What Makes Pay Per Head Right for You

by WagerHome Blog on April 4, 2023

This time of year is the best time to be a sports bettor. We just had the NCAA Tournament and the Final Four, which handles more than $15 billion in wagering. Major League Baseball has started its season, and just around the corner we have the NBA and NHL Playoffs about to start.

Add in weekly golf and racing events, regularly scheduled MMA fights, and the end of April’s NFL Draft, and being a sports bettor in April is like being a kid in the biggest candy store in the world.

It’s great for the bettor. All day, every day, there is something great to wager. But for the independent pay per head bookmaker, how can you possibly stay on top of it all?

Outsource the Busy Work but You Stay the Boss

The reason you began your business was because it is your business. You answer to no one. Your hours, your rules, and your money.

But when it comes to setting the odds and keeping them up to date, taking wagers, collecting payments and making payouts, the work can become overwhelming at this time of year. You want to grow your business, but there is never any time.

This is where a pay per head service like WagerHome.com comes in. For only a small fee per month and per customer, WagerHome will handle the busy work. Keeping the books, setting the odds, handling all financial transactions safely and securely, and giving you detailed reports on all of your clients betting favorites. That’s what WagerHome can do for you, and all through your own fully customizable website.

The business remains yours. You remain the boss, choosing exactly which sports each of your customers can access, setting individualized pay per head limits, and even having the option to offer an online casino. You run the show, and all from WagerHome’s easy to use Booking Agent Dashboard.

Why Your Clients Will Love Pay Per Head

The reality is that when you run your own sports betting shop, you have to limit what you offer. You’re only one person, and you can only be stretched so thin before you break.

But WagerHome gives you the power of a full-scale sportsbook that covers the Pay Per Head world. No longer do you have to limit your clients to the big-four North American sports. Offer them basketball, but from five continents.

WagerHome offers a huge menu of sports and betting options, including access to EZ Live Bet, their live in-play Pay Per Head betting platform. Expand your racing offerings and allow wagering from soccer leagues around the world. Give them real time odds and instant payouts, but most importantly, give your clients access to customer service experts 24 hours a day.

You can also give your clients horse racing options, eSports betting, and an online casino that is available on the web and mobile app, and with live dealers for Blackjack, roulette, and Baccarat.

The software is equipped with the highest security standards in the business, protecting everyone’s identity and financial information. That’s great for you, and it’s great for your clients.

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WagerHome BlogWhat Makes Pay Per Head Right for You

David vs. Goliath in Bookmaking

by WagerHome Blog on March 3, 2023

This is truly the golden age of sports betting, and the pie among bookmaking is big. But at times the independent bookmaking can feel like it’s getting smaller and smaller because of all of the big and well-known bookmaking that are coming online.

Yes, they have resources and the ability to throw money at new clients that you don’t have. But with a top pay per head software provider on your team, you can level the playing field.

What is Pay Per Head?

A partnership with a pay per head software provider is simply a way for you to farm out the hard and time-consuming work of bookmaking, helping you compete with the Goliaths of the industry and freeing up your time to work on client outreach.

Account management, setting odds and taking wagers, deposits, and withdrawals, and 24-hour customer service – all of that is handled by the pay per head software like WagerHome.com. And you, as the name says, only pay a small monthly fee per client.

Why Your Clients Will Love It

The reason you have loyal clients is because of the personal attention you give them. With WagerHome.com as your partner you can still give them the independent bookmaking feel, but with all of the bells and whistles that come with a big and powerful sportsbook.

They can give them in-play betting through WagerHome’s EZ Live Bet. This offers them hundreds of great betting options around the world, and around the clock. On your own, this would be a nightmare, but with WagerHome.com it’s as easy as the click of a switch.


One of the fastest-growing sports in the world is eSports, and placing bets on eSports is growing just as fast. That is just one of the more than 80 sports and sports leagues from across the world that your clients can wager. And the odds for each of those 80 sports, and the hundreds of events inside each sport, are automatically kept by WagerHome.

