Houston Cougars vs. Kansas Jayhawks Prediction – Feb 3, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on February 2, 2024

The college basketball season has already been terrific up to this point, but things are going to get even better as the season moves along. Every weekend is loaded with some great college basketball action, and that is going to be the case on Saturday as well. 

The Big 12 Conference continues to be one of the best leagues in the country, and two of the top teams in the league are going to battle it out on Saturday afternoon. This matchup will feature the Houston Cougars visiting the Kansas Jayhawks in a top-10 matchup. 

Not only is this going to be a great college basketball game, but it will be one that leads to some great betting opportunities. Instead of simply wagering on this game, you should be looking to take some bets yourself with your own PPH site. 

It can be easy to set up your own PPH site, especially if you are reaching out to WagerHome.com for some help. Here is a look at this huge college basketball game, and some tips for getting your PPH site ready to go. 

Jayhawks Too Tough at Home

The Houston Cougars are currently ranked higher than the Kansas Jayhawks this season, and they are also on top in the conference standings. That might matter when it comes time for the seeds to come out in March, but that information won’t have much of an impact in this game. 

Houston is allowing just 52 points per game this season, and they continue to smother opponents all season long. The Cougars have the ability to shoot the ball well, but they would prefer to win this game by scoring just 60 points. 

It has been an interesting season for Kansas up to this point, but they are still one of the best teams in the country in terms of talent. Kevin McCullar Jr. is one of the best players in the conference, and he has the ability to take over a game. 

This should be a game that is tight throughout, but ultimately the Jayhawks are going to find a way to get the job done. 

Take Some Bets

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College basketball is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting, especially when the calendar flips to March. There is actually time to get your site set up before this big game, and that will let you work out any flaws before the NCAA Tournament begins. 

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WagerHome BlogHouston Cougars vs. Kansas Jayhawks Prediction – Feb 3, 2024

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