South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Auburn Tigers Prediction – Feb 14, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on February 14, 2024

The Super Bowl is now over, and it’s time to start focusing more on college basketball in preparation of March Madness. Not only will college basketball provide some great betting opportunities in March, but there are some big games taking place this week as well. 

Betting on college basketball can be unpredictable, especially when there are two great teams on the floor. On Wednesday night, the South Carolina Gamecocks are set to visit the Auburn Tigers for a huge game in the SEC. 

Instead of simply betting on this game, it’s time to become your own bookie and accept some wagers on this game. Becoming your own bookie is easier than you might expect, and can help you out with this process. 

Here is a look at this huge showdown in the ACC, and also a few tips to become your own bookie with

Tigers Tough to Stop

The Auburn Tigers are sitting at number 13 in the most recent poll as they have gone 19-5 through the first 24 games of the year. Auburn did just suffer a loss to Florida in their most recent game, but they were on a roll up to that point. 

South Carolina has been a major surprise this season as they have gone 21-3 through their first 24 games. The Gamecocks have rattled off seven wins in a row, but they are going to have to set the tone on defense in this game. 

This is going to be a matchup of teams that play very different styles of basketball, as the Gamecocks want to slow down the tempo. South Carolina is scoring just 72.6 points per game, while also holding teams to just 64 points per night. 

Auburn is scoring over 82 points per game this season, and they just continue to push the tempo when they have the basketball. The Tigers are also allowing 67 points per game, and they can make life difficult on opponents. 

South Carolina has been slightly better this season, but betting on the Auburn Tigers is the way to go. 

Start Accepting Basketball Bets

The Super Bowl would have been a great time to have a Pay Per Head site up and running, but there is still some time to make some money. March is a massive month when it comes to college basketball, but there are going to be big games in February as well. has been helping people set up their own PPH sites for years, and there is an opportunity for you to join the growing trend. It’s not easy to set out on this adventure all by yourself, but WagerHome can make this something that is possible. 

Not only will give you some help when setting up your PPH site, but that website will also guide you throughout the entire process. Becoming your own bookie is going to be a great option before the month of March is here, andstarting by accepting wagers on this game is a good idea. 

WagerHome BlogSouth Carolina Gamecocks vs. Auburn Tigers Prediction – Feb 14, 2024

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