Calling All Small Town Locals: Time To Move To A Professional PPH Platform

by WagerHome Blog on February 20, 2020

If you are a bookmaker in a smaller city, you understand the challenges of staying ahead of the game and keeping your head above water. And even if your business has been profitable, you have real concerns that it will remain so.

For these reasons, not only do you need to learn about the benefits of pay per head software, but you also need to explore them and see just how much it can add to your business. Access to a professional platform can make all the difference.

What is PPH Software?

Simply put, pay per head software is a way for you to outsource the administrative side of your bookmaking business while giving your customers access to a professional website, mobile access, and all of the amenities that they can get from placing their bets with one of the larger services.

Bookies get their own website, fully customizable to fit you and your customers’ needs, complete with access to a world of sports and betting options like the NBA or Major League Baseball, and all updated automatically with real-time odds. There are also detailed client reports so you can keep track of what your customers prefer, and those customers get 24-hour access to technical and account support.

PPH Advantages for the Bookmaker

Signing up with a PPH service means that small town bookmakers never have to chase down a client or take a bet in the middle of the night. The odds are constantly moving, but it’s no longer your job to keep track of those movements. And all financial transactions can take place right on the website, any time of day.

Imagine how much it costs to create a website with a platform capable of handling the rigors of constantly changing odds and in-play betting. Imagine the staffing costs of creating a team of qualified customer service agents. Now imagine having all of that, but at a low per customer cost that’s no more than $10 a head.

Now imagine trying it out, risk-free, for four free weeks at

PPH Advantages for the Customer

You’ve been sold on PPH software, but you still need to sell your customers on making the switch.


They will now get the convenience of online wagering. They will get full access to their accounts and in-play wagering on their mobile device. And the odds they put their money on will be accurate and the most up-to-date odds in the business.

Your customers will be wagering with the latest and best technology. Their financial transactions will be secured by the same encryption technology that the big companies use. And if they have any problems, any time of day, they can contact customer service for an immediate solution.

With a business that’s easier to manage, you’ll have more time to do client outreach. And those clients will feel like they are betting with one of the best sports wagering services on the market because they will be.

WagerHome BlogCalling All Small Town Locals: Time To Move To A Professional PPH Platform

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