Other College Basketball Tournaments

by WagerHome Blog on March 22, 2024

The 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is now underway, and that will have the attention of much of the country over the next few weeks. Not only does the NCAA Tournament provide plenty of great entertainment, but there are also some great betting options as well. 

The NCAA Tournament is not the only event that adds to the “March Madness” concept as there are other events as well. In fact, the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) has a ton of history as well, and it’s a great event. 

Instead of simply looking for betting options during the month of March, now is the perfect time to become your own bookie. While most bettors are wrapped up with the NCAA Tournament action, you can stand out by offering some NIT wagers. 

Becoming your own bookie is now easier than ever, especially if you reach out to WagerHome.com for some assistance. Here is a look at some NIT betting action that is available, and the best way to become your own bookie. 

Winning With WagerHome

WagerHome.com is the number one option when it comes to setting up a PayPerHead site, and it’s been helping people out for years. You are not required to get in touch with WagerHome.com when looking to set up your own PPH site, but it’s the best place to start. 

The overall process to become your own bookie is not that difficult, but it’s not that easy to get your own website established. That’s where WagerHome can take away some of the pressure as it will do all of the dirty work in that process. 

Not only will WagerHome help you get your PPH site set up and ready to go, but the company is also going to be working with you throughout the next few steps as well. You might run into some issues when becoming your own bookie, and you won’t be alone if there are some problems. 

Even though the NCAA Tournament and NIT are now up and running, there is still a ton of time to accept some wagers moving forward. Getting your PPH site set up right now will allow you to win big throughout the rest of the month of March. 

Some Great Betting Options

When it comes to college basketball, there are some great betting options. Instead of just looking for the best wagers to make, you should also be looking for the best bets to offer. There are going to be some great bets to make throughout every game of the NIT, or a more comprehensive look can be taken.

Futures betting odds are always important this time of the year, and those are the type of bets that come with a ton of value. When you are offering the bets on your own then you can cash in with other people making bad future predictions. 

There is so much excitement this time of the year, and you should be looking to cash in and take advantage of that excitement. Put yourself in charge of setting the odds as opposed to just making those bets.

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