Three Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 4

by WagerHome Blog on September 30, 2021

Washington Football Team (-1) at Atlanta Falcons

This may not be the most desirable game to watch. Washington is starting Taylor Heinicke at quarterback, and they just got hammered by Buffalo. Atlanta is coming off a win, but against the Giants, it hardly qualifies as a turning point in the season.

The Falcons did cover the spread with their three-point win in New York, but in their previous two games, they missed the cover by 31.5 and 10 points. That’s not close to good. Washington has been equally bad against the spread, but they’ve actually played good teams, and they came close to beating the Chargers.

WFT has a better team, better running game, and much better defense. Look for them to win on the road by at least three points.

Tennessee Titans (-7.5) at New York Jets

The Jets have scored a grand total of 20 points in three games. The Titans scored 21 in the second half of their comeback win at Seattle.

NFL Bets

Sep 26, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (2) prepares to pass in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans’ defense is not good, and it’s unlikely the Jets will be shut out again. In fact, they could double their season points in this one game. But Derrick Henry is back, and Tennessee is getting Julio Jones more involved each week.

There is simply no reason to think the Jets will cover the spread this week, or maybe any week this season. They are that bad, and Tennessee seems to have fully righted the ship after their rocky start.

The Titans win this one on the road by at least 10 points.

Bonus bet: Over 46

The Jets will have their highest-scoring day of the season but still, lose by double-digits. That pushes this game over 46 total points.

Baltimore Ravens (+1.5) at Denver Broncos

The Broncos are 3-0 on the season and 3-0 against the spread, but they’ve also played teams that are a combined 0-9 on the season and just 1-8 against the spread. Denver is good, but we have really no idea if they are undefeated good. Probably not.

In come the Ravens, fresh off another last-second victory. This team has been tested in all three games this season, and in the last two, they emerged victorious. And that is without any of the running backs they were relying on in the preseason to carry the load this season.

As a team used to winning, Baltimore knows how to finish close games, and they will win this game outright in Denver. Take the Ravens and the points.

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WagerHome BlogThree Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 4

Three Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 3

by WagerHome Blog on September 21, 2021

Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns (-7.5)


With Andy Dalton nursing a bone bruise on his knee, everyone in Chicago is getting ready for the first NFL start for Justin Fields. He came in last Sunday against the Bengals and showed everyone why he has so much potential and why he might not be ready.


Late in the fourth quarter, a terrible Fields interception allowed the Bengals to stay in the game. But on the next series, an excellent Fields scramble for 10 yards picked up the first down and helped seal the win.


He gets the Browns to pass rush in his first-ever start. On the one hand, you like having a mobile quarterback against players like Myles Garrett. On the other hand, Cleveland’s defense is good, Fields is raw, and there will be multiple rookie mistakes. That’s why the Browns win this game by 10 points and cover the spread.


Arizona Cardinals (-7) at Jacksonville Jaguars



It’s the battle of No. 1 picks, as 2019 top pick Kyler Murray leads the Cardinals against 2021 top pick Trevor Lawrence and his Jacksonville Jaguars.


He’s only made two NFL starts, but this is his team. Mainly because he is the only thing worth getting excited about in Jacksonville. The Jags are not a good football team, and the Cardinals should put up another huge day offensively. They scored 38 against Tennessee, 34 against Minnesota, and they will get into the mid-30s again against the Jaguars.


Murray looks like an MVP candidate, Lawrence looks like a rookie, and Arizona easily covers this spread.


Green Bay Packers (+3.5) at San Francisco 49ers 


After Week 1 we weren’t sure if the Packers would win a game this season. After Week 2 it looks like Aaron Rodgers wants another MVP award. So which team shows up for Week 3?


The Packers are much closer to the team that annihilated Detroit in the second half on Monday. Rodgers was Rodgers, throwing four touchdown passes, and Aaron Jones was electric, catching three of those touchdowns and running for a fourth.


San Francisco held on for dear life to beat those same Lions in Week 1, then methodically took care of business against the Eagles in Week 2. They haven’t shown the ability to keep up with Green Bay if the Packers are on.


The Packers will be on, and Sunday night in San Francisco, they will win in a mild upset.


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WagerHome BlogThree Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 3

NFL Week 1 Best Bets of the Weekend

by WagerHome Blog on September 7, 2021

Christmas in September is finally here! It’s Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, and our long seven-month hiatus from meaningful pro football, and pro football betting, is over.

Los Angeles Chargers (-1) at Washington Football Team

We know that the defense of the Washington Football Team will be great, and we know that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be serviceable as their quarterback. The greater unknowns are with the Los Angeles Chargers, who start a quarterback coming off a stellar rookie season.

