NASCAR Continues Its Busy Schedule with More Betting Action

by WagerHome Blog on May 19, 2020

Week 1 of the return of NASCAR finished almost exactly as the pre-race betting odds predicted. On Sunday, it was Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch who went off as the two race favorites, and it was Harvick finishing in first place while the other Busch, older brother Kurt, crossed the finish line in third.

As expected, with no practice and no qualifying, it was the most experienced teams that came out of top. And also as expected, everyone was thrilled to be back on the racetrack.

It was Harvick’s 50th career Cup win, and he said that while it was a great honor to win the race, it was a little strange taking the checkered flag to the silence of a fan-free grandstand.

Up Next: Coca-Cola 600

The two-month interruption to the season has not wiped away one of the marquee races of the year. This coming Sunday, on its originally scheduled day, the Coca-Cola 600 will be run. And for this race, because of its importance in the standings, there will be qualifying runs to determine the starting order.

Not surprisingly, the top names you would expect to see are jockeying for position at the head of the odds board.

  • Kyle Busch +400
  • Martin Truex, Jr. +600
  • Joey Logano +700
  • Kevin Harvick +700
  • Chase Elliott +1000
  • Denny Hamlin +1100
  • Alex Bowman +1200

Martin Truex was the champion of this event in 2019, his second victory in the Coca-Cola 600. Joey Logano finished second in 2019 in NASCAR’s longest race of the year.

Alex Bowman is an interesting bet here at +1200. At Darlington on Sunday, he finished in second place behind Harvick, and the 27-year-old does have a pair of top 10 finishes at Charlotte.


Three Races in Seven Days – Twice

In an effort to run just as many races as originally scheduled, after the Coca-Cola 600 is run on May 24, there will be another Cup Series race at Charlotte on May 27, before everyone moves to Bristol for the Food City 500 on May 31.

Then the action moves to Atlanta on June 7. The Cup Series races at Martinsville on June 10 and again in Miami on June 14. Including the race that was just held at Darlington, that’s a total of seven NASCAR events in only 28 days.

The Pay Per Head Rush Is Here

Sports betting hasn’t just returned – it’s returned at 200 miles per hour around the most important tracks in NASCAR. And if you are a bookmaker that’s been barely hanging on these last two months, don’t be left behind. You need a pay per head software provider like to help you strike while the NASCAR racing is hot. will manage all of your business’ administrative side, while you can focus on making sure that your clients know that sports betting is back in all its racing glory. For just a small fee per client can get the pay per head bookmaking advantage that your competition only dreams about.

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WagerHome BlogNASCAR Continues Its Busy Schedule with More Betting Action

Betting NASCAR And Finding Ways To Profit

by WagerHome Blog on May 7, 2020

April was a live sports and sports betting wasteland, but May is shaping up to be a rebound. Korean baseball has begun; now that the NFL Draft is complete, futures bets in football are shaping up; and NASCAR is set to resume its season on May 17 at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina.

In fact, NASCAR has made a commitment to run the originally scheduled 36 races of the Cup Series and is going to be doubling up on races through May to make that happen.

There will be 400 miles raced on May 17, 310 miles on May 20 (also at Darlington), and then they will go to Charlotte for 600 miles on May 24 (the original date of the Coca-Cola 600) and 300 miles on May 27.

All of these races will be single-day events, meaning no practice sessions. And only the Coca-Cola 600 will feature qualifying. There will be no crowds in attendance, and pit stops will be conducted in a way that prevents large groups of people together in the garage.

Betting Implications

What this means for you, the independent bookmaker, is that, just as with the NFL Draft, fans desperate for sports wagering action are going to bet these races. They may very well bet the two races scheduled for the Xfinity Series and the race on May 26 in the Gander Truck Series.

So if you are one of those bookmakers who needs this action to get your sports season back on track, this is the perfect time to team up with a pay per head software provider like

Get a customizable website, a full slate of betting options that include NASCAR’s revised schedule, and a leg up on your competition by turning a quiet April into a busy and exciting May.

