Pay Per Head Bookie Sites Prepare for NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

by WagerHome Blog on December 15, 2020

Pay per head bookie sites have been waiting patiently to see how the NFL navigates its way towards Super Bowl LV. The league has worked through the pitfalls of sports during a pandemic better than most. The MLB, NBA, and NHL all lost significant chunks of their seasons because of COVID-19 but were eventually able to hold their playoffs and championships. The NFL, however, is just three weeks away from completing its regular season without missing a single game.

While there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the NFL’s “No Cancellations” policy, bending over backward, at times, to keep games on schedule, there’s no denying the league is making every effort to keep things moving along as usual.

It’s been great for the league, great for fans, and extra great for a sports betting community that lost months of business last spring and summer. And now, we get the best football of the year, and the best betting of the year, with the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl; with a pay per head service provider like, you can take full advantage of the sports betting festivities.

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites and NFL Playoff Tools

If you are your own boss, running your own bookmaking business, it’s time to turn your attention to the playoffs. And with the right pay per head service as your bookmaking partner, you will have all the tools necessary to turn this playoff season into your most profitable ever.

Playoff proposition bets are a great way to enhance your offerings and encourage your customers to place even more bets. It gives your business an air of superiority to the other pay per head bookie sites out there, your clients have fun and interesting wagers to place, and you make more money.

Everyone wins, regardless of who wins the actual playoff game.

Smart pay per head bookie sites also know the value of having a live-bet ticker during the NFL Playoffs and lean heavily on the customized client reports. As the bookmaker, both of these things will let you know precisely what bets are being made and what trends your clients are following. And with that information in hand, you can gear your offerings to your clients and adjust betting limits for each client in real-time.

Pay Per Head Bookie Sites Seek Quick Start in 2021

Much of the sports betting industry took a loss in 2020. If you were lucky enough to be with a PPH partner for 2020, you probably did better than most. A PPH provider, like, helped its partners find new streams of revenue, like with their 24/7 online casino, or through new sports betting opportunities, like Russian table tennis and the Chinese and Korean baseball leagues.

When the NFL Playoffs begin, it will be a new year and a new opportunity to capitalize on the sports bookmaking business. It will be a chance to make up for last year’s losses and focus on the profits in the year to come. The best way to set yourself up for success as a pay per head bookie site is to equip yourself with the best tools available in the most hassle-free way possible.

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Pay Per Head Bookie Sites – How to Get the Best Software

A good pay per head software provider will help you gear up for the NFL Playoffs, but that is really just the beginning of the benefits. At, you get a customizable website that is yours to own and keep. You make the picks of sports offered and the types of bets your clients can make, like postseason player and team props.

Best of all, you and your clients get access to’s exclusive online casino and experienced customer service staff. In the rare instance you run into an issue, our support team is available 24/7.

See a demo today and get four weeks, free of charge, to try and see how your pay per head bookie site changes the game for the better.

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Bookie Sites Prepare for NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl