Pay Per Head Affiliates: Refer Agents and Receive Weekly Commissions or Referral Bonuses

by WagerHome Blog on February 13, 2020

There is no better way to improve your bookmaking business than by joining forces with a top pay per head provider. You know this, you’ve taken advantage of it, and now there are even more ways to capitalize on it.

Share the love, and your knowledge of the difference that PPH software makes in your business, and get paid for it.

Refer other agents to, and you can now increase your profits by drawing weekly commissions and other referral bonus offers. They get the four free weeks to try it out, and once they are sold on the advantages of teaming with a PPH software provider, you make money. The ultimate win-win scenario.

Why Pay Per Head Software Is Right For You

If you don’t yet know about the many reasons that pay per head software is a game-changer in the independent bookmaking business, here is just a taste.

You get access to a fast and flexible platform just like the ones the biggest providers in the world use. That then allows you to offer your clients a full range of sports and wagering options, which are all updated with real-time odds and point spreads automatically.

That then lets your clients participate in live wagering, make deposits and withdrawals quickly and securely, and allows you to offer them access to high-quality customer support 24 hours a day.

Never before has the playing field between the mega bookmakers, with their expensive websites and national commercials, and you, the small and independent bookmaker, been so level. And you can get it all for a small fee per client.

Advantages of Pay Per Head Software

With unfettered access to their accounts 24 hours a day, a huge range of sports betting options from the big leagues like the NBA to new leagues like the XFL, and the comfort and confidence that comes with using a financially secure network, your clients will be happy. And a happy client is a loyal client and a client that spreads the word about the services that you provide.

pay per headPay per head software also saves you money. Imagine the expense of trying to create your own website that is dynamic enough to handle the traffic of live wagering and real-time odds.

Then add mobile access to it. Then add quick and secure banking options. Now make sure your clients can easily register their accounts and manage them. And how much money do you suppose it would add to employ a team of customer service agents?

With PPH software, you get all that, and so do your clients.

No more updating odds and point spreads. No more taking calls in the middle of the night from a client who wants to place a wager. No more chasing down payments, or having to pay out winners from your own pocket.

No more headaches. Just time to focus on client outreach, growing your base of customers, and enjoying the time that is now free from tedious administrative duties.

WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Affiliates: Refer Agents and Receive Weekly Commissions or Referral Bonuses

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