MLB, NBA, NHL All Set to Return in July

by WagerHome Blog on June 30, 2020

Normally, the sports calendar in July is so slow that ESPN puts out its annual award show, The Espys, just to help fill the void until things return. With only baseball to fill our weeks, and NFL training camps beginning at the end of the month, sports fans and sports bettors know that July is the best time to take family vacations.

Not this year.

Get ready for the greatest month of July the sports world has ever seen.

The Return of Baseball

Finally, after multiple weeks of negotiating, fighting through the media, telling us the season was 100% going to happen, then not happen, and then happen again, MLB and its players union have an agreement to begin the season on July 23.

It will be an all-out 60-game sprint to the playoffs and a season unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, with all teams only playing games against their division or the corresponding regional division in the other league (NL East vs. AL East, and so on).

NBA Seeding Games and Playoffs

One of the reasons the NCAA Tournament is so great is that there is no waiting for basketball to start. Games tip off early, and never seem to stop. Now imagine an NBA world like that. How amazing would it be?

Imagine no more, because when the NBA resumes on July 30, they will play 88 seeding games to finish out the season in just two weeks time. Twenty-two teams, three courts, four television networks (TNT, ESPN, ABC, and NBATV), and games starting as early as 12:30 pm ET through as late as 9 pm ET.

You can’t really go anywhere at the moment, so grab your remote, your favorite betting app, and prepare for NBA basketball overload.

NHL Playoffs

A Stanley Cup Playoffs like we’ve never seen before will also be coming to our televisions in late July. Twelve teams from each conference are in, with the top four teams in each playing a round-robin tournament for seeding, while everyone else plays in a best-of-five series for the right to get into the final playoff bracket.


The NHL still hasn’t decided which cities will serve as hubs for these games, or when exactly players will report. A new CBA is close to finalization, which, along with creating labor peace for the next six years, will create the return-to-play protocols, including a date certain for the resumption of training camps and the playoffs that follow.

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WagerHome BlogMLB, NBA, NHL All Set to Return in July

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