More Player Options Means More Profit

by WagerHome Blog on May 3, 2022

One of the biggest hurdles to being a successful independent bookmaker is the lack of options that you can offer your customers when you are running a one-person shop.

Too many options, like sports and betting types, can become overwhelming. So you keep it manageable, which eventually makes it really hard to keep your customers.

This is why in today’s expanding sports betting landscape when your customers have multiple sportsbook options a click of a button away, the only way to stay in business is by partnering with a top pay per head software provider like

A Full Sportsbook at Their Fingertips

You’re in this business because you love sports and sports betting, and that’s why your clients are with you. So make sure and give them the most complete sportsbook experience anywhere in the industry.

With WagerHome, your clients will have access to up to 80 different sports leagues across the world and the many sports betting options that those provide.

With an easy-to-understand betting platform, novice bettors feel right at home. But with a full slate of sports and betting options from every time zone on the planet, your veteran bettors will never get bored.

Two Types of Live Betting

If your veteran bettors do get bored, they simply aren’t trying. When you are partnered with WagerHome, you get not one but two types of live betting to offer your clients.

With WagerHome’s standard service, each of your clients has access to commercial live betting and all the many ways that a player can take advantage of in-play and in-game wagering.

And with the premium service, which is just $3 a month more per person, they all get access to WagerHome’s proprietary EZ Live betting and the 1000s of live events that can be wagered through that.

More Player Options Means More Profit

Esports Betting

Many of the big chain sportsbooks don’t even offer it, and certainly, it’s hard to find in the pay per head world. But with, you can offer your clients the best in esports wagering.

From CS:GO to Dota2, the fastest growing sport in the world that has leagues and tournaments all across the globe, is yours to offer to each of your clients.

Online and Live Dealer Casino

Opening multiple revenue streams is the name of the game, but with just the one partnership with WagerHome, you also become the manager of your own casino.

The standard membership comes with 24/7 access to WagerHome’s huge online casino, as well as the live dealer games featured in Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat.

The WagerHome platform is fast enough and nimble enough for multiple live dealer games to be played at the same time and with absolutely no lag. And the casino is large enough that your customers will have access to a huge selection of slot machines and table games, and they will always have something new to play.

Add in WagerHome’s worldwide racebook, and there is nothing in the gaming world that you can’t offer your customers.

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WagerHome BlogMore Player Options Means More Profit

Offer eSports Wagering With Our Pay Per Head Service While Coronavirus Strikes

by WagerHome Blog on March 26, 2020

This is indeed an interesting time in the sports betting industry. Arenas sit empty. On what was supposed to be Opening Day this week for Major League Baseball, the start of the season is an unknown.

And the Stanley Cup Playoffs, one of the most exciting events for sports bettors across North America, is still at least two months away.

This is where exceeds the other pay per head services out there. This is where you, as a bookmaking partner of, are better positioned to not only survive the current pause in major sporting events but still remain profitable.

And that is because has embraced the world of eSports, and put it front and center in the sports still competing that you can now offer your clients.

eSports is one of the fastest-growing sports around the world, and betting on eSports is growing just as fast. Leagues around the world, weekly tournaments, the ESL Pro League, which has gone worldwide with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All of it is still happening, and all of it is available to wager.

Why Choose a Pay Per Head Software Service

You have a group of loyal clients who place their bets through you. But at some point, you need to offer them the convenience of online and mobile access to their accounts. They deserve the latest and most up to date odds. They require the ability to place bets at all hours of the day and for events taking place around the world.


When you partner with a PPH software provider, all of the above is yours and at no extra work to you. A personalized website is included. A customer support team is there for your clients. Fast and reliable mobile access that allows your clients access to live wagering. A safe and secure means of handling the financial side of their accounts.

You wouldn’t be able to offer any of that as a one-person operation. But with PPH software, which costs just a nominal fee per person, all of it is yours, and all of it is your clients’.


Unlike with other PPH providers, takes no ownership of your business. The website remains yours. Your clients remain yours. And most importantly, your profits remain yours. Other PPH sites take their cut and maintain the rights to the website. That doesn’t happen at

And while the industry figures out how to navigate through these previously uncharted times, and many other PPH sites are finding it easiest just to close, remains open for business and committed to maintaining its partnership with you.

WagerHome believes in building long-term relationships with its partner bookmakers and finding ways to help them unlock new streams of revenue during the COVID-19 crisis.

And when this crisis does pass, and the sports world returns to normal, you will have a major leg up on the rest of the competition.

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WagerHome BlogOffer eSports Wagering With Our Pay Per Head Service While Coronavirus Strikes