Sports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting

by WagerHome Blog on April 2, 2020

As the world remains sheltered in place and spectator sports stay dark, creative minds are hard at work to find ways to fill the void. There is, of course, the NFL Draft coming up at the end of this month to get your gambling fix. But wouldn’t it be great to bet on actual football? How about virtual football?

That is what is happening at sportsbooks across the globe. No Final Four to bet on this weekend? No problem. Missing the end of the NBA season? Not to worry.

And just as we’ve all dreamt about while playing in our living room with our friends, there are Madden 20 simulations on which you can now place bets.

NBA 2K20

Computer simulations have been used for years to help us make predictions. Now those simulations are being used as the main event.

For NBA 2K20’s simulations, you get a full 48-minute game, interviews, stats, commentary, and timeouts, and all of it is streamed live online. Not all of the possible betting options that you would get with a real NBA game are available, but point spreads are set before each matchup, and betting is taking place.


Thanks to the makers of NBA 2K20 adding full college rosters to its game last fall, there are now NCAA Tournament simulations that you can also wager on. Find your point spread or totals bet, place your wager, and then stream it all live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.

The simulations are all based on real players playing a fully randomized game, and all are taking action from bettors.

Horse Racing, Auto Racing, and Soccer

While the big sports like basketball and football are newer to the simulated wagering game, virtual horse racing, automobile racing, and soccer have been a thing for quite some time. Virtual soccer has been popular for several years over in Europe, and with the shortened games, there is a constant turnover of new wagers that can be placed.


Again, it’s a computer providing the simulated results, so no insider knowledge or research is required to place a winning bet. It’s more in line with playing a slot machine or placing a roulette bet. But it’s sports, and it’s gambling, and it’s filling a void.

Pay Per Head Software

Independent bookmakers that have chosen to team up with and use their pay per head software are consistently finding new and interesting ways to turn a profit during our current pandemic shutdown. And since PPH software handles all of the administrative duties of running your own bookmaking operation, that leaves you time to work more closely with your clients and make sure they understand all of the wagering options that are still available.

This is indeed new ground in the sports and sports wagering industries. But was built specifically to be a long-term solution to your bookmaking needs, forging lasting partnerships that will extend well beyond these next weeks and months of uncertainty.

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WagerHome BlogSports Simulated Games Part of New Era of Betting