And if you choose, you can add horse racing and an online casino to your business’s offerings.


Why You Will Love It

Your clients will be happy when placing wagers through the platform provided by WagerHome, and you will be happy as their bookmaker.

You can customize exactly what you offer to each client. What sports, what odds, betting limits if you so desire, weekly deposit caps – all of those are available to you through your Player Controls panel. And that, along with all of the other things you will use to manage your business, is easy to access through your Bookie Agent Dashboard.

No more time wasted on having to crunch the numbers on each of your bookmaking clients. WagerHome will provide you with weekly figures on each player, so you know what they bet and when they bet. That information allows you to better tailor your offerings to the needs and desires of your clients.

And since the idea of any good business is to grow, WagerHome allows you to bring on board and manage a collection of sub-agents who can be your bridge to a new and expanding client base.

More clients equals more money, and suddenly you are the Goliath of your sports betting business.

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WagerHome BlogDavid vs. Goliath in Bookmaking

Making Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

by WagerHome Blog on May 4, 2022

When you own a small business, no matter what the industry, being able to perform efficient communication between you and customers is key. Being able to understand their needs, so you are better equipped to meet those needs is what defines success.

In a static industry, communication is important. In a dynamic industry like sports gaming, it can be everything. Trends change in the industry, which changes the needs and desires of your customers, which you only know about if you are able to adequately keep open the lines of communication.

WagerHome’s Answer to Changing Client Desires

As with the growing desire for live and in-play wagering, WagerHome was at the forefront of making sure that our platform, and the one you and your clients rely upon, was updated to meet those changing needs. The trend in the industry changed, and because WagerHome made the change with it, your clients never missed a beat.

But if the changing needs and desires aren’t on such a macro level, like in-play wagering, but are limited to a small group of your players, or even a single player, how can you keep up? How can you make sure they don’t go unnoticed?

Making Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

That is why WagerHome’s client interface now comes with a private messaging system that allows you to speak with each of your clients on a one-to-one basis. You can still communicate with all of them with company-wide announcements that will keep them all abreast of any changes you are making.

But in helping you to keep abreast of the changing desires that they have, now you have the ability to speak with them as individuals.

The Messaging Difference

Everything WagerHome does is geared toward making your business more profitable, which is why along with giving you your own website, customizable client reports, and full-service customer support, we give you an easy way to talk to the people who make your business.

You give your clients access to 24-hour sports betting, casino betting, and horse racing, and giving them a fast and easy way to communicate is only natural.

You know that your players are all very different. Desires in sports are different, and they come with different budgets.

There are also different skill levels in how they approach sports betting. That is why we allow for a full customization in what you offer as a bookmaker, both collectively to your clients as well as individually.

Being able to communicate with them as individuals is key in making this happen.

Messaging Security

Confidentiality is key in any business discussion, but especially in an industry that features so many clients that want privacy. You can be sure that with WagerHome’s dedication to keeping all of your and your client’s information secure, we do the same with all communications you have with those clients.

The same engineering and IT team that built our seven-layer DDOS protection, keeping your financial information out of the hands of hackers, built our private messaging system.

Use WagerHome’s messaging system to speak with your clients, and use it knowing that everything you say is private and protected.

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WagerHome BlogMaking Communication Between You and Your Clients Easier

Three Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 4

by WagerHome Blog on September 30, 2021

Washington Football Team (-1) at Atlanta Falcons

This may not be the most desirable game to watch. Washington is starting Taylor Heinicke at quarterback, and they just got hammered by Buffalo. Atlanta is coming off a win, but against the Giants, it hardly qualifies as a turning point in the season.

The Falcons did cover the spread with their three-point win in New York, but in their previous two games, they missed the cover by 31.5 and 10 points. That’s not close to good. Washington has been equally bad against the spread, but they’ve actually played good teams, and they came close to beating the Chargers.

WFT has a better team, better running game, and much better defense. Look for them to win on the road by at least three points.