Justin Herbert’s record-setting campaign was no fluke. He’s the real deal. And even facing a great defense like WFT’s, he’ll move the ball better than Fitzpatrick, who is also facing a good defense. And more importantly for LA, a healthy defense.

Give the one point and take the Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.5) at Buffalo Bills

As we saw last season, a healthy and rested Ben Roethlisberger is still a good quarterback. It’s when he becomes bruised and battered and tired that the Pittsburgh Steelers become a pedestrian team barely limping into the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are great, but in Week 1, they aren’t a touchdown better than Pittsburgh. If this was a December game, maybe we take Buffalo as 6.5-point favorites. But in Week 1, trust head coach Mike Tomlin and Roethlisberger to keep this game competitive.

Take the points.

NFL Week 1 Betting Preview: Steelers currently 6.5-point underdogs - Behind  the Steel Curtain

Christmas in September is finally here! It’s Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, and our long seven-month hiatus from meaningful pro football, and pro football betting, is finally over.

Denver Broncos (-2.5) at New York Giants

Even if he does play, Saquon Barkley will be limited. And even though the New York Giants have added Kenny Golladay and rookie Kadarius Toney to their wide receiver’s room, the Denver Broncos counter with one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

This Denver defense will suffocate the New York offense, holding them to fewer than 20 points. Meanwhile, new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will also find the going tough, but he won’t make any mistakes, and that puts the Broncos in the win column by at least three points.

With more weapons than New York and a better defense, lay the points and take the Broncos.

Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders (+4.5)

A couple of weeks ago, you would have taken the Baltimore Ravens in an offensive rout. But with mounting injuries, the Baltimore offense will not be nearly as good as first thought.

This is a run-first team, now without two of its top-three running backs, including star in the making J.K. Dobbins. But with the need to move to a more passing offense because of those injuries, they are also missing wide receivers Miles Boykin and first-round draft pick Rashod Bateman.

It’s the first game with fans in Vegas, and the Las Vegas Raiders get a snake-bitten Ravens team. Take the points.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Week 1 Best Bets of the Weekend

Use PPH Services for NFL Season; Deal with Fantastic Customer Service

by WagerHome Blog on August 26, 2021

The 2021 NFL season is just a few weeks away, and the sports betting industry is going to take off once again. Sports betting tends to slow down during the “Dog Days of Summer,” but the Fall season and football get things back on track.

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There is some serious money to be made by creating your very own Pay Per Head site, but the biggest money will be made during the NFL season. You don’t have much time to waste, though, as the games are set to begin on Thursday, September 9th.

If you are someone that gets tired of seeing unfavorable odds listed at the sportsbook of your choosing, then you can be the one that is setting those odds. You don’t need to spend months or years trying to establish your own sportsbook, and creating your own Pay Per Head site is something that can be set up in a matter of days.

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Understanding that now is the perfect time to offer Pay Per Head services is an important realization, but choosing is an even better idea. Simply sign up for an account today, and you can be taking bets before the 2021 NFL season opener.

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WagerHome BlogUse PPH Services for NFL Season; Deal with Fantastic Customer Service

There’s No Time Like NFL Time to Switch to Better Software and Service

by WagerHome Blog on August 3, 2021

Not only is the best time for sports right around the corner, where football season meets baseball season meets the beginning of basketball and hockey seasons. It’s also the very best time to be an independent bookmaker that takes a steady diet of NFL bets.

More than $100 billion was wagered last year on NFL games, and that is expected to rise even further in 2021. Independent bookmakers are still getting their cut of that, but as almost all sports gambling heads online, traditional bookies are losing their clients.

The easiest and most effective way to tackle those losses is by becoming partners with a top pay per head software provider like

What is Pay Per Head?

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The business remains yours. You are the boss. But with a PPH software provider handling the betting odds, the bookkeeping, and most time-consuming, the actual recording of wagers.

NFL doubles fees for TV rights; Amazon gets exclusive games - Los Angeles  Times

Football season meets baseball season meets the beginning of basketball and hockey seasons is the very best time to be an independent bookmaker for NFL bets.

The Advantages to You

Almost all wagers in 2021 are done online, but maintaining your own website is both expensive and time-consuming. Without an expensive webmaster and hosting service, independent bookmaking is nearly impossible to do. gives you your very own sports betting website that is completely customizable. And unlike some other PPH sites, gives you the site. It’s not loaned out to you, with WagerHome owning the rights. It’s yours, and yours alone. And at no additional cost to the small per-head fee, you’re already paying.

