Biggest 2022 Qatar World Cup Matches of the Week

by WagerHome Blog on November 28, 2022

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is off and running, and some countries have actually already been sent home. That trend is going to continue throughout the week as most teams are wrapping up play in the group stage.

This 2022 Qatar World Cup has been highlighted by a ton of upsets, and that has created some incredible drama over the first ten days of action. This week is highlighted by some huge matches, including one featuring the United States.

The U.S. is set to take on Iran in the final game of Group B action, and the winner is going on to the knockout stage. The losing team in this battle will be heading home, and you can offer betting by building your own Pay Per Head site.

Argentina will also be featured in a big game this week as they are set to take on Poland. Messi needs to find a way to lead his country to a win, or else his team will go home much sooner than expected.

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You can offer a wide range of betting options on the World Cup, and we aren’t just talking about pregame wagers. Futures betting is a big part of betting on the World Cup, and you can offer that at your site if you can get one set up.

2022 Qatar World Cup

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WagerHome BlogBiggest 2022 Qatar World Cup Matches of the Week

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