Tennessee Titans (-7.5) at New York Jets

The Jets have scored a grand total of 20 points in three games. The Titans scored 21 in the second half of their comeback win at Seattle.

NFL Bets

Sep 26, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson (2) prepares to pass in the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans’ defense is not good, and it’s unlikely the Jets will be shut out again. In fact, they could double their season points in this one game. But Derrick Henry is back, and Tennessee is getting Julio Jones more involved each week.

There is simply no reason to think the Jets will cover the spread this week, or maybe any week this season. They are that bad, and Tennessee seems to have fully righted the ship after their rocky start.

The Titans win this one on the road by at least 10 points.

Bonus bet: Over 46

The Jets will have their highest-scoring day of the season but still, lose by double-digits. That pushes this game over 46 total points.

Baltimore Ravens (+1.5) at Denver Broncos

The Broncos are 3-0 on the season and 3-0 against the spread, but they’ve also played teams that are a combined 0-9 on the season and just 1-8 against the spread. Denver is good, but we have really no idea if they are undefeated good. Probably not.

In come the Ravens, fresh off another last-second victory. This team has been tested in all three games this season, and in the last two, they emerged victorious. And that is without any of the running backs they were relying on in the preseason to carry the load this season.

As a team used to winning, Baltimore knows how to finish close games, and they will win this game outright in Denver. Take the Ravens and the points.

Pay Per Head Software

We are nearing the quarter-pole in the NFL season, the MLB postseason is just days away, and up next is basketball and hockey. Now is the perfect time for independent bookmakers to partner with a top pay-per-head software provider.

At WagerHome.com, you get a customizable website, access to Wager Home’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting. See a demo today at WagerHome.com and get your first four weeks absolutely free.

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WagerHome BlogThree Best NFL Bets to Make in Week 4

NCAA Football Week 3: Betting Favorites to Hammer

by WagerHome Blog on September 13, 2021

It’s Week 3 in college football, and we’re beginning to see which teams are contenders for a championship and who is just hoping to qualify for a bowl game. With Spencer Rattler at quarterback, Oklahoma is definitely a contender.

Nebraska at Oklahoma (-22)

Nebraska has quieted some of the criticism it faced after an opening game loss to Illinois. They looked overmatched against the Illini, even as the odds on favorites.

Since then, the Huskers have laid waste to Fordham (expected) and beaten Buffalo by 25 (doubling the point spread). But Oklahoma, with all of its history against Nebraska, is a mismatch. 

This is the 50-year anniversary of the “Game of the Century,” but it will be all Oklahoma in this one. Spencer Rattler is the deserved Heisman frontrunner, and Nebraska will do nothing to slow him down. Oklahoma will keep it at full throttle the entire game, easily covering this spread.

Minnesota at Colorado (-1.5)

Last Saturday, Minnesota won its game against Miami (OH) but showed that they are not nearly the same team without running back Mohamed Ibrahim. Against Ohio State, they covered the spread in the loss after getting three quarters from Ibrahim. Against Miami, they failed to cover with an offense that was lackluster from the start, and especially the second half.

The going for Minnesota will be even tougher against the Colorado defense, which just took Texas A&M to the brink. The fifth-ranked Aggies survived to win 10-7, but the Buffaloes gained a legion of believers. They were 4-2 against the spread in 2020, and they have started this year 2-0 ATS.

Colorado still hasn’t played on the road, and they’ll use another week of home-cooking to take out the Gophers. Colorado wins the defensive battle by a touchdown.

Alabama (-15.5) at Florida

One of the best parts about betting on Nick Saban and Alabama is that he is never satisfied with his team’s performance, no matter the score. He never stops coaching, and he demands that his team never stops playing.

Unhappy with the 34-point win over Mercer, no doubt the Tide are having a rough week at practice that they will take out on the rival Gators on Saturday. Much like they did against Miami in Week 1, Alabama will be dominant from start to finish.

Florida is 2-0 but has yet to cover in taking on Florida Atlantic and South Florida. The Gators have lost seven straight to Alabama by an average score of 39-18, and you can expect a similar margin of victory on Saturday.