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Customer support, covered. Technical support, covered. Handling the money that comes in and goes out, covered.

The Advantages to Your Clients

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The NFL lines provided by WagerHome are dynamic and always reflect the latest changes in odds across the board. Plus, beyond NFL betting, offers a huge menu of sports and betting options, including EZ live betting for NFL games and a host of other sports.

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WagerHome BlogThere’s No Time Like NFL Time to Switch to Better Software and Service

NFL Draft 2021: What to Expect in the First Round

by WagerHome Blog on April 27, 2021

A strange, shortened, and, in some cases, absent college football season makes this year’s NFL Draft one of the most unpredictable in recent memory. There was no combine, and only scattered player pro days and limited face-to-face interviews. Will teams be willing to take risks or go with the tried and true?

Hard to say exactly, but this is our best guess as to the headlines that will be made during Thursday night’s first round.

It’s a Quarterback’s League

If you don’t have a franchise quarterback, you don’t have a shot at the Super Bowl. That is the reality of the NFL, and that is why it is a certainty that the top three picks will be rookie signal-callers.

Trevor Lawrence goes No. 1 to the Jaguars, Zach Wilson goes to the Jets at No. 2, but who do the 49ers take at No. 3? It will be a quarterback, and if it’s Mac Jones, don’t be surprised if there are a number of teams on the phone with the Falcons trying to move up to No. 4 for Trey Lance or Justin Fields.

The Broncos are sitting at No. 9, and if the quarterback they covet is still on the board at No. 4, the Falcons could get a haul of picks from Denver. The Bears, or even the Patriots, might also have an eye on moving up for one of the top quarterbacks.

Teams Moving Up

The Ravens have their quarterback, but they also have a lot of picks. Ten picks to be exact, including two first-rounders, two thirds, and two fourths. Look for Baltimore to package its picks and move up to grab one of the best wide receivers on the board.

The Chargers have nine total picks, including No. 13 in the first round. If there is an opportunity to grab a top offensive tackle or tight end Kyle Pitts, don’t be surprised if Los Angeles makes a move. It wants to surround Justin Herbert with as much offensive talent as possible.

The Miami Dolphins

With confidence in second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and holding first-round picks at Nos. 6 and 18, the Dolphins get a section all to themselves. Look for them to use the sixth pick on LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, then make a big trade with someone for the No. 18 pick.

nfl draft

They have lots of draft capital and could move up, down, or into more picks for the future. Whatever Miami ultimately decides to do, when the first-round grades are given out, look for it to score quite high.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Draft 2021: What to Expect in the First Round

NFL Wild Card Weekend Best Bets

by WagerHome Blog on January 5, 2021

The NFL Wild Card Weekend was already one of the best on the betting calendar. But with the new super-sized playoff field, we are getting six of the best games of the season instead of just four.

If ever there was a weekend made for a pay per head software partnership, this is it. If you are an independent bookmaker, don’t leave money on the table. Make the first big weekend of 2021 your best haul yet.

Saturday’s Top Game – Rams at Seahawks

There are three games on Saturday, including Colts at Bills (-6.5) and Buccaneers (-8.5) at Washington. But the best matchup of the day is the Los Angeles Rams visiting the Seattle Seahawks (-4.5).

For the first half of the season, Seattle’s offense was one of the best in the NFL, and Russell Wilson was making a serious run at his first MVP award. The problem was the Seahawks defense, which was a sieve.

The script flipped in the final eight games. Wilson was held to less than 200 yards three times, while Jamal Adams turned the Seattle defense into a solid asset. However, Adams is now hurt, and his status for Saturday is in doubt.

We all know about the Rams defense and Aaron Donald. The question mark is quarterback Jared Goff, who missed Week 17 after breaking his thumb.

The plan is to have Goff back by Saturday, which could be key. When the Rams beat the Seahawks back in November, he paced the victory with 302 yards passing. In that game, Wilson threw two interceptions and was sacked six times.

Sunday’s Top Game – Titans at Ravens

There are three more games on Sunday, including the Saints (-10.5) hosting the Bears and the Browns breaking their long playoff drought with a trip to Pittsburgh (-4.5). But the early game on Sunday is the Ravens (-3.5) at Tennessee, and it has classic written all over it.

NFL Wild Card Weekend

The Ravens are the best running team in the NFL and just had 404 yards on the ground against Cincinnati. But on the other sideline, you have the best running back in the league in Derrick Henry, who just became the eighth player in NFL history to top 2,000 yards rushing in a single season.

