Staying At Top Of Pay Per Head Software Leaders: Make Sure You Have Elite Customer Service

by WagerHome Blog on January 16, 2020

The granddaddy of all sports wagering days, the Super Bowl, is just around the corner. We’re also just two months away from March Madness, then baseball, then The Masters, and then the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The sports calendar always seems packed, but especially at this time of year. And that is why this is the perfect time to take your bookmaking service to the next level by teaming it up with pay per head software.

It’s about giving your customers everything they want and more. And if you log on to, you can get four weeks to try it out, absolutely free, before ever making a commitment.

What Is Pay Per Head Software?

Pay per head software allows you to run the bookmaking service you’ve always dreamed of. That fancy website with all the bells and whistles that gives your clients 24-hour access to wagering is yours with PPH software.

The up-to-the-minute changing odds that you struggle to keep up with as you run your service are now done for you with PPH software. Events across the world, and in every sport imaginable, can be wagered by your clients with PPH software.

You need detailed reports on each of your customers to stay on top of betting trends and make sure their needs continue to be met. PPH software also gives you that, and still so much more.

How Your Customers Benefit from Pay Per Head Software

At the end of the day, this business is only about one thing – making your customers happy by giving them the service they expect. What they expect in today’s sports betting age is online and mobile access any time of day they want.

They want flexibility in their service, but also reliability. They want an app that is fast and responsive, deposits and withdrawals that are immediate and secure, and they want to know that the odds and point spreads on which they are betting are reflective of the latest breaking sports news.

With pay per head software, you can give your customers all of these services plus the 24-hour customer support that is only available by joining forces with an experienced partner.

How Bookmakers Benefit From Pay Per Head Software

Making sure your customers are served is definitely the most important thing. But there are also benefits to you, the bookmaker, that are considerable parts of the pay per head advantage.

No more late-night calls from customers clamoring to make a bet. No more chasing odds on sporting events that might not be easily accessible.

And no trying to save up enough money to pay for website building and online hosting while also juggling the financials of day-to-day operations.

As this new year and this busy time on the sports calendar gets started, the time to give your customers what they want, and the help that you so richly deserve, is now.

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WagerHome BlogStaying At Top Of Pay Per Head Software Leaders: Make Sure You Have Elite Customer Service

Tracking Your Pay Per Head Clients Is Simple Using WagerHome Software

by WagerHome Blog on December 21, 2019

The year is winding down, and you’re looking for a new way to inject life into your bookmaking business that will make this coming year the best yet. If that sounds like you, and you haven’t yet given pay per head a try, what’s stopping you?

At, you get four full weeks to test drive the software and see if it’s right for you, your business, and your clients, before ever making a financial commitment.

What Is Pay Per Head?

With pay per head software at your disposal, you will get a top-of-the-line website to run your business through. The software will provide live and fully updated date odds and point spreads and offer your customers access to sports from around the world. Or you can completely customize your own point spreads and sport offerings if you choose.

The software also comes with total customer service that will handle any problems your clients might have, as well as the safety and security to handle the high-dollar transactions that led you to the business in the first place. And all of this is yours for a small per player weekly fee of $9 to $12, depending on which package you choose.

Tracking Your Clients

Since PPH software will take care of the hard work that goes into financial transactions, bet placing, and odds tracking, you are left to do the most important thing to grow your business: Customer outreach. Obviously, this is most critical in growing your client base. If you don’t have clients making bets, you have no business.

customer service

But you also need to meet those clients’ needs, and that is where the PPH software at is also extremely valuable. With the software, you can track the bets they are making, the frequency, sport, and amount, and that allows you to understand better how they use the service.

And the more you understand your clients, the better you can serve their needs. The easier it is for you to tailor the experience for them and to them.

Provided Client Controls

With the software, you can control almost everything about how your clients use your bookmaking service. You sign them up, give them access to your provided website, and decide if they can use WagerHome’s casino and racebook along with the sportsbook.

You can determine if they must operate on a credit or cash account, what their credit limit is, as well as the cap on their wager amount. You can even dole out temporary credit if the situation calls for it.

And along with those controls for each individual client, you also get detailed reports for all of your clients. Since you are paying a per head fee, this protects you against overpaying for someone who isn’t using the service.

It also allows you to understand when the majority of your bets come in for the week and what leagues — NHL, NFL, NBA or whatever — they’re coming on so that you can adjust your offerings accordingly.

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WagerHome BlogTracking Your Pay Per Head Clients Is Simple Using WagerHome Software

Choosing The Best Pay Per Head Software To Run Your Local Business

by WagerHome Blog on December 12, 2019

You’ve finally come around. You now realize that in order to maximize the success of your local bookmaking business, the only option is to sign on with a pay per head service.

You’ve got the clients, but they have demands for technology and customer support, and they want all the options that a big sportsbook can give them.

Pay per head is definitely your solution, but with so many out there, how do you choose the right one?


First and foremost, never pick a pay per head company that also takes a percentage of your winnings. That is your profit, and it should remain untouched. You will find good and reputable sites that only take a per person fee, and that’s who you should sign with.

Although less isn’t always best. If you come across a site offering as little as $3 a head, buyer beware. You get what you pay for.

They are likely to offer limited services, or simply not be long for the world. Anything between $10 and $15 is reasonable.

Free Trial

Fully formed sites with history and top-of-the-line services will also give you an opportunity to try their software for no commitment., as an example, gives its new bookmaking partners four free weeks to try it out before it ever takes a dime.

That allows you to see exactly what your customers are getting, and what exactly you will be getting in a partner. There is no reason to ever sign up with a company that doesn’t also offer you a free trial.

What Sports Are Offered

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s important enough to mention here. Make sure that the sports offered by the pay per head site are in line with the sports your clients want. So communicate with your clients. Let them know that you are upgrading your operations and be direct in asking them what they would most like to play. Maybe it’s the NFL, the NBA, even soccer from overseas. You never know until you ask.

Then make sure that not only does the PPH site offer those sports, but that it offers a complete range of options within that sport. In-play wagering, multiple leagues, and a full range of parlays and propositions should all be available for your clients.

Financial Security

Make sure the PPH sites you’re researching use the latest encryption software to keep their records, and the records of your clients, secure. Along with making sure that they offer a complete list of possible deposit and withdrawal options, you have to make sure they are able to protect all the information they acquire.

And it’s important to note that they will not need the personal details of your clients. If they ask for those, that PPH site isn’t for you.

Customer Service

Lastly, one of the chief reasons you’re signing with a PPH site is so that you don’t get calls at all hours from your clients. Your partner pay per head service should offer 24-hour customer service to handle any technical issues with its software, placed wagers, etc. There is no reason to settle for anything less.

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WagerHome BlogChoosing The Best Pay Per Head Software To Run Your Local Business