Auburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction – Jan 24, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on January 24, 2024

The college basketball season is really starting to heat up, and there are a number of big games on the schedule on Wednesday night. One of those big games will come from the SEC as the Auburn Tigers are set to visit the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

While this rivalry game doesn’t have as much hype on the court as it does the football field, this is still a game that both teams want to win. This is also a reflection of just how great college basketball has gotten, and why it is one of the top betting options. 

This game is going to have a big impact on the standings in the SEC this season, but it can also impact you personally. Setting up a PayPerHead site is now a possibility for everyone, and you can actually accept bets on this game. 

Here is a look at this rivalry matchup, and a brief introduction as to how you can get your own site ready to go. 

Alabama Needs a Win

Home court advantage always seems to mean a little bit extra in conference games, and the Crimson Tide hope that is true on Wednesday night. Alabama is coming into this game with a record of 12-6, but they are in need of a signature win. 

Auburn will be coming into this game having won 11 straight games, and they are right at the top of the SEC Conference. This Tigers team is trying to improve its seed in the NCAA Tournament, and a win on Wednesday night would do just that. 

Both of these teams love to score the basketball, and this game could end up in the 80s. Auburn is scoring 83.7 points per game this season, while Alabama has actually been better than that at 89.2 points per game. 

With so many great offensive players on the floor in this game, you should expect to see a big offensive performance from each team. Auburn has been the much better defensive team this season, but it’s hard to set the tone on the road. 

For as good as Auburn has been this season, there is a reason that Alabama is going to be favored in this one. You can bet on this game and take the home team, or you could accept bets and win money that way. 

WagerHome is Your Friend

It is possible to set up your own PayPerHead site without any help, but you might end up being extremely frustrated throughout the process. Instead of trying to do it all alone, it’s a better idea to use throughout the process. 

Not only will WagerHome provide guidance when you are setting up your PPH site, but they will also stay with your throughout the entire process. If you ever run into issues then is going to help you navigate through those issues. 

Stop betting on college basketball and get your PPH site set up right now. March is coming and it won’t be hard to get bettors to your site.

WagerHome BlogAuburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction – Jan 24, 2024

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