Alabama Football

Pay Per Head Software

With a full schedule of college and NFL football each weekend, now is the time for independent bookmakers to join forces with a top pay-per-head software provider. With WagerHome.com you get your own customizable website, access to their huge menu of sports and wager options, plus EZ live betting.

See a demo today at WagerHome.com and get your four weeks absolutely free.

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WagerHome BlogNCAA Football Week 3: Betting Favorites to Hammer

NFL Week 1 Best Bets of the Weekend

by WagerHome Blog on September 7, 2021

Christmas in September is finally here! It’s Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, and our long seven-month hiatus from meaningful pro football, and pro football betting, is over.

Los Angeles Chargers (-1) at Washington Football Team

We know that the defense of the Washington Football Team will be great, and we know that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be serviceable as their quarterback. The greater unknowns are with the Los Angeles Chargers, who start a quarterback coming off a stellar rookie season.

Justin Herbert’s record-setting campaign was no fluke. He’s the real deal. And even facing a great defense like WFT’s, he’ll move the ball better than Fitzpatrick, who is also facing a good defense. And more importantly for LA, a healthy defense.

Give the one point and take the Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+6.5) at Buffalo Bills

As we saw last season, a healthy and rested Ben Roethlisberger is still a good quarterback. It’s when he becomes bruised and battered and tired that the Pittsburgh Steelers become a pedestrian team barely limping into the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills are great, but in Week 1, they aren’t a touchdown better than Pittsburgh. If this was a December game, maybe we take Buffalo as 6.5-point favorites. But in Week 1, trust head coach Mike Tomlin and Roethlisberger to keep this game competitive.

Take the points.

NFL Week 1 Betting Preview: Steelers currently 6.5-point underdogs - Behind  the Steel Curtain

Christmas in September is finally here! It’s Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, and our long seven-month hiatus from meaningful pro football, and pro football betting, is finally over.

Denver Broncos (-2.5) at New York Giants

Even if he does play, Saquon Barkley will be limited. And even though the New York Giants have added Kenny Golladay and rookie Kadarius Toney to their wide receiver’s room, the Denver Broncos counter with one of the best secondaries in the NFL.

This Denver defense will suffocate the New York offense, holding them to fewer than 20 points. Meanwhile, new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater will also find the going tough, but he won’t make any mistakes, and that puts the Broncos in the win column by at least three points.

With more weapons than New York and a better defense, lay the points and take the Broncos.

Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders (+4.5)

A couple of weeks ago, you would have taken the Baltimore Ravens in an offensive rout. But with mounting injuries, the Baltimore offense will not be nearly as good as first thought.

This is a run-first team, now without two of its top-three running backs, including star in the making J.K. Dobbins. But with the need to move to a more passing offense because of those injuries, they are also missing wide receivers Miles Boykin and first-round draft pick Rashod Bateman.

It’s the first game with fans in Vegas, and the Las Vegas Raiders get a snake-bitten Ravens team. Take the points.

Pay Per Head Software

For independent bookmakers, the NFL is your big money maker. But if you join forces with a top pay per head software provider, those profits will only get bigger. With WagerHome.com, you get your own customizable website, access to WagerHome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting.

See a demo today at WagerHome.com and get your first four weeks absolutely free!


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WagerHome BlogNFL Week 1 Best Bets of the Weekend

Why NOW is the Best time to Get Started with PPH Services

by WagerHome Blog on September 3, 2021

If you have ever considered starting a Pay Per Head (PPH) service, then now is the perfect time to make that leap. This is a growing industry, but there is still plenty of space for you to carve out your own path.

Not only is there still some space to get your own PPH service started, but there is no better time than the present to launch. There are some slow times of the year for sports betting, but the month of September is not one of them.

Football Kicking Off

In case you haven’t heard, the college football season is already underway, and the 2021 National Football League (NFL) season is set to begin on September 9th with a full slate of games later that weekend. Football is the most popular sport in the United States, and that includes the sports betting industry.

