Where Will the Quarterbacks Go?

by WagerHome Blog on January 19, 2023

The NFL isn’t just from August to February, and the betting on the NFL isn’t limited to just the games on the field. The most important position in sports is quarterback, and with a number of quarterbacks hitting the free agent market this offseason, you can wager on where they will play next season.

Lamar Jackson

The Ravens and Lamar Jackson appear to be headed for a split. Jackson didn’t travel to Cincinnati for the team’s playoff game, even though he was there just one week earlier for the final regular season game. And head coach John Harbaugh has continued to treat the injury to his star as an annoyance.

The franchise tag is still in play, but if Jackson doesn’t play in Baltimore next season, where do the betting odds say he is most likely to go?

New York Jets (+250)
Atlanta Falcons (+350)
Las Vegas Raiders (+750)
Carolina Panthers (+750)

The most intriguing of these is the Atlanta Falcons, who have an offense already built around running quarterback in Marcus Mariota. Jackon to Atlanta would make them the favorites to win the NFC South.

Tom Brady

Most people close to Tom Brady think that he will put off retirement for at least another season. They also believe that quarterback Brady and the Buccaneers are likely moving on from one another after a disappointing end to a disappointing season. Where could the GOAT end up in 2023?

Las Vegas Raiders (+250)
New York Jets (+350)
New England Patriots (+500)
Miami Dolphins (+600)
San Francisco 49ers (+700)

Brady’s old offensive coordinator is now the head coach in Las Vegas, and the Jets have said that they are prepared to go all-in on bringing in a veteran quarterback. As places where Brady could win, both the Raiders and Jets make sense. And as a Jets quarterback, he would get to match wits with Bill Belichick twice next season.

Aaron Rodgers

We may have seen the end of Aaron Rodgers in a Green Bay Packers uniform. Either by retirement, or by moving to another team, he certainly is sounding like someone who is tired of playing for the Packers. He said this week that he thinks he can win another MVP award if he is in the right situation. Where might that be?

Las Vegas Raiders (+400)
New York Jets (+500)
Indianapolis Colts (+500)
Tennessee Titans (+500)

With Derek Carr on the way out in Las Vegas, reuniting Rodgers with Davante Adams makes a lot of sense. Rodgers will want a place with established weapons, like Adams and tight-end Darren Waller. He would also find that same with the Jets with rookie Garrett Wilson. Although with Brett Favre having gone from the Packers to the Jets, would Rodgers want to follow those same footsteps?

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