WagerHome Pay Per Head Service Promotion – First 4 Weeks Free!

by WagerHome Blog on November 3, 2020

With both college football and the NFL going strong, college basketball tipping off in November, the NBA eyeing a December return, and an anticipated January start for the next NHL season, now is the time to launch the independent bookmaking service you’ve been considering.

Independent, however, does not mean that you have to go it alone. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, and be in complete control of the services you provide to your clients, but still have help from an experienced and trustworthy partner by signing up for WagerHome pay per head software service.

As part of their current promotion, if you sign up for WagerHome pay per head, you will pay $0 for four weeks. That’s right, when you sign up at https://www.wagerhome.com/ your first four weeks are free!

What is WagerHome Pay Per Head?

In short, signing up with a pay per head software provider is simply a way to outsource your bookmaking business’ administrative side. Instead of building your own website, the WagerHome pay per head would provide a fully customizable site. Instead of having to chase down changing odds from around the world, the PPH software does that for you. And instead of taking each bet personally from your clients, that too is handled by the PPH software provider.

WagerHome Pay Per Head

Why do Bookmakers Love WagerHome Pay Per Head?

The reason independent bookmakers are flocking to PPH providers is simple – you maintain complete control of your business, but with almost none of the headaches that come with being the boss.

You can have automatic odds set for you, or you can set them yourself. And instead of putting out the financial outlay of a new website, WagerHome pay per head foots the bill.

Through PPH companies like WagerHome.com, you can provide your clients unfettered access to sports betting, as well as a 24/7 racebook and 24/7 online casino, increasing your profits without you having to increase any of your workload.

Bookmakers also receive weekly reports on how each of their clients is playing and betting, and access to a player administration page that allows those clients to be managed properly and efficiently.

Why will Your Clients Love WagerHome Pay Per Head?

While your clients will likely be loyal, that’s no guarantee with the number of betting options available today. Bettors want to wager on the most up-to-date and sophisticated platform available, and WagerHome.com guarantees that the software they provide always comes with the latest technology.

That technology includes live in-play wagering, which your clients will be able to do with WagerHome.com software, as well as eSports wagering, parimutuel wagering from horse racing tracks around the world, and an online casino that offers live dealers for Blackjack, Baccarat, and roulette.

WagerHome pay per head also comes with advanced encryption technology, so your clients can make deposits and withdrawals and be confident in their transactions’ security. There are also multiple backup servers and firewall protection, adding additional security for everything WagerHome.com provides.

Should there be any problems with transactions, placing wagers, or anything else that might befall a sports betting website, WagerHome.com offers your clients 24/7 customer support to solve all issues quickly.

Get a demo and a four-week free trial of WagerHome pay per head today, and take your bookmaking business to the next level!

WagerHome BlogWagerHome Pay Per Head Service Promotion – First 4 Weeks Free!

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