The Fallout From the Aaron Rodgers Injury

by WagerHome Blog on September 12, 2023

It was the most anticipated home opener in the history of the New York Jets. It was the anniversary of 9/11, the Jets were debuting a Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who came running out of the tunnel carrying an American flag, and finally, after years of being cursed, the Jets were going to be an elite team.

Then, just four plays into Rodgers’ career in New York, it was over. His Achilles tendon was torn, and his season had ended.

Aaron Rodgers Injury: The Jets Super Bowl Chances

Within minutes of the injury, the futures bet on a Jets run to the Super Bowl dropped from +1800 to +2700. And by the end of the night, as the severity of the injury became more sure, those odds dropped all the way to +5500.

New York still has a great defense, as evidenced by their win on Monday night in spite of the injury, but Zach Wilson doesn’t look any better at quarterback than he has in his previous two seasons. As far as being a Super Bowl contender, this team is done.

The Green Bay Packers Fallout

While the blow to the Jets is obviously the greatest, the injury to Rodgers also affects the Green Bay Packers. In the trade that sent Rodgers to New York, the Packers got back a conditional 2024 draft pick that would become a first-round pick if Rodgers played 65% of the snaps. That is no longer a possibility, so instead of the 2024 pick being a first, it will be a second-round pick.

Green Bay received first- and second-round picks in this past draft, which became defensive end Lukas Van Ness and tight end Luke Musgrave.

The Fallout From the Aaron Rodgers Injury

Monday Night Bettors Revolt

With such a high-profile player leading off the first Monday Night Football game of the season, many sportsbooks offered special proposition bets, boosters, and same-game parlays.

Most of the sportsbooks are refunding the Rodgers specific bets, like overs on passing yards, touchdowns, etc. And if Rodgers was used in a leg of a same-game parlay, those bets are also being refunded. If, however, you bet the under, those are being treated like wins.

FanDuel and Pointsbet did not offer any refunds and were very clear about their posted rules. FanDuel wrote on social media;

“Due to regulatory requirements, all bets will be settled in accordance with our house rules. Unfortunately we will not be offering a bad beat on this occasion.”

Bettors were quick to complain, but FanDuel isn’t budging.

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WagerHome BlogThe Fallout From the Aaron Rodgers Injury

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