Time to Regroup for Sweet 16

by WagerHome Blog on March 27, 2024

March is the busiest month of the year when it comes to the sports schedule, and that’s true when looking at the betting options as well. The NCAA Tournament attracts plenty of attention each March, and that goes for both the men’s and women’s events. 

Most people associate all of the craziness with the first weekend of each event, but the action goes much deeper than just four days. In fact, you could argue that the second weekend is even better than the first, and that should be the case this year. 

Not only does March Madness provide some great betting options, but it’s also the perfect time to become your own bookie. This can be done by creating your own PayPerHead site, and WagerHome.com is ready and willing to help you through this process. 

Even if you were not able to get your site set up for the first four days of NCAA Tournament action, you are still going to have some great opportunities moving forward. There is a nice gap between the first two rounds and the Sweet 16, but that is when you should get to work.

You will never regret becoming your own bookie, and it’s not easier than ever to get this done. 

WagerHome Provides Tools

Even if you don’t know the first thing about setting up your own PPH site, you can have it up and running by the time the first Sweet 16 games tip off. This can be done by reaching out to WagerHome.com and taking advantage of all of the tools that are available to you. 

Not only will WagerHome give you some tips when it comes to setting up your site, but it will also stick with you throughout the entire journey. WagerHome wants more people to become their own bookies, and you could be the next to join that list. 

This is the time of year in which people are going to be flocking to your site looking to make some wagers, and you can be ready to offer them some great betting options. 

So Many Bets

Since there are now just 16 teams remaining in both the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournament, now is the perfect time to make a futures wager. Instead of making those bets on your own, you can set the odds and let the predictions roll in. 

Not only will people be looking to make futures wagers before the Sweet 16 games start, but bettors are also going to be looking to wager on each game. You can offer some great spread betting options, or you can determine what prop betting options will be available as well.

There is some freedom in becoming your own bookie, and you can be looking to cash in on the betting action from other people that are basketball crazy. It won’t be long before you realize just how profitable it can be to become your own bookie, especially this time of the year.

WagerHome BlogTime to Regroup for Sweet 16

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