Three Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

by WagerHome Blog on December 5, 2019

Think about these numbers. A customer who averages $100 bets per game will lose more than $3,000 in any given year. So imagine how much you can profit as a bookmaker if you have as few as 100 customers.

You live in California; you want to live the California life. So instead of working harder, work smarter. And a smart, independent bookmaker knows that in 2019, profit can best be found in opening your own pay per head site and following these three steps.

Research the Business

There are a lot of pay per head services out there ready to give you your own site. In order to pick the right one for you, look around. Good sites like will give you four free weeks to test drive their platform, customer service, bet offerings, and see how they manage changing odds.

Become the customer and think about all the things they will want in a betting site. Then think about everything that might go wrong and how each site will handle those potential problems.

Then read blogs and learn as much as you can about the business and the direction it’s going. That way, when you do settle on a site, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Get Your First Clients

One of the beautiful things about employing a PPH site to handle your sports wagering operations is that it frees you up to build your client base.

To get started, reach out to people you know. Friends and family, co-workers and classmates, friends of friends, etc. Having that personal connection makes it more natural and risk-free to extend a line of credit or offer free introductory bets.

But, and this is important, a PPH site charges you per head regardless of how much they wager. So if they’re only going to place one $10 bet per week, they are going to cost you money. So be smart when choosing your clients as well. This is your business, and you want it profitable.

Build Your Business

Once you are up and running, it will become much easier for you to add more clients. Word of mouth is still the best and most effective way to draw in new players. Ask your best customers to tell their friends and colleagues about your services. Use social media to spread the word. Offer them introductory free bets.

And since you live in California, go to the many racetracks, golf courses, cycling events, beach volleyball matches, surf competitions, and everywhere else that sports fans gather and strike up conversations.

Let people know what you do, how they can become involved, and then again, offer them a free bet to get started.

Also, look for new customers at the end of sports seasons. Some bookies only do football or baseball, etc. So when the football season ends or at the close of the Final Four, there are good customers that have suddenly become free agents.

Find them, offer them new season specials, and make them permanent clients.

WagerHome BlogThree Steps To Dominate In California With Your Pay Per Head Site

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