Three Teams Worth A World Series Futures Bet

by WagerHome Blog on February 22, 2020

Spring training games are upon us, and baseball is getting itself geared up for one of the more interesting seasons in recent memory. The offseason is usually all about the news of player movement, while this year, it feels like we’ve done nothing but talk about trash cans, buzzers, and tainted World Series titles.

Time to get back to the business at hand, and which teams are most deserving of your World Series futures bet.

Houston Astros (8/1)

Yes, I just said let’s get back to the business at hand, and now I’m talking about the Astros. But the reality is that even without trash cans, they remain a very good team, and at 8/1, they provide better wagering value than the two favorites, the Yankees (3/1) and Dodgers (7/2).

The Astros have a great lineup, a great rotation, and a massive chip on their shoulder. As much as other teams are going to be motivated when they face the Astros, it’s clear that the Astros have equal motivation to prove that they are deserving of their World Series.

It may feel distasteful to put money on Houston, but it’s also a smart play.

New York Mets (18/1)

You can, of course, place your money on that other team for New York, but at only 3/1, and considering it’s been 11 years since they last won the World Series, I think the Mets offer much greater value.

They, too, have one of the best rotations in all of baseball, with a pair of Cy Young winners highlighting the starting five. And whichever team can emerge from the NL East is going to be tough and battle-tested, having survived the Nationals, Braves, and Phillies.

World Series


I think the Mets can be that team, and at 18/1, they make for an enticing World Series future play.

Minnesota Twins (18/1)

The Twins are like the anti-Mets, in that they have the luxury of playing in one of the worst divisions in all of baseball. The Tigers have a win total line of 56.5, and the Royals are at 64.5. That means a lot of losses for those teams and a lot of wins for the Twins.

And even though the prospects for the Indians and White Sox are better than the bottom two, neither team is expected to be in the postseason.

We know about the home run prowess of the Twins – they hit an MLB-record 307 last season – but what may make the difference this season is the acquisition of starting pitcher Kenta Maeda. This team is simply too good to be listed at 18/1, making this a very appealing play.

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WagerHome BlogThree Teams Worth A World Series Futures Bet

Three Dark Horse NBA Title Contenders In Second Half Of Season

by WagerHome Blog on February 18, 2020

From a legendary slam dunk competition to a battle to the very end in the NBA All-Star Game, it was an All-Star weekend for the ages, all underscored with tributes to the life and play of the late Kobe Bryant.

The pause in the season came at the perfect time, allowing everyone to celebrate and reflect on what has happened in the last three weeks. And everyone seems to have left the weekend re-charged and with a new sense of purpose for the upcoming sprint to the postseason.

The favorites to compete for the title have already established themselves. But who might emerge in the second half as dark horse candidates that could give the heavyweights a run for their money?

Denver Nuggets

The favorites in the West are the two teams in Los Angeles, with the Lakers moving clear of the field in the week before the All-Star break. But both the Lakers and Clippers are an injury away from coming back to the pack. The Nuggets, on the other hand, run deep. They’ve rarely had everyone healthy at the same time, yet are still hanging around.

If Paul George’s bad hamstring acts up for the Clippers, or one of the big-two with the Lakers goes into the playoffs less than healthy, keep an eye on the depth of the Nuggets.

Miami Heat

No team has seen a bigger jump in its odds to win the NBA title over the course of the season more than the Miami Heat. They began the year at 600-to-1, and now stand as high 25-to-1.

No, that doesn’t make them a likely winner. But they’ve played great basketball inside the Eastern Conference, they’ve been absolutely dominant at home, and they added Andre Iguodala at the trade deadline.

That doesn’t necessarily put them in Milwaukee’s league, but it does put them in position to capitalize should the Bucks stumble.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors have also seen a meteoric rise in their championship odds largely fueled by an amazing 15-game win streak right before the All-Star break. Power forward Pascal Siakam has emerged as a consistent scorer down low, and he’s been complimented on the outside by the great play of guards Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet.


They obviously lost Kawhi Leonard in the offseason, and expectations for this team were low because of that. But they still have plenty of playoff experience and the ability to get hot at a moment’s notice.

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WagerHome BlogThree Dark Horse NBA Title Contenders In Second Half Of Season

XFL Week 1 – Boom or Bust? Week 2 Betting Odds

by WagerHome Blog on February 15, 2020

After a lonely and desolate six days without professional football, the post-Super Bowl malaise came to an end when the new and improved iteration of the XFL kicked off its season last weekend.