The Driver Effect on Odds

For now, NASCAR is only going to race within driving distance of Charlotte, where the majority of teams reside. So when it comes to drivers and teams that do best at the races in South Carolina and North Carolina, they have a decided advantage.


Also, because of the restrictions on practice and qualifying, it will be the experienced teams that are going to thrive. No surprise that for the race on May 17, both Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick are the favorites to win at +500.

Harvick is the current standings leader with a pair of top five finishes in the four races that were run prior to the COVID-19 shutdown.

Postseason Schedule and Betting

Another thing that NASCAR officials made clear is that they are hoping to keep the entire 10-race postseason schedule, beginning with the Southern 500 on Labor Day Weekend – also to be run at Darlington.

The postseason ends on Nov. 8 in Phoenix, and not surprisingly, right now, the odds-on favorite to finish at the top of the standings is Harvick at +450. Harvick has won nine previous races at Phoenix, which is the most ever.

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WagerHome BlogBetting NASCAR And Finding Ways To Profit

Sports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting

by WagerHome Blog on April 2, 2020

As the world remains sheltered in place and spectator sports stay dark, creative minds are hard at work to find ways to fill the void. There is, of course, the NFL Draft coming up at the end of this month to get your gambling fix. But wouldn’t it be great to bet on actual football? How about virtual football?

That is what is happening at sportsbooks across the globe. No Final Four to bet on this weekend? No problem. Missing the end of the NBA season? Not to worry.

And just as we’ve all dreamt about while playing in our living room with our friends, there are Madden 20 simulations on which you can now place bets.

NBA 2K20

Computer simulations have been used for years to help us make predictions. Now those simulations are being used as the main event.

For NBA 2K20’s simulations, you get a full 48-minute game, interviews, stats, commentary, and timeouts, and all of it is streamed live online. Not all of the possible betting options that you would get with a real NBA game are available, but point spreads are set before each matchup, and betting is taking place.


Thanks to the makers of NBA 2K20 adding full college rosters to its game last fall, there are now NCAA Tournament simulations that you can also wager on. Find your point spread or totals bet, place your wager, and then stream it all live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.

The simulations are all based on real players playing a fully randomized game, and all are taking action from bettors.

Horse Racing, Auto Racing, and Soccer

While the big sports like basketball and football are newer to the simulated wagering game, virtual horse racing, automobile racing, and soccer have been a thing for quite some time. Virtual soccer has been popular for several years over in Europe, and with the shortened games, there is a constant turnover of new wagers that can be placed.


Again, it’s a computer providing the simulated results, so no insider knowledge or research is required to place a winning bet. It’s more in line with playing a slot machine or placing a roulette bet. But it’s sports, and it’s gambling, and it’s filling a void.

Pay Per Head Software

Independent bookmakers that have chosen to team up with and use their pay per head software are consistently finding new and interesting ways to turn a profit during our current pandemic shutdown. And since PPH software handles all of the administrative duties of running your own bookmaking operation, that leaves you time to work more closely with your clients and make sure they understand all of the wagering options that are still available.

This is indeed new ground in the sports and sports wagering industries. But was built specifically to be a long-term solution to your bookmaking needs, forging lasting partnerships that will extend well beyond these next weeks and months of uncertainty.

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WagerHome BlogSports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting

Calling Colorado Bookies: Using Pay Per Head Software Will Jump Start Your Business In 2020

by WagerHome Blog on December 26, 2019

If you are a bookmaker in Colorado, you know about the substantial change in attitudes that happened this year, as sports betting is now legal in Colorado. You also know how profitable your business has been, and perhaps you’re a little worried about how profitable it will remain.

And that is precisely why you need to explore the option of signing up for pay per head software. Colorado sports bettors are going to have more options going forward, and you need to make sure you will stay competitive.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

In simple terms, pay per head software allows you to outsource the administrative side of your bookmaking business while giving your customers the access and amenities that they expect from sports betting in today’s modern age.