If you are going to launch a Pay Per Head service, then now is the perfect time to act. Bettors are going to be looking for action anywhere that they can find it, and that is where you can come in. Bettors simply can’t stay away during football season as the temptation is too much to want to get in on the action.

The football season will last all the way into February, but you don’t want to wait that long. Get things going in a hurry and take advantage of your Pay Per Head service all football season long.

NFL says it will surpass $250 million pledge for social justice work

In case you haven’t heard, the college football season is already underway, and the 2021 NFL season is set to begin on September 9th with a full slate of games later that weekend.

NBA/NHL Ready to Begin

Football will always be the driving force behind the US sports betting industry, but the other major professional sports play a role as well. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) will begin play in October, and that will just add to the long list of betting markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a massive effect on the entire sports betting industry, but it appears that the worst part is now over. Both the NBA and NHL are back to their original timelines, and there will be a full schedule for each league this season.

Oh, and Major League Baseball (MLB) Playoffs will begin in October as well, adding another popular sport to the mix.

WagerHome Makes it Easy

The final reason that now is the best time to get started with Pay Per Head services is because WagerHome.com makes this process extremely easy. You no longer have the excuse that this would be too hard to get started or that you won’t have any support along the way.

If you think that getting started with PPH services is the right choice for you, then the first step is to visit WagerHome and get the process started. You are going to be blown away with all of the tips and resources provided on the site, and you’ll be able to get this going in no time.

Every day that you wait is more potential money that you are missing out on, and there is no reason to delay any further. Get to WagerHome and get your PPH services up and running before the first touchdown is scored in the NFL.


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WagerHome BlogWhy NOW is the Best time to Get Started with PPH Services

Updated NBA Title Odds Heading Into the Conference Finals

by WagerHome Blog on June 21, 2021

We are down to the final four NBA teams in what has been one of the most exciting postseasons in years. We’re also seeing the new stars in the league step forward, and new teams in a position to win an NBA title for the first time in decades.

In fact, the Milwaukee Bucks has the short title droughts among the remaining playoff teams, with its last championship won 50 years ago in 1971.

Current Odds to Win NBA Finals

  • Milwaukee Bucks (+105)
  • Phoenix Suns (+150)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (+800)
  • Atlanta Hawks (+1100)

Milwaukee Bucks (+105)

Milwaukee is the obvious favorite of the remaining four teams. The Bucks are a battle-tested bunch, having played in the Eastern Conference Finals just two years ago. They’ve won 162 games over the last three seasons, recorded 23 playoff wins over the same span, and just knocked off the title favorite Brooklyn Nets.

The Bucks are also the only remaining team with a former MVP on the roster in the person of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

They opened the preseason paying +550 for an NBA title. Now it’s down to +105.

Phoenix Suns (+150)

The most unlikely of conference finalists, the Phoenix Suns have emerged as the favorite to come out of the West. They were a lottery team the previous 10 seasons before exploding this year with 51 wins, a Pacific Division title, and the No. 2 seed in the playoffs.

They have no MVPs on the roster, but Devin Booker is playing like one, and the entire team is steamrolling opponents. Phoenix beat the Los Angeles Lakers 4-2, the Denver Nuggets 4-0, and on Sunday, they took a 1-0 lead on the LA Clippers.

A preseason championship bet on the Suns paid as much at +7500.

Booker, Ayton and Bridges break down Suns' second-half run, fan energy in  win over Nuggets - Bright Side Of The Sun

They have no MVPs on the roster, but Devin Booker is playing like one, and the entire team is steamrolling opponents. Phoenix beat the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday.

Los Angeles Clippers (+800)

The Clippers were able to get past the top-seeded Utah Jazz without injured superstar Kawhi Leonard, getting to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in team history. And while they are the only remaining team in Los Angeles, anything less than a championship will still have them playing second fiddle to the ousted Lakers.

