More Good News: Custom Profiles Available By Player And Agent With Pay Per Head Software

by WagerHome Blog on February 6, 2020

Pay per head software is the latest technology for today’s bookmaking business. But even inside that tech and the advantages it gives you over your competition, there are improvements being made all the time.

Easy to transfer accounts. Customizable sports, wager types, and amounts. Customer service is becoming more comprehensive and equipped with better technology that serves your clients faster.

And now, fully customizable profiles for you, the agent, and the players that fuel your business are also available.

Pay Per Head Software Is The Great Equalizer

One of the biggest challenges in running your bookmaking business is keeping your clients satisfied with what you can provide. You aren’t one of the big boys, with all of the bells, whistles, and hype. You aren’t famous or have a commercial. You can’t boast millions of users.

But what you can do is provide your clients with the same fast and flexible platform that the big boys use. You can offer them a full menu of sports to wager, with the most up-to-date odds and point spreads.

You can ensure the safety and security of their financial transactions and account. And with custom profiles, you can give your clients the personal touch of your bookmaking business, but with all of the perks listed above.

And the way to make this all happen is by signing up with a pay per head software provider and pay them a small fee per client while paying nothing out of the profits you work so hard for.

At, you can give pay per head software a complete test drive for four free weeks before making any commitments.

Pay Per Head Software Advantages For Bookmakers

The obvious advantage of PPH software is the leg up it gives you in keeping your clients happy. The benefits you provide to them turn around and benefit you with increased loyalty. But that really is just the tip of the benefits iceberg.

pay per head

Imagine the time and money involved in creating web and mobile access that includes wagering, banking, account registration, account management, and customer support. And then that access must be put on a platform fast enough to handle the rigors of live sports wagering, changing odds, in-play wagering, and immediate deposits and withdrawals.

With PPH software, all of that is yours at no extra cost.

Without pay per head software, you have to keep track of news from the NBA, NFL, NHL and any other league, then change the odds of the limited games you’re able to offer. With PPH software, all of that is taken care of for the huge number of games you’re able to offer.

Without pay per head software, clients contact you directly to place wagers. With PPH software, they can place wagers online 24 hours a day, allowing you to go offline and enjoy your life.

Without pay per head software, if there are any problems, they are yours to solve. With PPH software, a trained team of professionals handles all of it on your behalf.

WagerHome BlogMore Good News: Custom Profiles Available By Player And Agent With Pay Per Head Software

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