Bookies get a fully customizable website and access to a full slate of betting options and real-time odds, and your clients can place bets 24 hours a day, and on sporting events across the globe. You get detailed client reports, while clients get customer support. And all for just a small fee per person.

PPH Advantages For The Bookmaker

Joining forces with a PPH service means that Colorado bookmakers never have to take a phone call in the middle of the night. There aren’t shifting odds that the bookie needs to keep track of to keep their customers happy. Deposits and withdrawals can be made directly on their new website.

Think of the cost associated with creating a sports betting website dynamic enough to handle in-play betting, instantaneous financial transactions, and staffed with a team of customer support professionals. Now think of how great it would be to have all that, but for no more than $10 per customer.

That is what you get with pay per head software, which you can try out free at for four weeks, and without any contracts or commitments.

PPH Advantages For The Customer

The reasons are clear why it’s a good investment for you. But for your customers, there is also an obvious benefit. They want the convenience of online betting.

They will, if they haven’t already, pine for the flexibility that comes with mobile betting. With pay per head software fueling your business, you can give all of this to them, and more. And happy customers make more frequent customers.

In this world of fast-changing information, sports odds and point spreads are constantly changing. Your customers will get to take advantage of that.

They’ll have access to the technology that makes live wagering such an exciting way to bet sports. And they can make all of their financial transactions knowing that their information is protected by encryption technology.

Your business becomes easier to manage, leaving you with more time to increase your client base. Your customers feel like they are betting with a top-of-the-line sports wagering service because they are. And you will be primed to make 2020 your best year yet since you opened your bookmaking business.

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WagerHome BlogCalling Colorado Bookies: Using Pay Per Head Software Will Jump Start Your Business In 2020

Three Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

by WagerHome Blog on December 5, 2019

Think about these numbers. A customer who averages $100 bets per game will lose more than $3,000 in any given year. So imagine how much you can profit as a bookmaker if you have as few as 100 customers.

You live in California; you want to live the California life. So instead of working harder, work smarter. And a smart, independent bookmaker knows that in 2019, profit can best be found in opening your own pay per head site and following these three steps.

Research the Business

There are a lot of pay per head services out there ready to give you your own site. In order to pick the right one for you, look around. Good sites like will give you four free weeks to test drive their platform, customer service, bet offerings, and see how they manage changing odds.

Become the customer and think about all the things they will want in a betting site. Then think about everything that might go wrong and how each site will handle those potential problems.

Then read blogs and learn as much as you can about the business and the direction it’s going. That way, when you do settle on a site, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Get Your First Clients

One of the beautiful things about employing a PPH site to handle your sports wagering operations is that it frees you up to build your client base.

To get started, reach out to people you know. Friends and family, co-workers and classmates, friends of friends, etc. Having that personal connection makes it more natural and risk-free to extend a line of credit or offer free introductory bets.

But, and this is important, a PPH site charges you per head regardless of how much they wager. So if they’re only going to place one $10 bet per week, they are going to cost you money. So be smart when choosing your clients as well. This is your business, and you want it profitable.

Build Your Business

Once you are up and running, it will become much easier for you to add more clients. Word of mouth is still the best and most effective way to draw in new players. Ask your best customers to tell their friends and colleagues about your services. Use social media to spread the word. Offer them introductory free bets.

And since you live in California, go to the many racetracks, golf courses, cycling events, beach volleyball matches, surf competitions, and everywhere else that sports fans gather and strike up conversations.

Let people know what you do, how they can become involved, and then again, offer them a free bet to get started.

Also, look for new customers at the end of sports seasons. Some bookies only do football or baseball, etc. So when the football season ends or at the close of the Final Four, there are good customers that have suddenly become free agents.

Find them, offer them new season specials, and make them permanent clients.

