Four Reasons Why LSU Will Win the 2020 College Football Playoff

by WagerHome Blog on January 7, 2020

It is the College Football Playoff matchup we were all hoping to see: Last year’s freshman phenom, Trevor Lawrence, and the defending national champion Clemson Tigers vs. this season’s out-of-nowhere Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, and the offensive juggernaut that is the LSU Tigers.

It is entirely possible that the national championship game next Monday night will feature the top picks in the next two NFL drafts in Burrow and Lawrence. That’s how much star power and talent will be on the field. A quarterback rivalry born in 2020 may be a football storyline for the next 15 years.

With this kind of a matchup and this much-expected action, it is the perfect time to make sure your bookmaking services are top of the line and that you’re using a pay per head service that’s up to the task.

At, you can get four free weeks to try it before making any commitments.

As for the game itself, we like LSU to win for the following reasons.

Heisman Joe

Burrow won’t be the only great quarterback on the field Monday night, but he is, without a doubt, the quarterback who is playing the best. In LSU’s semifinal win over Oklahoma, he set numerous records and finished the game with 493 yards, seven touchdowns, and an eye-popping efficiency rating of 239.77.

All were season highs, and as they say in football, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, and no one is finishing this season better than Burrow.

Clemson’s Defense

The Tigers did hold Ohio State to just 23 points and held them to a season-low third-down conversion rate of 38 percent. But they also gave up 516 yards, and that point total would have been much higher if not for a pair of costly interceptions thrown by Justin Fields.

Burrow will do a better job of protecting the football than Fields did, and with yardage totals like that, the points will come. The Clemson defense is very good, but even with two weeks to prepare for LSU, it won’t be able to slow the LSU offense down.

Coach O is a Stabilizer

Clemson has the experience. Playing for a national title is old hat for the Tigers, who have won two titles in the last three years.

college football playoff

For LSU, this is all new, and perhaps a little intimidating. But if anyone can keep this team grounded for 60 minutes of football, it’s head coach Ed Orgeron and his LSU staff.

This team will not get too high following its win over Oklahoma, or too nervous playing for the title. Coach O will make sure they stay focused and ready.

Receiving Corps

Burrow doesn’t have a great Heisman season without top weapons, which is exactly what he has in wide receivers Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. Chase has 1,559 yards and 18 TDs this season, but if you slow him down – like what happened against Oklahoma when he caught just two passes – Jefferson steps up.

Jefferson had 14 catches for 227 yards and four touchdowns against the Sooners. You might contain one or the other. There is no way you can stop them both.

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WagerHome BlogFour Reasons Why LSU Will Win the 2020 College Football Playoff

Top Three Factors In Placing Winning Bets On College Basketball

by WagerHome Blog on January 4, 2020

Now that the calendar has ticked over to January, the college basketball season is ready to heat up, with full in-conference play and the race to the NCAA Tournament.

Sports gamblers are beginning to turn their focus away from football and over to basketball, and bookmakers are doing the same. It’s also the time of year to take your bookmaking service to the next level and sign up with a pay per head software service. At, you can get four weeks free to test it out.

There is no testing out college basketball betting, however. You want to win, and you want to win now, and these are the three keys to make sure that happens.

Choose Your Season

It’s all about finding the best value when placing your sports bets, and that means finding the point spreads that offer you room to succeed. College basketball is perfect for this because there are so many games to bet each day that it becomes impossible for every point spread to be 100 percent accurate.

Too many games to track for the books means more games for you to exploit as a bettor.

But that, of course, changes by March and the NCAA Tournament, when information is plentiful and the games become fewer. This isn’t to say you should avoid betting on the Tournament.

It’s one of the greatest spectacles in sports and worth your time as a gambler. But you will find better values at other points in the season. So for the sake of profitability, your focus should be there.

Take Notes and Keep Records

Because there are so many games and so many variables to consider when placing your college basketball bets, keep track of the bets you make, the reasons behind those bets, and the success you had because of those reasons.

Good record-keeping by you can be just as informative going forward as insider information from experienced sharps. It allows you to see where you went right, and more importantly, where you may have gone wrong. And then, you can filter out the information that doesn’t direct successful wagering.

Make a spreadsheet that tracks your bets, the spread, and the final score. Examine the trends of teams you know and like to bet and keep track of what factors lead to their wins and losses. And then use all that information to formulate a plan going forward.

college basketball

Watch Basketball

It sounds obvious, but it’s often ignored by people who think all they need to know are numbers. Watching basketball will give you more information than any boxscore.

Study which players excel in certain situations. Learn the offenses and defenses that teams like to play, and then see which types they match up best against.

Sports isn’t blackjack. There are no mathematical formulas that tell you which way you should bet. To be fully informed, you need to know the teams, the players, and have a complete understanding of how each performs on the court.

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WagerHome BlogTop Three Factors In Placing Winning Bets On College Basketball

Heads Up New Hampshire Bookies: Using PPH Software Will Elevate Your Business

by WagerHome Blog on January 2, 2020

The New Year is here, and so are the NFL playoffs. The NBA and NHL are in full throat, and before you know it, we’ll have March Madness and the Major League Baseball season.

The sports calendar is as full as it ever gets, which makes it the perfect time to explore the option of adding pay per head software to your bookmaking services.

You already know how competitive things are getting in New Hampshire. It’s time to give yourself an edge over the competition.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

If you’ve ever looked at a big sportsbook’s website with envy, wishing that you could offer your clients a customizable sports betting experience with worldwide betting options, shifting odds in real-time, and 24-hour access to bet making, you don’t have to just look.

This is exactly what your clients get when you run your business through pay per head software.

PPH software lets you work smarter, not harder, as it takes care of all your administrative needs. For just a small fee per client, you get detailed reports on each of your clients, and your clients get access to a customer support team.

How New Hampshire Customers Benefit From PPH

In this day and age, it’s unreasonable to expect your loyal clients to do without the convenience of online sports betting. They want 24-hour access to a website and the flexibility of mobile betting on a highly responsive app.

new hampshireWhen you sign up with a PPH service, you can give them all that. You can give them what they want, and what it takes to keep them as loyal and satisfied customers.

Sports news breaks and odds change with it. A pay per head service gives New Hampshire sports bettors access to those always changing odds and point spreads, and gives them the knowledge that they are betting with the latest line.

They’ll also get in-play wagering, which can only be done with the kind of technology that PPH software offers.

How New Hampshire Bookies Benefit from PPH

If you are a bookmaker who is tired of giving out your phone number and taking calls at all hours, signing up with a PPH service is for you. If you are overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the odds and all the changing point spreads, signing up with a PPH service is for you.

And if you’ve ever crunched the numbers on the total expense of investing in a website that gives your clients access to deposits and withdrawals and a full menu of betting options, then signing up with a PPH service is for you.

And if you want to test drive pay per head software for up to four weeks free before having to make any financial commitments, then signing up with just might be for you.

With pay per head software powering your New Hampshire-based bookmaking service, your customers get a top-of-the-line sports betting experience, while you can focus on expanding your client base and making 2020 your best year yet.

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WagerHome BlogHeads Up New Hampshire Bookies: Using PPH Software Will Elevate Your Business