Best Bets for NFL Week 4

by WagerHome Blog on September 28, 2023

In NFL Week 3, survivor pools were left in tatters after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Indianapolis Colts. And how on earth could the Minnesota Vikings get inside the Chargers six-yard line twice in the final three minutes and not score any points?

Thus are the fates when you wager on the NFL.

Miami Dolphins (+2.5) at Buffalo Bills

There is no greater example of the week-to-week nature of the NFL than the fact that one week after winning 70-20, the Dolphins are road underdogs.

Sure, Miami has a bad history in Buffalo. They’ve lost seven in a row when visiting the Bills. But they nearly won in the playoffs in January with Skylar Thompson at quarterback, and this year’s Miami team just feels different.

When the best offense is getting points, you take them.

Washington Commanders (+8) at Philadelphia Eagles

You will be forgiven for not taking the Commanders in this one, considering how bad things got last week against the Bills. But this is a divisional game (always close), and don’t forget that last year, an undefeated Eagles team dropped their first game of the year to a lesser version of the Commanders.

Washington has the defense and the running game to keep this NFL game close, and until Jalen Hurts irons out his inconsistencies in the passing game, Philadelphia will get more tight wins than blowouts. Washington knows how to play the Eagles tight, and they will do it again on Sunday.


Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (-3)

Even with a bad Deshaun Watson last season, the Browns and Ravens split, with Cleveland winning at home. The year before that, with a bad Baker Mayfield, the teams also split, each winning on their home field.

Now the Browns are getting average play from Watson and otherworldly play from their defense – Cleveland has the best scoring defense in the NFL, giving up just 10 points per game.

The Nick Chubb loss looks to be big, as the Browns mustered almost no running game last week against the Titans. But Baltimore is dealing with multiple injuries at multiple positions, and that will make it too hard for them to overcome the defense or the crowd in Cleveland.

Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5) at New York Jets

This is Patrick Mahomes’ first career start in New York. Hall of Famer Joe Namath is hoping this is Zach Wilson’s final start in New York.

Yes, the Jets have a great defense. But so do the Chiefs, and they have Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Word is that Taylor Swift will also be in attendance, and Kansas City is 1-0 against the spread when she is in the building.

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WagerHome BlogBest Bets for NFL Week 4

Best Bets for NFL Week 3

by WagerHome Blog on September 21, 2023

Best Bets for NFL Week 3

Television ratings are up, attendance is up, and the beginning of the NFL season has seen a significant rise in wagering. There are nine teams that have yet to lose a game in 2023, and nine teams that have yet to lose a point spread bet.

Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins (-6.5)

The Broncos played an excellent first half of football last week, and a terrible second half. They are 0-2, many of the problems that plagued the Nathaniel Hackett-led Broncos, are still a problem a year later with Sean Payton as the head coach.

The Dolphins are firing on all cylinders, and have played eight good quarters of football in two road wins, and two road covers. Now they are at home in Miami for the first time this season, and they are a top bet to win by more than a touchdown.

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (-7.5)

Best Bets for NFL Week 3

After a big win on the road at the Bengals, and their second cover of the season, the Ravens return home in sole possession of first place in the AFC North. Only two teams in the AFC are unbeaten, and the Ravens, with new offensive coordinator Todd Monken, are one of them.

Lamar Jackson looks more and more comfortable in the offense, and even though the Ravens are starting to be hit by injuries, the Indianapolis Colts are down to backup quarterback Gardner Minshew for this one. Minshew is a fine backup, but he limits the offense, and the Colts prospects at covering the spread. Look for the Ravens to win this game by double digits.

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers (-2)

In each of his first two starts this season, Packers quarterback Jordan Love has thrown for at least three touchdown passes. Last year as the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had just a single three-touchdown game.

The Packers offense has been really good through two weeks on the road, and now they play at Lambeau Stadium for the first time this year, against an offense not playing as well. Alvin Kamara still has two more games on his suspension, and that will continue to handicap the Saints.

The Packers will respond to the home crowd, Love will have another big game, and Green Bay will cover.

Dallas Cowboys (-12) at Arizona Cardinals

Both the Cowboys and Cardinals have started 2-0 against the spread, but that is where the similarities end. Dallas has beaten the spread by a combined 49 points, and they have outscored their opponents 70-10.

Arizona has beat the spread by a combined five points over two losses, and just played one of the worst halves of football, ever, in losing to the Giants. The Cowboys will roll by two touchdowns or more.

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WagerHome BlogBest Bets for NFL Week 3

Week 2 NFL Betting Preview

by WagerHome Blog on September 14, 2023

In NFL Week 1, the Detroit Lions got the win that justified their preseason hype. The San Francisco 49ers looked like the best team in the NFL, with the Dallas Cowboys right behind them. While the Seattle Seahawks underperformed massively, as did the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills.

