Offer eSports Wagering With Our Pay Per Head Service While Coronavirus Strikes

by WagerHome Blog on March 26, 2020

This is indeed an interesting time in the sports betting industry. Arenas sit empty. On what was supposed to be Opening Day this week for Major League Baseball, the start of the season is an unknown.

And the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one of the most exciting events for sports bettors across North America, is still at least two months away.

This is where exceeds the other pay per head services out there. This is where you, as a bookmaking partner of, are better positioned to not only survive the current pause in major sporting events but still remain profitable.

And that is because has embraced the world of eSports, and put it front and center in the sports still competing that you can now offer your clients.

eSports is one of the fastest-growing sports around the world, and betting on eSports is growing just as fast. Leagues around the world, weekly tournaments, the ESL Pro League, which has gone worldwide with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All of it is still happening, and all of it is available to wager.

Why Choose a Pay Per Head Software Service

You have a group of loyal clients who place their bets through you. But at some point, you need to offer them the convenience of online and mobile access to their accounts. They deserve the latest and most up to date odds. They require the ability to place bets at all hours of the day and for events taking place around the world.


When you partner with a PPH software provider, all of the above is yours and at no extra work to you. A personalized website is included. A customer support team is there for your clients. Fast and reliable mobile access that allows your clients access to live wagering. A safe and secure means of handling the financial side of their accounts.

You wouldn’t be able to offer any of that as a one-person operation. But with PPH software, which costs just a nominal fee per person, all of it is yours, and all of it is your clients’.


Unlike with other PPH providers, takes no ownership of your business. The website remains yours. Your clients remain yours. And most importantly, your profits remain yours. Other PPH sites take their cut and maintain the rights to the website. That doesn’t happen at

And while the industry figures out how to navigate through these previously uncharted times, and many other PPH sites are finding it easiest just to close, remains open for business and committed to maintaining its partnership with you.

WagerHome believes in building long-term relationships with its partner bookmakers and finding ways to help them unlock new streams of revenue during the COVID-19 crisis.

And when this crisis does pass, and the sports world returns to normal, you will have a major leg up on the rest of the competition.

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WagerHome BlogOffer eSports Wagering With Our Pay Per Head Service While Coronavirus Strikes

Calling all Southwest States: Betting Becomes Easy With our Super Fast Click to Pick in Industry

by WagerHome Blog on February 27, 2020

If you are a bookmaker in the Southwest, you now have even more reason to give pay per head software a try., which offers a free trial of its PPH software for four weeks, also makes betting even easier with its featured click to pick.

Easier betting, means your customers bet more. They bet more, your business grows. And you get all of that by simply joining forces with a pay per head software provider at a nominal fee per customer.

The Ins and Outs of Pay Per Head Software

Bookmakers in the Southwest are looking to work smarter, not harder. Pay per head software allows them to do this by outsourcing the administrative side of their business to trained professionals.

Southwest bookies also get a fully customizable website – coupled with mobile access – and a full complement of sports and betting options. Plus, they get detailed reports on each of their clients so they can better serve their wants and needs.

Add in secure financial transactions, a fully staffed customer support helpline, and the most accurate and up to date odds in the business, and signing up with a pay per head software provider becomes a no brainer.

Advantages of PPH Software for the Bookmaker

If, as a bookmaker, you’re covering a region in the Southwest, chances are your clients want to place a wager at all hours of the day. European soccer, early NBA tip-offs on the East Coast, Aussie rules, and so forth. With PPH, you no longer have to be available 24 hours a day to take those bets because your new website will take them for you.

You no longer have to chase the changing odds of sporting events across the globe because PPH software does that for you. You no longer have to worry about the security of financial transactions because PPH software uses the latest encryption technology.


And if you’ve dreamed of being able to offer your clients access to in-play wagering but were limited because you never had a website robust or flexible enough to handle it, dream no more. PPH software will make in-play wagering a reality, and for less than $10 per customer.

PPH Advantages for the Client

Your clients will get the convenience of total access online wagering. They can access their accounts over their device of choice, and fully participate in all forms of wagering right on their mobile phone. And the odds they play, on any sport and for any type of wager, will be accurate and reflective of the latest player news.

Your customers in the Southwest will get all the benefits of a bigger sportsbook – including secure transactions and a highly trained customer support team – but will not have to sacrifice your personal touch to get it.

You will have a business that offers more but runs cleaner, and your customers will get the first-class service they deserve.