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WagerHome BlogThree Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

How Pay Per Head Software Can Make Life Easier for Local Florida Bookies

by WagerHome Blog on November 21, 2019

There are lots of reasons to go to Florida. The sun, the sand, the sports, the lifestyle. And if you’re going to open up your own pay per head bookmaking service and live in Florida, you want to take advantage of all the state has to offer. So finding a PPH service that takes on all the hard work, allowing you more time to play, is definitely the smart move.

Advantages of Using a Pay Per Head Site and Software for Bookmakers

The first advantage is obvious. Unlike before, when you needed to build capital before opening your own online bookmaking service, now you don’t have to. You pay a small fee for each client that uses the service, saving you loads in financial commitment.

Plus, if you sign up at, you’ll get four weeks free to make sure the service works for your needs.

Point spreads and odds are constantly moving, and with a PPH site, you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on them. They will do that for you.

You also get total customization with a pay per head site. You get to choose the sports. You get to set the limits, and those can be customizable for each of your clients.

Pay per head sites also offer full customer support. Instead of staying by your phone all day and all night just in case something goes wrong, the site that you employ takes care of that for you. Let them troubleshoot with the customers, while you spend your time bringing in new customers, or just enjoying the Florida sun.

Advantages For Your Clients

If you have Florida clients that you’ve been working with through an outdated system, they too will love the upgrade to a pay per head site.

Imagine the number of sports in which they can now wager. All across the world and well beyond the borders of Florida, whenever a game or match is ready to begin, they can place a wager. Instead of having to contact you, all they’ll need is an internet connection.

There are few ways to bet that are more fun or intense as in-play wagering. With a pay per head site, they will now be able to take advantage of those opportunities. Your clients can enjoy a more complete wagering experience, which makes them much more loyal to you.

Places like also offer a fully functioning live casino. Giving such a popular feature to your customers, and at no greater cost to you, keeps them more engaged in the many services you are offering.

And of course, that customer service we already talked about as a benefit to you is also a huge benefit to them. It gives customers confidence and peace of mind knowing that 24 hours a day, there is someone available to solve their problems and take wagers over the phone if necessary.

As you can see, selling your Florida clients on making the change will be one of the easier sells of your career.

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WagerHome BlogHow Pay Per Head Software Can Make Life Easier for Local Florida Bookies

Before the “BOT”- A lesson in reality- Pay Per Head Software

by Wager Home on March 23, 2019

So how did betting syndicates get “down” before the Pay Per Head era. What I can tell you it was not as easy, and you had to be part of a well-oiled machine. Today all you need is a decent programmer to build you the “bot” and you do not have to do any hard work. Don’t let these guys fool you, 99% of the “bot” guys are not originators.  In this article I am not going to give away these so-called sharps secrets. All you need to know when choosing the right Pay per head is that we know what they are doing. Most per head offices just take your money and talk to you off a script. They will tell you how you will not have to worry about “bots” we have captcha. That is biggest joke in the industry. Let me fill all of you in on something, the captcha does not work against the “smart bots”. All these programmers can beat it. In the old days, as I say the “good old days” when we had only phone wagering the new “bot” crews would be nothing more than a betting clerk. The real groups like “The computer group”, “the koshers” and ‘The poker players” to name a few all were originators. To get down in this era you needed 100’s of partner betting offices that needed to be synchronized to make a wager in the 1000’s of outs they had all over the country. In the local office I worked we may have had 10-15 real sharps who were calling in at same time trying to wager when the “order” went out. But unlike today when “bots” can bet 100’s of accounts in same office and get correct line we had the “one and done” system. 1st guy in if line is available gets the bet and rest you would here “click” or the ones who wanted to be treated better gave you the courtesy of saying “pass” before you heard the click. So, when you read on “twitter” these computer nerds calling pay per head offices “dressmakers” that same person would have been a small-time clerk trying to bet in old days by phone. In the business climate we have today you cannot be a local and run your office from the states. You need a pay per head to run it for you. You cannot book like you did in the old days; you have to trust the office you are with to make sure you are not getting beat by “bots”. Has nothing to do with not being a real bookmaker, and these 2019 so called sharps who want to cry that a pay per head is not taking a bet, well I tell them this, that is our job. We are not here to work for you and we certainly would have no problem taking an originators wager by phone like the old days, but these “bot” middler/scalper guys are not originators they are manipulators. So, if you have a competent pay per head office you can take on any action as long as these wannabe sharps call in by phone. You cannot manipulate the line on the phone, and they will be talking to the guy who can read them and know they are throwing in fakes.  If you are a screen watcher, you should also be aware that these big “bot” syndicates who do nothing but manipulate use the larger books on screen to set up middles and scalps. Come back weekly to learn more of the dirty side of this business. And the pay per head industry considers these “bots” a stain on real bettors trying to just enjoy a game. The good old days of the originators who were all well respected by the industry is over. All you have today is crews of computer nerds stealing the 1% of the guys actually doing the hard work. If you are considering making a change in your pay per head provider and want a true old school way of doing things come take a good hard look at

