Big Weekend of Boxing Coming

by WagerHome Blog on May 8, 2024

The sport of boxing doesn’t always deliver great matchups, but that is not the case when looking at the schedule this weekend. Not only will there be three big fights taking place, but there will also be some great betting options to explore. 

Boxing has always been a great sport when it comes to the betting industry, and that is something to keep in mind this weekend. Instead of just searching for the best bets to make, you can also become your own bookie and accept wagers on your own. 

Becoming your own bookie can open up a whole new world of possibilities, and you will be in charge of what bets you offer. Here is a look at some of the top matchups of the day, and how you can become your own bookie today. 

Big Title Fights

There are a couple of big title fights taking place around the world, but one of the best fights will take place in Cardiff, Wales. That fight will feature Jessica McCaskill and Lauren Price, and the WBA Women’s Welterweight title will be on the line. 

Lauren Price is the clear favorite to win this fight at -300, while McCaskill currently has some betting odds set at +350. You will be able to adjust those lines to meet your needs, and that is only available if you are your own bookie. 

Price is going to win this fight, and you can offer some unique prop betting options to generate more interest and excitement. There is another big fight taking place in Perth, Australia as Vasiliy Lomachenko is set to fight with George Kambosos Jr. 

There is an even bigger favorite in this IBF Lightweight title fight as Lomanchenko has odds set at -600 to claim that crown. There will be some that are looking to back Kambosos Jr. as an underdog, and that is where some serious value will come in. 

Since title fights don’t happen every single weekend, this is the perfect time to use that momentum to get your PPH site all set up. 

First Steps to Being a Bookie

Becoming a bookie is not as intimidating as it might sound, but there are some steps that you are going to need to take. Step one is setting up your own Pay Per Head site, and that is really the most complicated part of the entire process. 

Setting up your PPH site is not always easy to do, but WagerHome is a website that can make things much easier for you. WagerHome has been working with customers for years, and they know all of the tips and tricks to make this a pretty seamless process. 

After getting your PPH site set up, the next step is going to be finding a way to attract some customers to your site. WagerHome can also help with this process, but big events such as the boxing title fights will help. 

Becoming your own bookie ahead of the boxing title fights is a great option to explore, but you can also offer bettings on all of the other big events this summer.

WagerHome BlogBig Weekend of Boxing Coming

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