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WagerHome BlogCalling all Southwest States: Betting Becomes Easy With our Super Fast Click to Pick in Industry

Calling All Small Town Locals: Time To Move To A Professional PPH Platform

by WagerHome Blog on February 20, 2020

If you are a bookmaker in a smaller city, you understand the challenges of staying ahead of the game and keeping your head above water. And even if your business has been profitable, you have real concerns that it will remain so.

For these reasons, not only do you need to learn about the benefits of pay per head software, but you also need to explore them and see just how much it can add to your business. Access to a professional platform can make all the difference.

What is PPH Software?

Simply put, pay per head software is a way for you to outsource the administrative side of your bookmaking business while giving your customers access to a professional website, mobile access, and all of the amenities that they can get from placing their bets with one of the larger services.

Bookies get their own website, fully customizable to fit you and your customers’ needs, complete with access to a world of sports and betting options like the NBA or Major League Baseball, and all updated automatically with real-time odds. There are also detailed client reports so you can keep track of what your customers prefer, and those customers get 24-hour access to technical and account support.

PPH Advantages for the Bookmaker

Signing up with a PPH service means that small town bookmakers never have to chase down a client or take a bet in the middle of the night. The odds are constantly moving, but it’s no longer your job to keep track of those movements. And all financial transactions can take place right on the website, any time of day.

Imagine how much it costs to create a website with a platform capable of handling the rigors of constantly changing odds and in-play betting. Imagine the staffing costs of creating a team of qualified customer service agents. Now imagine having all of that, but at a low per customer cost that’s no more than $10 a head.

Now imagine trying it out, risk-free, for four free weeks at

PPH Advantages for the Customer

You’ve been sold on PPH software, but you still need to sell your customers on making the switch.


They will now get the convenience of online wagering. They will get full access to their accounts and in-play wagering on their mobile device. And the odds they put their money on will be accurate and the most up-to-date odds in the business.

Your customers will be wagering with the latest and best technology. Their financial transactions will be secured by the same encryption technology that the big companies use. And if they have any problems, any time of day, they can contact customer service for an immediate solution.

With a business that’s easier to manage, you’ll have more time to do client outreach. And those clients will feel like they are betting with one of the best sports wagering services on the market because they will be.

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WagerHome BlogCalling All Small Town Locals: Time To Move To A Professional PPH Platform

Pay Per Head Affiliates: Refer Agents and Receive Weekly Commissions or Referral Bonuses

by WagerHome Blog on February 13, 2020

There is no better way to improve your bookmaking business than by joining forces with a top pay per head provider. You know this, you’ve taken advantage of it, and now there are even more ways to capitalize on it.

Share the love, and your knowledge of the difference that PPH software makes in your business, and get paid for it.

Refer other agents to, and you can now increase your profits by drawing weekly commissions and other referral bonus offers. They get the four free weeks to try it out, and once they are sold on the advantages of teaming with a PPH software provider, you make money. The ultimate win-win scenario.

Why Pay Per Head Software Is Right For You

If you don’t yet know about the many reasons that pay per head software is a game-changer in the independent bookmaking business, here is just a taste.

You get access to a fast and flexible platform just like the ones the biggest providers in the world use. That then allows you to offer your clients a full range of sports and wagering options, which are all updated with real-time odds and point spreads automatically.

That then lets your clients participate in live wagering, make deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely, and allows you to offer them access to high-quality customer support 24 hours a day.

Never before has the playing field between the mega bookmakers, with their expensive websites and national commercials, and you, the small and independent bookmaker, been so level. And you can get it all for a small fee per client.

Advantages of Pay Per Head Software

With unfettered access to their accounts 24 hours a day, a huge range of sports betting options from the big leagues like the NBA to new leagues like the XFL, and the comfort and confidence that comes with using a financially secure network, your clients will be happy. And a happy client is a loyal client and a client that spreads the word about the services that you provide.

pay per headPay per head software also saves you money. Imagine the expense of trying to create your own website that is dynamic enough to handle the traffic of live wagering and real-time odds.

Then add mobile access to it. Then add quick and secure banking options. Now make sure your clients can easily register their accounts and manage them. And how much money do you suppose it would add to employ a team of customer service agents?

With PPH software, you get all that, and so do your clients.

No more updating odds and point spreads. No more taking calls in the middle of the night from a client who wants to place a wager. No more chasing down payments, or having to pay out winners from your own pocket.

No more headaches. Just time to focus on client outreach, growing your base of customers, and enjoying the time that is now free from tedious administrative duties.

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Affiliates: Refer Agents and Receive Weekly Commissions or Referral Bonuses

More Good News: Custom Profiles Available By Player And Agent With Pay Per Head Software

by WagerHome Blog on February 6, 2020

Pay per head software is the latest technology for today’s bookmaking business. But even inside that tech and the advantages it gives you over your competition, there are improvements being made all the time.

