Making NBA and NHL Future Picks

by WagerHome Blog on May 9, 2024

The month of May is typically viewed as a slow month when it comes to the world of sports, but that’s really not true at all. May is when the NBA and NHL Playoffs really start to heat up, and that has definitely been the case to begin the month. 

Since there are so many big events taking place, now is when the sports betting action really picks up as well, and it’s time for you to cash in. Instead of simply betting on the big events that are taking place, it’s a better idea to become your own bookie. 

The rest of the calendar year will come with some terrific sports betting opportunities, and you are going to want to become your own bookie today. It’s actually much easier than you might think, especially if you choose to use WagerHome to help you get started. 

Getting your own site set up now will allow you to accept some future wagers on the NBA and NHL Playoffs. Here are the current picks that should be made for each sport, and a quick overview of how to become your own bookie. 

Picking a Champion

Since both the NBA and NHL Playoffs are currently in the second round, now is the perfect time to predict a champion of each league. There appears to be a pretty clear favorite in the NBA, while things are a bit harder in the NHL. 

When looking at the NBA Playoffs, there appears to be a ton of drama and intrigue coming from the Western Conference. There are some great teams battling it out to get to the NBA Finals, but that’s not going to matter once that series starts. 

The Boston Celtics are big favorites to win the NBA Championship at -120, and that is actually the best bet to make. That’s not the case in the NHL as it is a bit harder to predict how things are going to play out. 

When looking at the odds to win the Stanley Cup, the New York Rangers and Colorado Avalanche are both favored at +425. The Florida Panthers aren’t far behind at +450, and the odds remain close after those teams as well. 

New York appears to be on a mission this season, and getting them at +425 appears to be a steal at this time. 

Get Your PPH Site Set Up

Instead of simply making future picks, you can actually start to accept wagers on others on all of the top futures betting markets. There are bettors out there that are looking for places to make wagers, and you can be the outlet for them. 

Step 1 in becoming your own bookie is setting up a PayPerHead site, and that is where you are going to want to use This is the perfect resource to use and it has been helping people out for years when it comes to this option. 

You don’t have to use WagerHome when you start to begin this process, but it’s something that you want to consider. Make this a stress-free process and get that site set up today to start accepting wagers.

WagerHome BlogMaking NBA and NHL Future Picks

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