2022 World Cup Update/Weekend Schedule

by WagerHome Blog on November 24, 2022

The 2022 World Cup has started, and most of the countries have played one game. There has already been some drama that has unfolded in Qatar, and it has much more than just the news that beer cannot be sold.

Argentina is the country that has suffered the most disappointing and surprising loss as they were stunned by Saudi Arabia. Argentina has been dominant in the group stage in recent years, but that just wasn’t the case in 2022.

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The United States is in a very difficult Group B, and they were able to play Wales to a tie in the opener. England wasted little time in demonstrating their dominance in Group B as they picked up a 6-2 win over Iran.

The most dominant team through one game was Spain, as they picked up a 7-0 win over Costa Rica in Group E. Tougher games are on tap for Spain, but that was a very impressive start.

Plenty of Drama Coming

The weekend schedule is loaded with some big games, including a monster matchup between England and the United States. This game will likely determine the winner of Group B, but it’s just one of the many big games set to take place.

2022 World Cup Update/Weekend Schedule

Argentina will be trying to bounce back as they take on Mexico, and this is a chance for Lionel Messi to get his host country back on track. France and Denmark are also set to face off on Saturday, and these two countries have a history of meeting up in the World Cup.

All of the group stage action is only going to lead to more drama and excitement once the knockout stage begins.

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WagerHome Blog2022 World Cup Update/Weekend Schedule

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