Pay Per Head Money Maker: Dynamic Live Wagering

by WagerHome Blog on November 26, 2020

If you are an independent bookmaker looking to supercharge your business and maximize your sports betting revenue, you need to partner with a pay per head software provider with a live wagering option. Along with four weeks to try it out for free, gives you your own customizable website, your choice of worldwide sports and wager types, and full betting reports for each of your clients.

Beyond that, provides something that you can’t offer your customers when you’re running your shop alone – live sports wagering.

What is Live Wagering?

Live wagering, also called in-play wagering, is defined simply as bets placed on games that are currently in progress. As the game moves along and the score changes, new betting opportunities become available, and with constantly changing odds. Those changing odds are calculated by a computer – making them free of human bias – and they are something that you can’t offer your clients unless you are teamed up with a pay per head software provider.

As an example, it works something like this:

The Miami Dolphins are hosting the Buffalo Bills and are listed at +3 before kickoff. As soon as the game begins and points are scored, the betting line shifts. If Miami goes up early, the line will shrink. If Buffalo is the first team to score, the spread line will grow.

The over/under line, spread line, and much more are all subject to change as the game progresses. You can bet on quarters and halftime lines, and even smaller bets are offered, such as whether Josh Allen will throw a touchdown pass, Matt Breida rushes for a score, the next turnover, the next sack, as well as a host of other live bets.

Live Wagering

Your Clients Want Live Wagering

Live betting on sports dates back to the early days of the 20th century. Fans would sit in the stands at baseball games and bet on things like the next pitch, whether a batter would get on base, and how many bases the next hit would be. Now that we all have the ability to walk around with sportsbooks in our pockets, what was once a fun way to enhance wagering while sitting in the stands has exploded into the most popular way to bet on sports today.

Industry insiders believe that 70% of all sports wagers in the United States will be in-play wagers in the near future, a trend that would match what is already developing in Europe. If we can apply European trends to U.S. data, we can expect that most of your clients are likely to be placing live wagers with a large sportsbook, if they are not doing so already. And no matter how loyal they are to you, the siren song of live wagering will eventually come calling.

To stay competitive and keep your clients engaged and satisfied, the ability to provide live wagering is invaluable.

Live Wagering Means More Wagering

Along with the enhanced enjoyment that live wagering brings your clients, the ability to place in-game wagers keeps bettors more engaged in your sportsbook. They become an active participant in betting, placing multiple bets per game.

There are halftime wagers to cover pre-game losers. Drive and play bets in football and individual inning bets when wagering on baseball. Plus, since your clients can get an instant return on bets, there is an incentive to place multiple wagers, either to keep their winning streak rolling or to hedge their bet and cut losses.

Everyone wins when you add live wagering to what you can offer as a bookmaker. Your clients are happy, and your profits are bigger. To set up your sportsbook with pay per head live betting services, contact us at at any time.

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WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Money Maker: Dynamic Live Wagering

Why Smart Bookmakers are Choosing WagerHome Pay Per Head Software

by WagerHome Blog on November 12, 2020

With a changing legal landscape and a more condensed sports schedule because of the COVID-19 pandemic, sports betting is more competitive than ever. All those changes have independent bookmakers running for the greener pastures of pay per head software and the four-week free trial offered by

For just a small fee per customer, WagerHome pay per head will give you your own website, a complete menu of sports betting options, and detailed client reports.

Keep Ownership of Your Business

With many pay per head companies out there, a partnership is anything but that. Instead of keeping control over the business you worked so hard to create, the pay per head (PPH) provider maintains ownership of the website you use.

At, the website is yours, and it’s completely customizable. Your brands and your style will be what your clients will see and use, and they will always remain your clients. You’re simply paying for help with the administrative side of bookmaking and not signing over any of your profits.

WagerHome Pay Per Head

Offer Your Clients What They Want

You’ve built your bookmaking business from the ground up, and your clients are loyal to you because of it. But with legal sports betting apps populating their phones and more and more casinos cropping up, that loyalty will only last so long.