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Wager HomeBefore the “BOT”- A lesson in reality- Pay Per Head Software

The Price Per Head Revolution – 1-800-728-8509

by Wager Home on February 26, 2019

We all know that sports betting is one of the most popular gambling-related activities in the world, and it is certainly one of the drivers for the boom in sports of all kinds in the United States. And we have a price per head revolution going on offshore.

It is itself driven by land-based operations in Nevada, and more prominently, by online sportsbooks that are headquartered offshore and by private people who deal with customers on a personal basis. These are businessmen who, by and large, deal with a local clientele. And traditionally, they have operated on a local basis.

But that is rapidly changing. There is indeed a revolution going on in the industry, and if you are involved in it and haven’t yet climbed on board, you are going to be left behind.

It is called Price Per Head, which is the best thing that has ever happened to bookmakers, or rather, “agents” in the 21st-Century vernacular. This is a platform for doing business that allows anyone running a sports betting business with the opportunity to offer their customers the same interface, odds and superior service that customers of online sportsbook. It is, in fact, an online sportsbook apparatus, except that the “agent” is responsible for the financial arrangements (i.e., settling up) with customers.

So anyone betting with you would see precisely the same thing a customer of a major online sportsbook would see. And the foremost operation along these lines is WagerHome, which has provided agents with the most advanced, most secure platform available for Price Per Head operations.

What do they offer? Well, proprietary software, for one thing, which is customizable to your needs. Do you want complete control on the back end, so that you can keep track of your customers, impose limits on them, and monitor where they stand with you in real-time, at ALL times, you’ll have it.

With WagerHome you will also have the ability to offer any and all sporting events, from around the world, 24 hours a day to your customer, and they can place wagers right through the interface, or, by special arrangement, over the phone, which means you save a lot on personnel costs and can afford to concentrate on recruiting more and more customers. And all of those customers can be handled at once. They’ll all get the sharpest odds in the industry – the same ones the pros play! And the most sophisticated offerings – such as live in-game betting – will be right at the fingertips of your patrons.

This is the quickest point-and-click betting platform in the industry, and sports betting is not the only thing you will be able to offer your customers. When you do business with WagerHome you can offer casino gaming AND racebook betting to your clients, and unlike other operations, you won’t be charged for it. We also offer a live casino at a price per head cost, unlike other competitors who will charge a percentage.

And you won’t disappoint your clientele; not in the least. In fact, you’ll have no downtime; not with 24-hour customer service every day of the year, with a state-of-the-art facility that is monitored around the clock by our technical staff, along with over a hundred years of experience in command of the sports book side of the operation. We also offer a unique live betting platform that will keep your clients on site longer which means more volume and profit for your business.

For all things having to do with the Price Per Head industry, you couldn’t possibly be in better hands than with WagerHome! Call us Today 1-800-728-8509

Keep reading us, all you need to know about Parlay buyout options.

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Wager HomeThe Price Per Head Revolution – 1-800-728-8509