It was a wild week in the greatest reality show on earth, and Week 2 promises more of the same.

NFL Pick: Las Vegas Raiders (+9) at Buffalo Bills

Where is the respect for the Raiders? They were four-point underdogs last week in Denver, and Las Vegas won the NFL game outright by stretching out of their time of possession and limiting the number of times the Broncos had the ball.

Now they are nine-point underdogs at b, a team that just lost to a reeling Jets team. If ever there was a win there for the taking, it was the Bills at the Jets, and they couldn’t get it done. Buffalo will probably get the win this week, but the spread is much too big. Look for the Raiders to cover.

NFL Pick: Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) at Cincinnati Bengals

Another underdog worth taking this week is the Baltimore Ravens. They covered the spread at home in Week 1, and now they get their top rival for the AFC North crown, a Bengals team that looked terrible at Cleveland.

Joe Burrow won’t be nearly as bad as he was last week, but the offensive line is a real concern. Instead of the new and improved line we were promised, they were a major liability. Baltimore will be able to exploit that and keep this game close.

At 2.5 points, you might want to avoid this game, but when the Ravens are getting more than a field goal, take it.


NFL Pick: San Francisco 49ers (-7.5) at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had an excellent showing in their Week 1 win at Seattle, and the offensive explosion came without Cooper Kupp. Turns out Matthew Stafford is still a very good quarterback, and Sean McVay is a very good NFL coach.

But, did you see the 49ers in Pittsburgh? They dominated the Steelers on both sides of the ball, and there is no reason to think that they can’t do the same at SoFi Stadium this weekend. And when you consider that the 49ers have covered each of the last seven games against their rival Rams, this bet becomes obvious.

The Rams are better than we thought, but they are still a young team that will struggle against the completeness of the 49ers. San Francisco wins this game and covers the spread.

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WagerHome BlogWeek 2 NFL Betting Preview

NFL Week 3 Betting Picks

by WagerHome Blog on September 20, 2022

The NFL loves its parity, and after two weeks of football, we are down to just six undefeated teams – the Bills, Dolphins, and Chiefs in the AFC, and the Eagles, Giants, and Buccaneers in the NFC.

That is the fewest 2-0 teams in the NFL since divisions realigned in 2002. It’s also worth noting that there are only five teams that are 0-2, and that’s a magic number because last season, we had seven 0-2 teams, and not one of them made the playoffs. Three of the five teams at 0-2 this year were playoff teams in 2021.

It’s the best league, anything can happen, and anything can happen when you place your bets.

Baltimore Ravens (-3) at New England Patriots

It is a week for road favorites, and the first of these is the Baltimore Ravens visiting the New England Patriots.

Lamar Jackson isn’t likely to have another perfect week, but he is clearly playing at the top of his game, and he should have another big week. The Ravens’ defense also won’t collapse, as it did against the Dolphins. Instead of trying to contain Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill, a challenge for a banged-up secondary, the Patriots have Jakobi Meyers and Nelson Agholor.

Advantages to the Ravens in all three phases of the game have them covering the field goal spread.


Kansas City Chiefs (-7) at Indianapolis Colts

No team has started this season worse than the Indianapolis Colts, and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense is just fine without Tyreek Hill.

Kansas City had some problems with the Chargers’ wide receivers, but that is a weakness of the Colts, as is their offensive tackle situation. Shutting down Indy isn’t hard to do right now (see: Week 2 at Jacksonville), and the Chiefs will find the end zone at least four times.

Kansas City rolls to a big win in Indianapolis.

Buffalo Bills (-5.5) at Miami Dolphins

Good on the Miami Dolphins for their comeback win over the Ravens. But don’t forget, they were down 35-14, and against a better NFL team, that comeback never happens, and Miami loses big.

Buffalo is that better team. The best team in the NFL at this stage, coming off two giant wins over two of the best teams in 2021. Super Bowl champion Rams, no problem. They beat them by 21. The No. 1 playoff seed in the AFC in the Titans, they barely break a sweat. The Bills beat them by 34.

Buffalo is scary good, and they go into Miami and win by well over a touchdown.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Week 3 Betting Picks

NFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Picks

by WagerHome Blog on August 10, 2022

If you are an experienced NFL bettor, you know the disclaimer that follows. This is the NFL preseason.

There used to be a time when starters would actually play as much as a full quarter of football, or even more. Those days, however, are over. Most of the veteran stars will not see the field in this first week of full preseason play, and perhaps even any of the preseason.