Just how far can they get without Leonard, who is out for an undetermined amount of time? Most experts say this is the end of the road, even though LA is much more than just one superstar.

Interestingly a preseason bet on the Clippers only paid +650, so even though they are one of four teams remaining, the odds of a win are now longer.

Atlanta Hawks (+1100)

The underdog of the bunch are the Atlanta Hawks, returning to the conference finals for the first time since 2015. They were one series away from the NBA Finals. However, the Hawks were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Trae Young has grown into a superstar. But more importantly for Atlanta, they won Game 7 over the favored Philadelphia 76ers on the road when Young wasn’t at his best. This makes them more dangerous going forward, even as the longest shot to win the title. Although at +10000 in the preseason, their fortunes have definitely risen.

Pay Per Head Software

There is still time this NBA playoffs for independent bookmakers to maximize their profits by partnering with a top pay per head software provider. At WagerHome.com, you get a customizable website, access to their huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting.

See a demo today at WagerHome.com.


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WagerHome BlogUpdated NBA Title Odds Heading Into the Conference Finals

U.S. Open Betting Favorites, Darkhorses, and Underdogs

by WagerHome Blog on June 15, 2021

As the golf world descends on San Diego this weekend for the U.S. Open, the biggest question regarding the field at Torrey Pines is who deserves your bet? The favorite, and the man who was just forced to withdraw from a tournament he was leading by six strokes, or the aging local underdog who just so happens to have won the last major championship?

It should be a great 72 holes, assuming this weekend everyone makes it.

Favorites to Win U.S. Open

  • Jon Rahm (+900)
  • Dustin Johnson (+1800)
  • Bryson DeChambeau (+1800)
  • Brooks Koepka (+1800)
  • Rory McIlroy (+2000)
  • Jordan Spieth (+2000)
  • Xander Schauffele (+2000)
  • Collin Morikawa (+2200)
  • Justin Thomas (+2200)
  • Patrick Cantlay (+2500)
  • Patrick Reed (+2500)
  • Viktor Hovland (+2500)

A +900 number on Jon Rahm may feel a little short when compared to such a stacked field. But no one is locked in like Rahm. He would have won his last tournament if not for COVID-19. He was top 10 at the PGA Championship. He was tied for fifth place at the Masters — top 10 at THE PLAYERS Championship.

Add in the fact that Rahm has a win at Torrey Pines, and no one else in the field comes into this tournament without big question marks, and Rahm makes for a very compelling favorite.

Three guys sit at +1800, and all of them have a history at the U.S. Open worth considering. Dustin Johnson won in 2016, finished third in 2018, and finished tied for sixth in 2020. Bryson DeChambeau is the defending U.S. Open champion, and Brooks Koepka was the winner in 2017 and 2018.

Masters 2021: Phil Mickelson hasn't stopped believing he'll find more  Augusta magic | Golf News and Tour Information | GolfDigest.com

He’s a San Diego native and the most recent major championship winner, but at +5000, Phil Mickelson is an underdog. But as an underdog playing good golf and with a number of stars aligning, could he actually win a second straight major over the age of 50?

Underdogs Worth Considering

He’s a San Diego native and the most recent major championship winner, but at +5000, Phil Mickelson is an underdog. But as an underdog playing good golf and with a number of stars aligning, could he actually win a second straight major over the age of 50? Sure. But he probably won’t. The course in South Carolina played to his strengths. Torrey Pines does that less so.

Patrick Reed is tied for 10th on the odds board, so it’s hard to call him an underdog. But at +2500, he presents great value as someone worth a wager. He won at Torrey Pines already this year, was terrific at the Memorial, finishing in fifth, and he has a good history at the U.S. Open. He’s finished inside the top 15 in four of his last six Opens and was a fourth-place finisher in 2018.

One other underdog to consider is Paul Casey at +4500. He finished fourth at the PGA Championship and fifth at THE PLAYERS Championship and at Pebble Beach.

