Conference Tournament Action Heating Up

by WagerHome Blog on March 6, 2024

The month of March is always big when it comes to the sport of college basketball, especially when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. That three week stretch of action is some of the best betting of the entire year, but it’s a mistake to wait until March Madness to really crank things up. 

Conference tournament action has already started to get going, with some of the smaller leagues handing out tournament titles this week. That will create some great betting opportunities as well, but there is another way to get involved.

There really is no bad time to become your own bookie, but this is the perfect time to get started with this venture. It’s not as hard as you think to get your own PayPerHead site set up, but you will need some help from

Here is some information that will help you get your own PPH site established, and some of the unique ways to offer betting on the conference tournament action. 

WagerHome Can Help

It can be hard to break down and ask for help at times, but it is also going to be hard to set up a PPH site on your own. Instead of running into issues and continuing to become frustrated, it’s best to reach out to right away in this process. has been helping people set up PPH sites for years, and you could be the next client that has a ton of success getting into this new venture. There are some exciting tools offered from that can put you on the path to success when trying to become your own bookie, but there is more to it as well. 

NCAAB Conference Tournaments begin right before March Madness

If you ever run into some issues or have questions on how to become your own bookie, is going to provide some additional assistance. It is actually a much quicker process than what you might expect to get your PPH site set up, but that doesn’t mean that everything will always run smoothly. 

Get Into the Game

The NCAA Tournament will always be a terrific sporting event, and there is a reason that it is called “March Madness.” There are so many great betting options when it comes to that event, but similar betting options can be found during the conference tournament season as well. 

Instead of simply racking your brain trying to come up with the best betting picks for each game of the conference tournament, it’s time to start accepting those wagers. Making future betting picks is a big part of the conference tournament action as well, and that is where some big money can be made.

The nice thing about becoming your own bookie is that you are going to control your own destiny, and you can offer whatever bets you want to offer. Getting those odds out before the action begins is going to be important, but you can also offer some great prop bets on each game throughout each tournament. 

WagerHome BlogConference Tournament Action Heating Up

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