That makes it tough to make accurate picks, which is both good and bad. Bad, because a lot of wagers are just guesses in the NFL preseason. But good, in that the lines bookmakers post are also largely guesses, and that makes for some exploitable point spreads.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) – Thursday

It is the most bizarre streak in the history of the NFL. The Ravens have won 20 consecutive NFL preseason football games, and under head coach John Harbaugh they are 12-1 against the spread in the opening week of the preseason.

It’s nuts, winning that many consecutive games you aren’t really even trying to win. But at this point, the Ravens are trying to win, hoping to keep the streak alive. It will be fun to watch Malik Willis play for the Titans in this one but bet on the Ravens to cover the spread.

Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions (+1.5) – Friday

The pick of the Ravens aside, it generally is more profitable to pick underdogs in the preseason. Underdogs have covered the spread 54.2% of the time over the previous two seasons.

Here we have a home dog, and one who is the subject of HBO’s Hard Knocks, which makes us like the Lions even more. Last year’s Hard Knocks team was the Indianapolis Colts, and they won all three of their NFL preseason games.

Go with home dog Lions to cover.

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers (-1) – Friday

The 49ers, with a new young quarterback, will play Trey Lance in their first and third preseason games. They are also expected to play several other starters along with Lance.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t appeared in an NFL preseason game since 2018, and he won’t be in the field on Friday in San Francisco. For that reason, plus the Packers having to travel, we like the 49ers to cover this nominal point spread.

NFL Preseason

Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers (Under 30) – Saturday

Rams coach Sean McVay and Chargers coach Brandon Staley hate the NFL preseason. Their only goal in preseason games is to get them over as quickly as possible. In 2021 the Rams scored 6, 16, and 12 points. The Chargers scored 13, 10, and 0. And when they played head-to-head, the final score was 13-6.

It would be a shock if these teams go over 30 total points. For these two teams, hammer that under.

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WagerHome BlogNFL Preseason Week 1 Betting Picks

Five NFL Teams To Bet On In Week 10

by WagerHome Blog on November 9, 2019

The NFL regular season is half over, and the San Francisco 49ers are the last undefeated team in the league. The New England Patriots lost last weekend, which was their first loss of the season, but they are still the betting favorite to win the Super Bowl.

As a PPH bookie, the NFL season gives you tons of betting options to offer your players, which is great for you, considering you can really make a profit. Having a legit PPH site, like the ones from, that is well set up and offers players NFL betting options can be profitable for you and keep your players happy with all the wagers they can make.

Let’s take a look at Week 10 action and five teams to bet on.

Los Angeles Rams -3.5 at Pittsburgh Steelers

While the Rams are on the road and their two-game win streak has come against weak opponents, they are still the pick in this game. Yes, the Steelers have won three in a row, but they had a little luck on their side in their last game and may be without starting RB James Conner for a second straight game.

Baltimore Ravens -10 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens are flying high, winning four in a row, and handing the Patriots their first loss of the season in their last game. Lamar Jackson has emerged as an MVP candidate, and Baltimore is a double-digit road favorite even though they only beat Cincy by six points at home early in the season. The Ravens are the pick against the winless Bengals in this game, as they have the top-ranked rushing offense in the NFL, while Cincy ranks dead last in the league in run defense.

Kansas City Chiefs -4 at Tennessee Titans

The Chiefs are coming off a big win over the Minnesota Vikings, and they have won two of their last three games with backup Matt Moore. Reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes is expected back for this game, and that would really spell doom for Tennessee.

Kansas City has many offensive weapons, and it will outmatch the Titans, even in their house. Tennessee has not beaten a team with a winning record this season, and that will continue in this game, as it will lose its second in a row and fail to cover the spread.

Minnesota Vikings +3 at Dallas Cowboys

In the Big D in the Sunday night primetime game, the Cowboys are a three-point home favorite against the Vikings. Dallas has won two in a row and is atop the NFC East, but it has been inconsistent on the season. The Cowboys beat the 5-4 Eagles in the game before their last one, but their other four wins have come facing teams that have a combined five wins.

The Vikings lost their last game where league rushing leader Dalvin Cook struggled. He will get back on track, and in this close game, Minnesota will, at least, cover the spread.

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers -5.5

The Packers took their worst loss of the season in their last game, while the Panthers are coming off a solid win where Christian McCaffrey had 166 total yards from scrimmage with three TDs.

The reason Green Bay is the pick is that it is back home at Lambeau Field, and Aaron Rodgers, who passed for 429 yards with 5 TDs and no interceptions in his last home game, will light it up.

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WagerHome BlogFive NFL Teams To Bet On In Week 10