Early reports are positive. Fans like the rules. Getting to listen in on replay review discussions was a really interesting way to see how the sausage is made. And sideline interviews in the seconds following a big play made for great television.

And most importantly, that good TV actually had people tuning in their TVs, with the inaugural game drawing a high of four million viewers. That’s a long way from what the NFL draws, but it was a great start for the XFL. As was in-game attendance.

The XFL saw more ticket sales before the season started then the Alliance of American football did during its entire first season.

Will those trends continue in week 2? And more importantly, which teams do we want to bet for week 2?

New York Guardians (+6.5) at D.C. Defenders

Both the Guardians and Defenders won last week, with New York’s defense giving up just 3 points to Tampa Bay. Matt McGloin is an experienced and efficient quarterback, which makes the 6.5 point line on New York an attractive offer.

At this point, we still aren’t sure how each of these teams will shake out, making any big underdog deserving of an extra look.

Tampa Bay Vipers (-2.5) at Seattle Dragons

As we just mentioned, Tampa Bay got manhandled last week. But Aaron Murray is a good quarterback and in college running back De’Veon Smith three times led Michigan in rushing. They face Seattle, which lost to D.C.

The Dragons are led by quarterback Brandon Silvers, who is lesser-known to many football fans because he spent his college days playing at Troy, where he was a four-year starter.

Dallas Renegades (-4) at Los Angeles Wildcats

Dallas settled for three field goals from Austin MacGinnis in last week’s loss to St. Louis but still come into this one as the favorites. Philip Nelson, who finished his college career at East Carolina, was the quarterback last week.


But Dallas is hopeful that Landry Jones will be healthy enough to get the start. L.A., for its part, got rolled by Houston last week 37-17.

St. Louis BattleHawks (+8) at Houston Roughnecks

Beware the big favorites. But for what it’s worth, Houston looks every bit the part of an 8-point favorite after getting four touchdown passes from quarterback P.J. Walker. The former Temple star finished with 298 total yards of offense.

The BattleHawks defense got four sacks last week and ran the ball for almost 200 yards, making this a difficult game to gauge.

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WagerHome BlogXFL Week 1 – Boom or Bust? Week 2 Betting Odds

Winners And Losers Of The NBA Trade Deadline

by WagerHome Blog on February 11, 2020

Now that the NBA trade deadline has come and gone, the league’s home stretch has officially begun. From here to the playoffs, the games mean more, the competition ramps up, and we’ll get a better idea of the teams that are truly built to make a deep run in the playoffs and compete for the NBA title.

It’s also when we see an uptick in NBA betting, which you already know if you run your own bookmaking service. You might also know that the best way to improve that business is with pay per head software, but you’ve yet to pull the trigger on joining forces with a PPH service because of the commitment.

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As for the moves that were the right ones to make at the trade deadline, here is our list of the biggest winners and losers.

Winner: LA Clippers (3/1 to win NBA Finals)

The Clippers were already one of the best teams in the West, and while treating the regular season as one long tuneup to the playoffs, they have managed to solidify themselves near the top of the Western Conference. But they now may be the best team in the conference after picking up Marcus Morris Sr. from the Knicks.

Morris is a tough and physical defender, scores 18 points per game, and is a great three-point shooter who is sure to find plenty of space to shoot with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George getting the bulk of the defensive attention.

Loser: Los Angeles Lakers (2/1 to win NBA Finals)

The Lakers are still the Vegas favorites to win the championship, but they too wanted Morris. Plan B was Darren Collison coming back, but he’s decided to stay retired.

Both Utah and Denver made small upgrades at the deadline, making the West more competitive overall and the Lakers’ path to the Finals that much more challenging.

Winner: Miami Heat (30/1 to win NBA Finals)

The Milwaukee Bucks are the agreed-upon best team in the East. But the race to be the No. 2 team in the conference just got more interesting with Miami’s acquisitions of Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder.


Both players bring playoff experience to the Heat as well as defensive flexibility, and the Heat didn’t have the mortgage the future to get either one, leaving them as a big free-agent player this offseason.

Loser: New York Knicks (10000/1 to win NBA Finals)

Not to pile on the Knicks, who’ve been in the loser category for the better part of a decade, but Morris was one of the more valuable pieces available at the deadline, and they didn’t get nearly enough in return.