Easy to transfer accounts. Customizable sports, wager types, and amounts. Customer service is becoming more comprehensive and equipped with better technology that serves your clients faster.

And now, fully customizable profiles for you, the agent, and the players that fuel your business are also available.

Pay Per Head Software Is The Great Equalizer

One of the biggest challenges in running your bookmaking business is keeping your clients satisfied with what you can provide. You aren’t one of the big boys, with all of the bells, whistles, and hype. You aren’t famous or have a commercial. You can’t boast millions of users.

But what you can do is provide your clients with the same fast and flexible platform that the big boys use. You can offer them a full menu of sports to wager, with the most up-to-date odds and point spreads.

You can ensure the safety and security of their financial transactions and account. And with custom profiles, you can give your clients the personal touch of your bookmaking business, but with all of the perks listed above.

And the way to make this all happen is by signing up with a pay per head software provider and pay them a small fee per client while paying nothing out of the profits you work so hard for.

At, you can give pay per head software a complete test drive for four free weeks before making any commitments.

Pay Per Head Software Advantages For Bookmakers

The obvious advantage of PPH software is the leg up it gives you in keeping your clients happy. The benefits you provide to them turn around and benefit you with increased loyalty. But that really is just the tip of the benefits iceberg.

pay per head

Imagine the time and money involved in creating web and mobile access that includes wagering, banking, account registration, account management, and customer support. And then that access must be put on a platform fast enough to handle the rigors of live sports wagering, changing odds, in-play wagering, and immediate deposits and withdrawals.

With PPH software, all of that is yours at no extra cost.

Without pay per head software, you have to keep track of news from the NBA, NFL, NHL and any other league, then change the odds of the limited games you’re able to offer. With PPH software, all of that is taken care of for the huge number of games you’re able to offer.

Without pay per head software, clients contact you directly to place wagers. With PPH software, they can place wagers online 24 hours a day, allowing you to go offline and enjoy your life.

Without pay per head software, if there are any problems, they are yours to solve. With PPH software, a trained team of professionals handles all of it on your behalf.

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WagerHome BlogMore Good News: Custom Profiles Available By Player And Agent With Pay Per Head Software

Good News: Changing PPH Software Is Now More Seamless Than Ever

by WagerHome Blog on January 30, 2020

If you currently run your own bookmaking service through pay per head software, you know two very important things. One, your business runs smarter and more efficiently because of PPH software.

And two, if you ever want to change PPH software providers, it can be a real pain for both you and your clients.

And if you’ve never used pay per head software for your bookmaking business, don’t let another week pass by without giving it a try. With PPH, you get to offer your customers a website and mobile app, real-time odds, a full menu of sports and wagering options, 24-hour customer service, and the safety and security of encrypted financial transactions. offers you four free weeks to give it a test drive before you ever have to make a commitment.

Changing Providers

Most of the time when you change pay per head software providers, you have to change everything. As the business owner, you may have no problem navigating the many changes, but to ask your customers to completely change account numbers and log-in information can be a real hassle.

At, each bookmaking agent has its own database, so when you move, the only thing that changes for your clients is the website you direct them to. All player account numbers stay the same.

That’s also another big perk about being with – it doesn’t own your domain name; you do. If you purchase your own website domain, all you need to do is direct it to the servers, and all of the bells and whistles and 2020 technology that comes with that becomes your customers’ to use.

Other PPH software providers give you a domain to use, but they keep ownership of it. And if they own the domain, they treat it like owning you and ultimately owning your business. And eventually, they try to steal your clients.


You worked hard to build this business. Your clients are there because of you and the service you provide. Make sure that stays protected.

Signing Up For PPH

If you haven’t yet signed up with a pay per head software provider, it’s easy, straightforward, and the best way to maximize your profits.

You can’t fund a full and high-speed website, but it’s provided through PPH. You can’t follow every sport and every point spread from around the world, but PPH software will.

You can’t hire a team of trained professionals to handle any technical or account issues your customers might have, but a PPH software provider can and does. You can’t be available to your clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but web and mobile access provided through a pay per head service are always open and ready to take a wager.

With PPH software powering your bookmaking business, you can work smarter, not harder, and instead outsource the daily administrative tasks that get in the way of growing your business and maximizing your profits.

