Alabama-Auburn Meeting on the Hardwood

by WagerHome Blog on February 7, 2024

The college basketball season continues to heat up, and there is a massive rivalry game set to take place on Wednesday night. The Alabama Crimson Tide will visit the Auburn Tigers, and both teams are currently sitting in the Top 25.

Alabama has rattled off four wins in a row to get back into contention in the SEC, while Auburn has won two straight games. The winner of this game is going to pick up a huge resume-builder, and it will be something to watch moving forward. 

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Expect Some Fireworks

The old adage says that “Defense wins championships,” but that is not how either of these teams want to play basketball. Alabama is scoring over 89 points per game this season, and Auburn is scoring over 82 points per contest. 

This will be a game in which both teams are looking to push the pace, and that should create some excitement along the way. Auburn has been a great defensive team this season, but the same can’t be said for Alabama. 

One thing that is always true in these matchups is the fact that there is no love lost between the two bitter rivals. There are going to be some big moments throughout the game, and the team that is able to make the most shots should come away with a win.

Alabama guard Mark Sears could end up being the difference in this game as he is scoring over 20 points per game this season. Sears has shown the ability to take over a game, and he will be looking to put on a show on the road. 

Ultimately, playing at home is going to give Auburn the biggest boost in this game, and that home crowd just won’t let them lose. Alabama is going to keep things close throughout, but Auburn will get a win over their rivals. 

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WagerHome BlogAlabama-Auburn Meeting on the Hardwood

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