Top Three Factors In Placing Winning Bets On College Basketball

by WagerHome Blog on January 4, 2020

Now that the calendar has ticked over to January, the college basketball season is ready to heat up, with full in-conference play and the race to the NCAA Tournament.

Sports gamblers are beginning to turn their focus away from football and over to basketball, and bookmakers are doing the same. It’s also the time of year to take your bookmaking service to the next level and sign up with a pay per head software service. At, you can get four weeks free to test it out.

There is no testing out college basketball betting, however. You want to win, and you want to win now, and these are the three keys to make sure that happens.

Choose Your Season

It’s all about finding the best value when placing your sports bets, and that means finding the point spreads that offer you room to succeed. College basketball is perfect for this because there are so many games to bet each day that it becomes impossible for every point spread to be 100 percent accurate.

Too many games to track for the books means more games for you to exploit as a bettor.

But that, of course, changes by March and the NCAA Tournament, when information is plentiful and the games become fewer. This isn’t to say you should avoid betting on the Tournament.

It’s one of the greatest spectacles in sports and worth your time as a gambler. But you will find better values at other points in the season. So for the sake of profitability, your focus should be there.

Take Notes and Keep Records

Because there are so many games and so many variables to consider when placing your college basketball bets, keep track of the bets you make, the reasons behind those bets, and the success you had because of those reasons.

Good record-keeping by you can be just as informative going forward as insider information from experienced sharps. It allows you to see where you went right, and more importantly, where you may have gone wrong. And then, you can filter out the information that doesn’t direct successful wagering.

Make a spreadsheet that tracks your bets, the spread, and the final score. Examine the trends of teams you know and like to bet and keep track of what factors lead to their wins and losses. And then use all that information to formulate a plan going forward.

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Watch Basketball

It sounds obvious, but it’s often ignored by people who think all they need to know are numbers. Watching basketball will give you more information than any boxscore.

Study which players excel in certain situations. Learn the offenses and defenses that teams like to play, and then see which types they match up best against.

Sports isn’t blackjack. There are no mathematical formulas that tell you which way you should bet. To be fully informed, you need to know the teams, the players, and have a complete understanding of how each performs on the court.

WagerHome BlogTop Three Factors In Placing Winning Bets On College Basketball

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