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WagerHome BlogGood News: Changing PPH Software Is Now More Seamless Than Ever

Staying At Top Of Pay Per Head Software Leaders: Make Sure You Have Elite Customer Service

by WagerHome Blog on January 16, 2020

The granddaddy of all sports wagering days, the Super Bowl, is just around the corner. We’re also just two months away from March Madness, then baseball, then The Masters, and then the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The sports calendar always seems packed, but especially at this time of year. And that is why this is the perfect time to take your bookmaking service to the next level by teaming it up with pay per head software.

It’s about giving your customers everything they want and more. And if you log on to, you can get four weeks to try it out, absolutely free, before ever making a commitment.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

Pay per head software allows you to run the bookmaking service you’ve always dreamed of. That fancy website with all the bells and whistles that gives your clients 24-hour access to wagering is yours with PPH software.

The up-to-the-minute changing odds that you struggle to keep up with as you run your service are now done for you with PPH software. Events across the world, and in every sport imaginable, can be wagered by your clients with PPH software.

You need detailed reports on each of your customers to stay on top of betting trends and make sure their needs continue to be met. PPH software also gives you that, and still so much more.

How Your Customers Benefit from Pay Per Head Software

At the end of the day, this business is only about one thing – making your customers happy by giving them the service they expect. What they expect in today’s sports betting age is online and mobile access any time of day they want.

They want flexibility in their service, but also reliability. They want an app that is fast and responsive, deposits and withdrawals that are immediate and secure, and they want to know that the odds and point spreads on which they are betting are reflective of the latest breaking sports news.

With pay per head software, you can give your customers all of these services plus the 24-hour customer support that is only available by joining forces with an experienced partner.

How Bookmakers Benefit From Pay Per Head Software

Making sure your customers are served is definitely the most important thing. But there are also benefits to you, the bookmaker, that are considerable parts of the pay per head advantage.

No more late-night calls from customers clamoring to make a bet. No more chasing odds on sporting events that might not be easily accessible.

And no trying to save up enough money to pay for website building and online hosting while also juggling the financials of day-to-day operations.

As this new year and this busy time on the sports calendar gets started, the time to give your customers what they want, and the help that you so richly deserve, is now.

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WagerHome BlogStaying At Top Of Pay Per Head Software Leaders: Make Sure You Have Elite Customer Service

Looking Ahead: Illinois Bookies, Prepare Yourself For 2020 With Pay Per Head Software

by WagerHome Blog on January 9, 2020

It is an exciting time to be in the sports betting business in Illinois. Legal sports betting has been passed and is expected to be fully operational in 2020.

Current economic forecasts estimate the market could get as high as $5.2 billion in just four years. That would put Illinois on par with Nevada, which is forecast to get $5.5 billion in wagers that same year.

The numbers for Illinois get even better when you consider that nearly four million sports fans in the state say that they would consider placing sports bets once it goes live.

If ever there was a time to upgrade your bookmaking operations or jump into the business as a first-timer, that moment is now. And signing up to use pay per head software is definitely the way to go.

At, you can get four free weeks of service before ever having to make a commitment, giving you plenty of time to find out just how right it is for you.

What is Pay Per Head?

Pay per head software is that fancy and fully functioning website you always wished you had. PPH is a fully customizable sports betting experience that allows you to offer your clients worldwide betting, 24-hour access to wagering, up-to-the-minute odds, and every possible bet type they might want.

PPH software does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on building a client base. It is like outsourcing all of your administrative duties for the cost of a small per head fee.

Why Illinois Customers Will Love It

You may have loyal clients, but the business of bookmaking is changing, and you need to change with it. They want to have unfettered access to their account on a website or mobile app, and the freedom to place bets whenever they like.

Illinois sports betting

When you sign up for a pay per head service, your clients will get that. You will meet their needs, and they will stick with you.

With PPH software, your customers will also get in-play wagering, which can only be done on a platform as fast and responsive as those offered by PPH. They will place bets with the knowledge that they are getting the most accurate odds available in the business.

And they will conduct all financial transactions with the peace of mind that comes with the security offered by advanced software.

Why Illinois Bookmakers Love It

Customer service is handled. Never again will you be responsible when a customer faces a technical glitch.

You will also get full client reports that let you know who is betting what and when, so you can better tailor your offerings to the needs and wants of your clients. Constantly updating odds, being available to take bets, and chasing down money will be a thing of the past with PPH software.

There are lots of changes coming to Illinois sports betting in 2020. Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve.

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WagerHome BlogLooking Ahead: Illinois Bookies, Prepare Yourself For 2020 With Pay Per Head Software

Heads Up New Hampshire Bookies: Using PPH Software Will Elevate Your Business

by WagerHome Blog on January 2, 2020

The New Year is here, and so are the NFL playoffs. The NBA and NHL are in full throat, and before you know it, we’ll have March Madness and the Major League Baseball season.