Baltimore was the top seed a year ago, Lamar Jackson was the MVP, and none of that mattered to Tennessee. It was the Titans winning in the postseason and advancing to the AFC Championship Game. And in the much-anticipated rematch in November, again Tennessee prevailed with a 29-yard Henry touchdown in overtime.

This feels like a final-possession-winning-drive type of game.

Pay Per Head Software

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WagerHome BlogNFL Wild Card Weekend Best Bets

Christmas Day Opens Door for Nice Multiple Sports Parlay

by WagerHome Blog on December 24, 2020

If you are an independent bookmaker or just someone who has thought about opening your own bookmaking shop, you already know about the NBA showcase on Christmas Day. It’s the biggest day on pro basketball’s regular-season television calendar.

But with Christmas falling on a Friday this year – which is close enough to the weekend for the NFL to jump on board – we’re getting two professional sports on one big day. Add in a college bowl game and three college basketball games involving Top 25 teams, and it’s a sports betting Christmas Miracle.

NBA Lineup

From right after you open the presents under your tree to right before you go to bed, there are five of the best NBA matchups of the season to watch and wager.

  • New Orleans Pelicans Miami at Heat (-5)
  • Golden State Warriors at Milwaukee Bucks (-8)
  • Brooklyn Nets (-1) at Boston Celtics
  • Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers (-6)
  • LA Clippers at Denver Nuggets (Pick)

The day starts with last season’s Eastern Conference champion, the Heat, hosting Lonzo Ball, Zion Williamson, and the New Orleans Pelicans. Next, the favorite to win the East this season, the Milwaukee Bucks, host a returning Stephen Curry and the Warriors.

Then, the Celtics, a conference finalist a season ago, host the Nets, who are led by a now-healthy Kevin Durant.

In the Western Conference, the defending NBA champion Lakers continue the defense of their title against the Mavericks. The two biggest challengers to the Lakers, the Clippers and Nuggets, finish off the night in Denver.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints

New Orleans sports fans have a full day, starting with the Pelicans and ending with the Saints and their effort to stay as the NFC’s second seed. The Saints are seven-point favorites over the sliding Minnesota Vikings, who see their Wild Card hopes on life support.

christmas dayIt’s the second game for Drew Brees since he came back from broken ribs, and it will be the second game since Michael Thomas was placed on injured reserve. The rushing title is Derrick Henry’s to lose, but the Vikings’ Dalvin Cook leads the NFL in total yards from scrimmage and is on pace to break 2,100 yards.

College Sports Schedule

Adding to the mix of great Christmas Day professional sports is the Camellia Bowl in Montgomery, Ala. Both Marshall and Buffalo began the season with long winning streaks but head into their bowl matchup after each taking a loss. Buffalo is favored by 3.5 points, and the over/under is 53.5.

College basketball has four Big Ten games on its schedule, including three games involving ranked teams.

  • No. 9 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan State
  • No. 19 Michigan at Nebraska
  • No. 4 Iowa at Minnesota

Pay Per Head Software

It’s not too late to get a pay per head partner to help you make the most of Christmas Day parlay action. With PPH powering your bookmaking business, you get a fully customizable website, automated odds, 24/7 customer support, and detailed reports on each of your clients.

Get a demo today at and sign up now for a free four-week trial.

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WagerHome BlogChristmas Day Opens Door for Nice Multiple Sports Parlay

Updated NFL Playoff Picture After Week 13

by WagerHome Blog on December 8, 2020

It’s December in the NFL, which means that we are officially in the final quarter of the season. And that means it’s time to check in on the current NFL playoff picture and see who’s in, who’s out, and who is still in the hunt.

NFC Division Leaders

  • NFC South – New Orleans (10-2)
  • NFC North – Green Bay (9-3)
  • NFC West – Los Angeles Rams (8-4)
  • NFC East – New York Giants (5-7)

New Orleans has a three-game lead in the NFC South and is clearly in command of the division. They’re also on top of the conference thanks to a nine-game winning streak.

The Saints still have a game against the Kansas City Chiefs, and if they slip, the Packers own the head-to-head tiebreaker.

The NFC East has been a punchline all season, but the Giants now have four straight wins and are in position to host a playoff game.

NFC Wild Card

  • Seattle (fifth seed)
  • Tampa Bay (sixth seed)
  • Minnesota (seventh seed)

Seattle is actually tied with the Rams but is relegated to the Wild Card because of a tiebreaker. But the NFC West is far from settled.

Although winning the division sets up a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the top Wild Card will play the NFC East champion. So losing the division does come with perks.

