Calling all Southwest States: Betting Becomes Easy With our Super Fast Click to Pick in Industry

by WagerHome Blog on February 27, 2020

If you are a bookmaker in the Southwest, you now have even more reason to give pay per head software a try., which offers a free trial of its PPH software for four weeks, also makes betting even easier with its featured click to pick.

Easier betting, means your customers bet more. They bet more, your business grows. And you get all of that by simply joining forces with a pay per head software provider at a nominal fee per customer.

The Ins and Outs of Pay Per Head Software

Bookmakers in the Southwest are looking to work smarter, not harder. Pay per head software allows them to do this by outsourcing the administrative side of their business to trained professionals.

Southwest bookies also get a fully customizable website – coupled with mobile access – and a full complement of sports and betting options. Plus, they get detailed reports on each of their clients so they can better serve their wants and needs.

Add in secure financial transactions, a fully staffed customer support helpline, and the most accurate and up to date odds in the business, and signing up with a pay per head software provider becomes a no brainer.

Advantages of PPH Software for the Bookmaker

If, as a bookmaker, you’re covering a region in the Southwest, chances are your clients want to place a wager at all hours of the day. European soccer, early NBA tip-offs on the East Coast, Aussie rules, and so forth. With PPH, you no longer have to be available 24 hours a day to take those bets because your new website will take them for you.

You no longer have to chase the changing odds of sporting events across the globe because PPH software does that for you. You no longer have to worry about the security of financial transactions because PPH software uses the latest encryption technology.


And if you’ve dreamed of being able to offer your clients access to in-play wagering but were limited because you never had a website robust or flexible enough to handle it, dream no more. PPH software will make in-play wagering a reality, and for less than $10 per customer.

PPH Advantages for the Client

Your clients will get the convenience of total access online wagering. They can access their accounts over their device of choice, and fully participate in all forms of wagering right on their mobile phone. And the odds they play, on any sport and for any type of wager, will be accurate and reflective of the latest player news.

Your customers in the Southwest will get all the benefits of a bigger sportsbook – including secure transactions and a highly trained customer support team – but will not have to sacrifice your personal touch to get it.

You will have a business that offers more but runs cleaner, and your customers will get the first-class service they deserve.

WagerHome BlogCalling all Southwest States: Betting Becomes Easy With our Super Fast Click to Pick in Industry

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