The sports calendar is as full as it ever gets, which makes it the perfect time to explore the option of adding pay per head software to your bookmaking services.

You already know how competitive things are getting in New Hampshire. It’s time to give yourself an edge over the competition.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

If you’ve ever looked at a big sportsbook’s website with envy, wishing that you could offer your clients a customizable sports betting experience with worldwide betting options, shifting odds in real-time, and 24-hour access to bet making, you don’t have to just look.

This is exactly what your clients get when you run your business through pay per head software.

PPH software lets you work smarter, not harder, as it takes care of all your administrative needs. For just a small fee per client, you get detailed reports on each of your clients, and your clients get access to a customer support team.

How New Hampshire Customers Benefit From PPH

In this day and age, it’s unreasonable to expect your loyal clients to do without the convenience of online sports betting. They want 24-hour access to a website and the flexibility of mobile betting on a highly responsive app.

new hampshireWhen you sign up with a PPH service, you can give them all that. You can give them what they want, and what it takes to keep them as loyal and satisfied customers.

Sports news breaks and odds change with it. A pay per head service gives New Hampshire sports bettors access to those always changing odds and point spreads, and gives them the knowledge that they are betting with the latest line.

They’ll also get in-play wagering, which can only be done with the kind of technology that PPH software offers.

How New Hampshire Bookies Benefit from PPH

If you are a bookmaker who is tired of giving out your phone number and taking calls at all hours, signing up with a PPH service is for you. If you are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the odds and all the changing point spreads, signing up with a PPH service is for you.

And if you’ve ever crunched the numbers on the total expense of investing in a website that gives your clients access to deposits and withdrawals and a full menu of betting options, then signing up with a PPH service is for you.

And if you want to test drive pay per head software for up to four weeks free before having to make any financial commitments, then signing up with just might be for you.

With pay per head software powering your New Hampshire-based bookmaking service, your customers get a top-of-the-line sports betting experience, while you can focus on expanding your client base and making 2020 your best year yet.

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WagerHome BlogHeads Up New Hampshire Bookies: Using PPH Software Will Elevate Your Business

Calling Colorado Bookies: Using Pay Per Head Software Will Jump Start Your Business In 2020

by WagerHome Blog on December 26, 2019

If you are a bookmaker in Colorado, you know about the substantial change in attitudes that happened this year, as sports betting is now legal in Colorado. You also know how profitable your business has been, and perhaps you’re a little worried about how profitable it will remain.

And that is precisely why you need to explore the option of signing up for pay per head software. Colorado sports bettors are going to have more options going forward, and you need to make sure you will stay competitive.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

In simple terms, pay per head software allows you to outsource the administrative side of your bookmaking business while giving your customers the access and amenities that they expect from sports betting in today’s modern age.

Bookies get a fully customizable website and access to a full slate of betting options and real-time odds, and your clients can place bets 24 hours a day, and on sporting events across the globe. You get detailed client reports, while clients get customer support. And all for just a small fee per person.

PPH Advantages For The Bookmaker

Joining forces with a PPH service means that Colorado bookmakers never have to take a phone call in the middle of the night. There aren’t shifting odds that the bookie needs to keep track of to keep their customers happy. Deposits and withdrawals can be made directly on their new website.

Think of the cost associated with creating a sports betting website dynamic enough to handle in-play betting, instantaneous financial transactions, and staffed with a team of customer support professionals. Now think of how great it would be to have all that, but for no more than $10 per customer.

That is what you get with pay per head software, which you can try out free at for four weeks, and without any contracts or commitments.

PPH Advantages For The Customer

The reasons are clear why it’s a good investment for you. But for your customers, there is also an obvious benefit. They want the convenience of online betting.

They will, if they haven’t already, pine for the flexibility that comes with mobile betting. With pay per head software fueling your business, you can give all of this to them, and more. And happy customers make more frequent customers.

In this world of fast-changing information, sports odds and point spreads are constantly changing. Your customers will get to take advantage of that.

They’ll have access to the technology that makes live wagering such an exciting way to bet sports. And they can make all of their financial transactions knowing that their information is protected by encryption technology.

Your business becomes easier to manage, leaving you with more time to increase your client base. Your customers feel like they are betting with a top-of-the-line sports wagering service because they are. And you will be primed to make 2020 your best year yet since you opened your bookmaking business.

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WagerHome BlogCalling Colorado Bookies: Using Pay Per Head Software Will Jump Start Your Business In 2020