Arizona is currently tied with Minnesota for the seventh seed but drops out of the playoffs because of a tiebreaker. However, the Vikings still play the Buccaneers and Saints, giving the Cardinals the easier schedule down the stretch.

Amazingly, as we enter Week 14, not a single NFC team has been eliminated from playoff contention.

AFC Division Leaders

  • AFC North – Pittsburgh (11-1)
  • AFC West – Kansas City (11-1)
  • AFC East – Buffalo (9-3)
  • AFC South – Tennessee (8-4)

The top seed is down to two teams – Pittsburgh and Kansas City. The Chiefs can only catch the Steelers if Pittsburgh loses a game inside the AFC.

Losing to Washington on Monday did not hurt the Steelers too badly. Kansas City has two difficult games remaining, with trips to Miami and New Orleans. The Steelers still have to play the Bills, Browns, and Colts.

nfl playoff picture

AFC Wild Card

  • Cleveland (fifth seed)
  • Miami (sixth seed)
  • Indianapolis (seventh seed)

Before the season ends, we can expect to see a number of moves among the Wild Card teams. Both Miami and Indianapolis are in range of winning their divisions, but be sure to circle Week 17 on your calendar.

The Bills and Dolphins play in the final week of the season, possibly to decide who wins the division and who settles for the Wild Card.

The Chargers, Bengals, Jaguars, and Jets have all been eliminated from playoff contention.

Pay Per Head Software

If you are an independent bookmaker who thrives on NFL betting, don’t wait to make a partnership with a pay per head software provider. At, you get four free weeks to try it out, taking you right up to the start of the NFL playoffs.

You get a customizable website, automatic odds a wide variety of worldwide sports, and your clients get access to’s 24/7 online casino. See an online demo today.

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WagerHome BlogUpdated NFL Playoff Picture After Week 13

Top Three NFL Bets for Week 8

by WagerHome Blog on October 29, 2020

Week 7 in the NFL saw some amazing finishes, like the Arizona Cardinals coming back to beat Seattle in overtime, handing the Seahawks their first loss. And the Titans missing a late field goal against the unbeaten Steelers to suffer their first loss.

And how about a missed extra-point attempt at the end of the Browns-Bengals game that didn’t change the outcome on the field but most certainly changed things if you bet the three-point spread.

So what surprises does Week 8 have in store for the NFL fan? But more importantly, which games are the best NFL bets for Week 8 we can wager that have the fewest surprises?

Pittsburgh Steelers (+4) at Baltimore Ravens

For the second straight week, the Steelers are involved in the game of the week. Last Sunday, they hung on to beat the Titans, and this Sunday, they have their first of two meetings with the Ravens.

With Ben Roethlisberger back, the Steelers (5-1 ATS) are back, and they sit as the NFL’s last remaining unbeaten team. The Ravens (3-3 ATS) are the defending AFC North champs and have taken a step back on offense this season, but only have a lone loss to Kansas City.

This is going to be a great game that comes down to the final possession, and no more than a field goal will separate the two at the end. Take Pittsburgh and the points.

Las Vegas Raiders at Cleveland Browns (Over 52.5)

Scoring around the NFL is up this season, and a big part of that is how these two teams play. Both of them love to score, and both of them hate playing defense.

For the Raiders, their point totals allowed this season are 30, 24, 36, 30, 32, and 45, with the average total points per game coming in at 63. Not once have they failed to break 52.

Cleveland has been just as bad (or good if you’re betting the over), giving up 38, 30, 20, 38, 23, 38, and 34. Their average total points per game is 61.

Two really bad defenses and two offenses that love to score. This over is ripe for the picking.

Los Angeles Chargers (-3) at Denver Broncos

These two teams have identical 2-4 records, but when watching the Chargers, you see a team on the rise. When watching the Broncos, especially last week at home, you can see a team still trying to find itself.

nfl bets for week 8

The Chargers are 5-1 ATS, playing with confidence in their young quarterback and coming off a 10-point win. In Denver, Drew Lock continues to struggle, and the Broncos are coming off a 27-point loss.

Los Angeles wins this by a touchdown. Take the Chargers and lay the points.

Pay Per Head Software

College football on Saturdays, the NFL on Sundays and Mondays, and college basketball isn’t that far away. It’s a great time to be an independent bookmaker, and an even better time to take that business to the next level with a pay per head software partner.

Get your own website, customizable sports and wager types, client reports, plus four weeks to try it out for free. See a demo today at

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WagerHome BlogTop Three NFL Bets for Week 8