what you pay for. At, you get so much more.

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WagerHome BlogThe Voted #1 Pay Per Head Software in the Industry

NFL Week 18 Betting Picks

by WagerHome Blog on January 5, 2022

It’s the final week of the NFL regular season and one of the least impactful last weeks we’ve seen in a while. Considering how up in the air things were just a couple of weeks ago, the NFL playoff field is now largely set, except for a couple of spots and a little bit of jockeying for better seeds.

So when placing your bets for Week 18, which games have meaning and which teams have something to play for should be your primary focus.


Dallas Cowboys (-7) at Philadelphia Eagles


Both the Cowboys and Eagles are in the playoffs, but Dallas still has a chance to move up to second seed. They also don’t want to go into the postseason on a two-game losing streak.

NFL Week 18 Picks

With a win over the Eagles’ in the NFL’s Week 18, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys could earn the number two seed in the NFC.

The Eagles are either the sixth or seventh seed, and remaining healthy for the playoffs means more than having the slightly better seed. Look for the Eagles to rest players while the Cowboys go to work on getting their passing offense right, and that should mean that Dallas covers this spread and wins by 10 points.

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (+10.5)


A win for Tennessee and they are the AFC’s top seed throughout the playoffs. And yes, they did demolish the Dolphins last week, but offensively it was a strange game. Ryan Tannehill finished with just 120 yards, and as a team, they only had 308 total yards of offense.

Too much is at stake to think the Titans won’t win, but their offense is struggling, and the Texans are playing good, hard football. Two weeks ago, they upset the Chargers, and last week they were in the game until late in the fourth quarter.

Houston has covered two of their last three-point spreads, and they will cover in this game to make it three of four.


Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (-7)


Last week was a get-right game for the Cardinals, and this week is about keeping hopes alive that the NFC West can still be won. If Arizona wins and the Rams lose, they are the division champs.

To make the first part of that equation happen, the Cardinals need to beat the Seahawks, who are playing out the string on the worst season ever for Pete Carroll in Seattle. Will Carroll be back? Will Russell Wilson? And if they want to trade Wilson, how badly has this season hurt his trade value?

Arizona won when they played at Seattle in November and covered the spread by 15 points. This week at home they will cover the touchdown spread and win by two scores.


Pay Per Head Software


Independent bookmakers, start 2022 off right and close out the NFL season with a bang by becoming partners with a top pay-per-head software provider like

With WagerHome, you get your own fully customizable website, access to their vast menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting.

Visit to see a demo today, and when you sign up, you’ll get your first four weeks of membership absolutely free.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Week 18 Betting Picks

Best College Football Week 1 Bets of the Week

by WagerHome Blog on August 31, 2021

The 2021 college football season officially started last Saturday, but there were only a handful of games on the schedule. The real fun begins this week as the schedule is loaded, and there are some great betting opportunities available.

Not only does Week 1 of the college football season provide some great betting opportunities, but it also provides a chance to offer betting as a Pay Per Head site as well. There is no better time than the present to launch one of these sites as this is one of the top betting markets in the United States.

The action starts off strong on Thursday night as the UCF Knights host the Boise State Broncos. The home team is now a 5.5-point favorite over Boise State, and that line doesn’t feel accurate. UCF will be playing its first game under new head coach Gus Malzahn, and this team is going to play well in the season opener.

Another great bet for both bettors and those running a Pay Per Head site is the Big Ten showdown featuring Penn State and Wisconsin. The Badgers are 5.5-point favorites on Saturday morning, but this matchup should be one of the best of the day.

The Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game is another game that will receive plenty of betting attention, and this would be a great game to feature on a Pay Per Head site. This game will feature the Alabama Crimson Tide as 19.5-point favorites against the Miami Hurricanes.

Predicting the 2021 Football Season: Miami Hurricanes Game-By-Game Picks -  Roll 'Bama Roll

Miami enters 2021 with plenty of hype, and they have the talent to keep this game close against Alabama, but not for the entire game. Alabama has made a history of blowing out teams, and they will be looking to make a statement as the defending national champions.

These are just a handful of games that stick out when it comes to Week 1 college football betting, but these are not the only opportunities. There is plenty of excitement surrounding the opening weekend of college football, and taking advantage of that hype with a Pay Per Head site can be extremely valuable.

Take Bets Using WagerHome

When you go to set up your Pay Per Head site, there is only one true option to use. makes it extremely easy to set up your own Pay Per Head site, and this can be done just in time to start taking wagers on college football games.

Being your own bookie is a massive advantage as it allows you to control how the sports betting scene works for you. Instead of relying on someone else to take the bets for you, you are able to be in control. has all of the tools that you need to get started in the Pay Per Head industry, and they will also provide you with help and guidance along the way. The college football season will be around for the next few months, but kicking things off with a Pay Per Head site this weekend is a winning play.


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WagerHome BlogBest College Football Week 1 Bets of the Week

EZ Live Betting and Prop Building for Players Allows Agents to Earn Extra Money

by WagerHome Blog on August 16, 2021

The reason we all got into sports betting in the first place is because it’s fun. We love sports, and watching sports when there is a little extra on the line adds to the excitement, especially in live betting. And likewise, the reason you became an independent bookmaker is because it’s fun to make money. You get all the fun of sports betting, with the added bonus of money in your pocket.

But finding extra sources of revenue can be challenging. And keeping up with the trends of the day as your own bookmaker can feel like a chore. That’s where a pay per head software provider like comes in.

More Ways to Profit

You by yourself can take point spread and moneyline bets. But live betting is impossible for you to manage on your own. And allowing your clients to create their own parlays and have those parlays pay out competitive and realistic odds is a huge challenge.

If you are partnered with, you get automatic access to their EZ Live betting. With automatically updated odds, just like with any large mainstream online bookmaker, your clients can place wagers on sports all around the world. And more action and enjoyment for them means more money in your pocket.

Not only is there more money being wagered live, but the more you can offer to your clients, the greater their incentive to continue doing business with you. If they have to go elsewhere to place parlays, they will. But if they can build their own parlays with you and through your website that is powered by WagerHome, they have no reason to bet with anyone else.

Giving them the personal touch of knowing their bookmaker, but also the full array of betting options that the big bookmakers offer, puts you in a prime position to make more money.

Mobile Sports Betting – How Big Is It Going To Grow

We love sports, and watching sports when there is a little extra on the line adds to the excitement, especially in live betting.

Less Work for You

If you were to try and build your own website that allowed your clients to place live wagers, imagine the time and cost. Paying into big and fast servers that allow those kinds of real-time updates and for the wagers to match would quickly put you into debt.

But with, you get your own website that uses their technology. All you have to do is add your personal touch to the website, and they handle the rest. From updated odds to tech support, to keep all transactions safe and secure, WagerHome handles the nuts and bolts of your business while you can focus on the clients.

How Pay Per Head Software Works

As the name suggests, you just pay a small fee for each of your clients. The premium partnership is just $12 per person per month and gives your clients 24/7 access to the sportsbook, racebook, and online casino. They also can place live in-game bets on thousands of events from across the world.

Need more info, see a free demo today at And when you sign up, your first four weeks are absolutely free.

See more at >>


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WagerHome BlogEZ Live Betting and Prop Building for Players Allows Agents to Earn Extra Money