Top 5 Best Bets to Win Super Bowl LIV

by WagerHome Blog on November 12, 2019

The New England Patriots have dominated the last two decades by treating November and December as the real regular season, and September and October as tuneups. We are now in that “regular season,” and the Patriots are still atop the list of Super Bowl champion favorites. But at +250, are they the most valuable buy?

It is estimated that 118 million people in the United States will place a bet on the NFL this year. If you’re one of those 118 million, you’ve thought about a Super Bowl bet. And if you’re one of the many entrepreneurial bookmakers looking to begin your own Pay Per Head site, the NFL and the Super Bowl is soon to become your bread and butter. So the following information is definitely for you.

Green Bay Packers

A little shine came off the Packers after their loss to the Chargers, dropping them to +1200. But Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers, and he has shown that Matt LaFleur’s offense is much to his liking. The NFL overreacts, and it’s an overreaction to think the Packers aren’t still a top-five pick to win the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson is having an MVP season, Seattle just added Josh Gordon, and while this isn’t the most talented Seahawks team we’ve ever seen, at +2000 there is incredible value in taking them as a Super Bowl pick.

Kansas City Chiefs

It’s not how you start, but how you finish, as the Patriots have taught us. The Chiefs are getting healthy at just the right time, their schedule over the last six weeks lays out very nicely for them, and there’s a guy named Patrick Mahomes under center. The loss at Tennessee (a team they always lose to) also drops their odds, making the bet even more attractive.

Baltimore Ravens

You really wanted to take the Ravens a month ago. Since their win over New England and their dismantling of the Bengals, they look like a Super Bowl contender. But while you might not get the odds you would have gotten back in September, the winner is the winner, and you want to hold that ticket. Lamar Jackson is a matchup nightmare, and they look like a real possibility.

Houston Texans

The Patriots, 49ers, or Saints could all go here. But they are heavy favorites, and the reward simply doesn’t warrant the risks each team presents. But talk about reward – the Texans are at +2500 and have the one key ingredient every contender needs, a quarterback at the top of his game. Deshaun Watson makes this more than an appealing number to place a wager.

Search for the best odds before placing your bets, obviously. And if you do decide that Pay Per Head is indeed for you, allowing you to provide your customers with an easy-to-use online betting portal, and with posted odds that are completely customizable for you, has 15 years of experience and offers four free weeks of use before you have to commit.

Best of luck the rest of the season.

WagerHome BlogTop 5 Best Bets to Win Super Bowl LIV

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