Pay Per Head Software

Independent bookmakers, make the most of your U.S. Open bets by partnering with a top pay per head software provider. At WagerHome.com, you a fully customizable website, access to their huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ live betting,

See a demo today at Wagerhome.com and get your first four weeks absolutely free. Start here >>


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WagerHome BlogU.S. Open Betting Favorites, Darkhorses, and Underdogs

NHL Postseason: Betting Odds to win 2021 Stanley Cup

by WagerHome Blog on June 14, 2021

The 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs are nearly concluding, but it’s not too late to get in on the NHL betting action. With a pay per head partnership with WagerHome.com, you’ll be sure to win big, even if you’re not the one getting your name on the Stanley Cup.

Here, we’ve listed the Stanley Cup odds for the final four teams, along with their recent betting trends to maximize your payouts.

Vegas Golden Knights +105

As the regular-season runner-up, the Vegas Golden Knights only became the betting favorite after taking down the top-seeded Colorado Avalanche. However, despite having the best odds, many fans and bettors alike believe Vegas will lose in the Stanley Cup round.

The +105 price may be a little too steep for bettors, especially if there are concerns about a matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. But entering the final round, they’re still a solid choice as a Cup-winning team. If the Golden Knights slow down the tempo as they did against Colorado, they will be a tough team to score against. Vegas has the star power to scoring on the counterattack as well.

Avalanche at Golden Knights Game 6 Preview: Vegas looks to complete series  comeback, eliminate Colorado in six games - Knights On Ice

The +105 price may be a little too steep for bettors, especially if there are concerns about a matchup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. But entering the final round, they’re still a solid choice as a Stanley Cup-winning team.

Tampa Bay Lightning +270

The Lightning were +150 before a Game One loss at home to the New York Islanders. Still, Tampa Bay is a dangerous team. Goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy is arguably the best goaltender on the planet, and with Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos, and Brayden Point all constant threats to score, the Lightning can stay hot in a hurry.

Expect some of the betting action to switch to Tampa Bay despite the Game One loss. As the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Lightning are still the team to beat. Getting them at +270 instead of +150 is enough of a difference that the betting action will slide towards the Bolts even after a loss.

New York Islanders +360

While Tampa Bay’s odds slipped a bit with the Game One loss, the Islanders saw a considerable jump in favoritism. Most books had New York somewhere around +600 to win the Cup, but they’re up to +360 after an impressive 2-1 win on the road. The Islanders held Tampa Bay off the scoreboard until a late power play allowed the Lightning to skate 6-on-4 and get a goal back.

Still, it wasn’t enough to break through Semyon Varlamov and the stingy Islanders defense. The Islanders are analytics darlings, and if they continue to play the way they have so far, New York could be hoisting the Cup for the first time since 1983.

Montreal Canadiens +1100

Battling back from the brink of elimination, the Montreal Canadiens are the team that just won’t go away. Similar to the Islanders, Montreal isn’t a high-volume scoring team and doesn’t have true game-breaking talent among their forwards, but the advanced stats show Montreal is doing everything right.

Carey Price is as good as it gets in net, leading all playoff goaltenders in save percentage (.935), and he is third in GAA (1.97). Montreal doesn’t allow many high-danger chances but takes advantage of the opportunities they’re given. The Canadiens also have an impressive 90.3% penalty kill unit and have scored four shorthanded goals in the playoffs (all other teams have combined for six shorthanded markers).

How to Maximize Your Stanley Cup Betting

A thrilling conclusion to the Stanley Cup playoffs is on the horizon, and there’s no better time than now to become a pay per head partner with WagerHome.com. Your first four weeks are completely free to try things out and see what works for you. Additionally, with a partnership with WagerHome.com, you get access to the 24/7 sportsbook, racebook, and casino to cover all your potential betting needs.

With second-to-none customer support, fully customizable website control, and tailored betting options to fit your needs, WagerHome.com is just what you need to launch your own bookie service. Contact us any time online or by phone to get started today!


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WagerHome BlogNHL Postseason: Betting Odds to win 2021 Stanley Cup