With WagerHome pay per head, you receive a detailed report on all your clients so you can better shift your offerings to meet their needs. This includes a choice in sports from all over the world. If you have someone who loves making cricket bets, great, you can make sure they have access to all the cricket all the time.

WagerHome pay per head also offers an online casino with live dealers. Instead of your clients needing to go elsewhere to play blackjack, roulette, and other casino games, they can stay right on your website and play 24 hours a day.

You can also offer them 24-hour access to a fully-functioning racebook for the same per-person fee you’re already paying, as well as live in-game wagering on thousands of events.

Less Stress for You

Running a bookmaking business can be challenging. Taking bets, updating odds, dealing with financial transactions, and troubleshooting problems at all hours of the day can take its toll. But for as little a $9 per client, per month, none of that needs to be your responsibility.

Your provided website will handle all of the wagers. As odds update on sports around the world, they will update automatically on your website. Or you can post your own odds if you prefer. It is entirely up to you.

With WagerHome pay per head, all financial transactions are secured by the latest encryption technology, so both you and your clients can rest easy when sending and receiving money. There are also multiple backup servers and firewall protections, further securing your personal information.

Should your clients ever run into issues, instead of calling you at two o’clock in the morning, they can access’s 24-hour customer support and have all their problems solved.


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WagerHome BlogWhy Smart Bookmakers are Choosing WagerHome Pay Per Head Software

WagerHome Pay Per Head Service Promotion – First 4 Weeks Free!

by WagerHome Blog on November 3, 2020

With both college football and the NFL going strong, college basketball tipping off in November, the NBA eyeing a December return, and an anticipated January start for the next NHL season, now is the time to launch the independent bookmaking service you’ve been considering.

Independent, however, does not mean that you have to go it alone. You can be your own boss, set your own hours, and be in complete control of the services you provide to your clients, but still have help from an experienced and trustworthy partner by signing up for WagerHome pay per head software service.

As part of their current promotion, if you sign up for WagerHome pay per head, you will pay $0 for four weeks. That’s right, when you sign up at your first four weeks are free!

What is WagerHome Pay Per Head?

In short, signing up with a pay per head software provider is simply a way to outsource your bookmaking business’ administrative side. Instead of building your own website, the WagerHome pay per head would provide a fully customizable site. Instead of having to chase down changing odds from around the world, the PPH software does that for you. And instead of taking each bet personally from your clients, that too is handled by the PPH software provider.

WagerHome Pay Per Head

Why do Bookmakers Love WagerHome Pay Per Head?

The reason independent bookmakers are flocking to PPH providers is simple – you maintain complete control of your business, but with almost none of the headaches that come with being the boss.

You can have automatic odds set for you, or you can set them yourself. And instead of putting out the financial outlay of a new website, WagerHome pay per head foots the bill.

Through PPH companies like, you can provide your clients unfettered access to sports betting, as well as a 24/7 racebook and 24/7 online casino, increasing your profits without you having to increase any of your workload.

Bookmakers also receive weekly reports on how each of their clients is playing and betting, and access to a player administration page that allows those clients to be managed properly and efficiently.

Why will Your Clients Love WagerHome Pay Per Head?

While your clients will likely be loyal, that’s no guarantee with the number of betting options available today. Bettors want to wager on the most up-to-date and sophisticated platform available, and guarantees that the software they provide always comes with the latest technology.

That technology includes live in-play wagering, which your clients will be able to do with software, as well as eSports wagering, parimutuel wagering from horse racing tracks around the world, and an online casino that offers live dealers for Blackjack, Baccarat, and roulette.

WagerHome pay per head also comes with advanced encryption technology, so your clients can make deposits and withdrawals and be confident in their transactions’ security. There are also multiple backup servers and firewall protection, adding additional security for everything provides.

Should there be any problems with transactions, placing wagers, or anything else that might befall a sports betting website, offers your clients 24/7 customer support to solve all issues quickly.

Get a demo and a four-week free trial of WagerHome pay per head today, and take your bookmaking business to the next level!

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WagerHome BlogWagerHome Pay Per Head Service Promotion – First 4 Weeks Free!