NFL Conference Championship Weekend Action

by WagerHome Blog on January 26, 2024

It’s conference championship weekend in the NFL Playoffs, and many would argue that this day is better than the Super Bowl action. The AFC Championship Game will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens, and the Detroit Lions will take on the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game. 

The NFL continues to be the best betting opportunity out there, and you are probably considering making some wagers this weekend. Instead of just making bets yourself, it would be a wise move to start accepting the bets. 

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Here is a look at before discussing two of the biggest NFL games of the year. 

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Two Huge Games

The AFC Championship Game is the first to be played on Sunday, and it features a pair of extremely successful franchises. The Ravens are coming into this game as a 3.5-point betting favorite, but it’s never wise to bet against Patrick Mahomes. 

Kansas City is now in their sixth straight AFC Championship Game, and Mahomes always seems to show up when his team needs it the most. Winning in Baltimore is never easy for any opponent, but the Chiefs are going to keep this game close at least. 

It would be wise to take the 3.5-points if you plan to bet on the AFC Championship Game. This is a matchup that would drive plenty of action to your PPH site. 

The San Francisco 49ers are big 7.0 point betting favorites over the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship Game, and that line does make sense. For as great as Detroit has been this season, they have also had some games where they just failed to show up. 

Jared Goff and the Lions have had a magical season, but they are going to struggle in this one. San Francisco simply has one of the best defenses in the league, and they are a team that is a nightmare to deal with when they have the lead. 

The 49ers should roll to the Super Bowl, and you will want to have your PPH site up and running before that big game. 

WagerHome BlogNFL Conference Championship Weekend Action

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