MLB Spring Training Gets the Baseball Betting Started; Don’t Forget the Great PPH Locations

by WagerHome Blog on February 25, 2020

Most people look at Opening Day of the Major League Baseball season as the place on the calendar where the real baseball betting season begins. But with all teams now playing their full slate of Spring Training games, if you’ve been dying to place a baseball bet during this long, dark, and cold winter, there’s no reason to wait until the regular season.

Wagers can be placed, winnings can be collected, and you can begin to build your baseball betting strategies for the 2020 season right now.

Now is also a great time for bookmakers to take advantage of pay per head software. By joining forces with a PPH provider, you can elevate your client offerings, give them greater access to the things they crave and provide for them a layer of account security you simply can’t do on your own.

And best of all, at, you can try it free for the next four weeks before having to make a modest commitment financially.

What is Pay Per Head Software?

If you could hire a team of trained professionals to build you a website and mobile access and put it on a super fast and flexible platform, provide your clients access to wagers on sports from around the world, and give them the security of encrypted financial transactions and 24-hour access to customer service, you would.

With pay per head software, that is exactly what you can provide, and all for a small “per head” fee – as the name suggests.

Everything is customizable to make it yours. And it is, in fact, yours if you use Some other companies retain ownership of the webpage they provide, taking away from the business you built.

PPH Advantages for the Bookmaker

PPH software is everywhere, so no matter where you have your business, it’s yours to use. And that means no more chasing down clients. No more tracking shifting odds on your own. And no more taking phone calls in the middle of the night so your customers can place a bet.

spring training

The cost of creating your own dynamic website capable of in-play wagering and instant financial transactions, and staffed by a team of trained professionals, would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, with PPH software, you can save the money but still get the service.

PPH Advantages for the Customer

Giving your customers the upgraded experience of PPH software will keep them loyal. They will get access to all of the perks of a big bookmaking site – including mobile access – but still get the personal touch that only you can provide.

Your customers, no matter where they are located, will be playing on the best and latest technology. The odds they play will be the most up to date in the business. Their transactions will be backed up by encryption technology. And if they encounter any technical or account issues, customer service is available to troubleshoot a solution.

WagerHome BlogMLB Spring Training Gets the Baseball Betting Started; Don’t Forget the Great PPH Locations

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