New York received Maurice Harkless and a first-round pick that will be near the very bottom of the round, making it a rather pedestrian haul for a player seen as someone who could put the Clippers over the top.

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WagerHome BlogWinners And Losers Of The NBA Trade Deadline

Can Anyone Outside Los Angeles Win the 2020 NBA Championship?

by WagerHome Blog on February 8, 2020

Los Angeles seems to be the place to be this season in the NBA. With the Golden State Warriors taking a big step back this year and Kawhi Leonard deciding to leave the Toronto Raptors after leading them to last year’s title, this year’s NBA was supposed to be a wide-open race. But has it become a two-horse race between tenants of the same building – the Lakers and Clippers?

Is the NBA Championship victory destined to end at Staples Center in Los Angeles, with the team in attendance the only thing left to be decided?

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James has reached the age that Michael Jordan was when he retired from the Bulls (before his comeback with the Wizards). But James’ play indicates that he is far from ready to hang it up and take up full-time movie production. He has been great in all facets of the game and still looks like the best player in the league.

Anthony Davis has been exactly what the Lakers were hoping for when they traded for him. He scores, he rebounds, he blocks, he steals, and he has become the perfect complement to James.

The Lakers are great, and an obvious favorite. But they are not invincible. They lost four straight games in December and recently dropped a road game to a mediocre 76ers team.

LA Clippers

Leonard has gotten some heat about sitting a few games. But he’s playing at a championship level, and if he’s able to keep himself fresh for a deep playoff run, there’s no reason to think it won’t happen.

Paul George is back and healthy after missing almost all of January with a hamstring injury, and he just pulled off back-to-back double-doubles. Leonard is the star of this team, without question, but when George is also on the floor, they can beat anyone.

The one knock against this Los Angeles team is history. The Clippers don’t have it, and even though Leonard just won his second NBA Finals MVP, the Clippers will carry the baggage of past failures into every playoff series. The last three times they made the playoffs, they were knocked out in the first round.

Eastern Conference Contenders

Los Angeles

The Bucks continue to be the class of the East and still have the defending league MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo. They lead the entire league in scoring while also boasting a top 10 defense. That kind of all-around play is exactly what Milwaukee needs to get over the championship hump.

Toronto was supposed to be done when Leonard decided to leave it, and at the beginning of the season, that’s how it looked. But the Raptors have ripped off a torrid streak of wins since early January and have themselves in second place. They play great defense, rank third in three-point shooting, and can lean on the experience of last season’s title run.

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WagerHome BlogCan Anyone Outside Los Angeles Win the 2020 NBA Championship?

Will Astros Be Marked Men Every Game During 2020 MLB Season?

by WagerHome Blog on February 4, 2020

We’re just a couple of weeks away from full squads reporting for Spring Training, and pitchers and catchers will report even sooner. So there’s no time like the present to take your bookmaking service to the next level by joining forces with a pay per head software provider.

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Astros Scandal Fallout

The top teams in the league are always targeted by their opponents. It serves as extra incentive to get the win because you want to beat the best.

But also since the team is a preseason favorite, you also know that if you want to win the division, you need to get those head-to-head wins.

This year with the Houston Astros, we’re going to see something similar, but on an entirely different level. They are still a great team. But they will spend this season under the cloud of the cheating scandal that was uncovered in recent weeks.

Not only will teams be extra vigilant when they face the Astros, but look for opposing fans to be into games on a different level. For many of the Houston road trips, there will be almost a playoff atmosphere in the stands.

Most notable is the disgust about an Aug. 4, 2017 game involving the Astros and the Toronto Blue Jays. The Astros were in first place and leading their division by 15 games. The Blue Jays were a last-place team.

But reports show that there were a season-high 54 pitches that had trash can bangs – the Astros’ signal to the batter about what pitch was coming – during that game with the Blue Jays.

The best team in the league playing one of the worst teams in the league, and they actually ramped up the amount of cheating on their way to a 16-7 win. That doesn’t sit well.

Astros Management and Suspensions

The hiring of Dusty Baker to manage the team in the wake of A.J. Hinch’s suspension and firing does give the Astros a seasoned manager with a solid reputation to help rebuild their credibility.


But with so many of the players implicated in the scandal still on the team – most specifically Jose Altuve and the allegations of buzzer usage – Baker alone will not get the Astros past this.

There are not likely to be any more suspensions, so from a player standpoint, those who are on the team are likely to remain on the team for the foreseeable future. But that may only serve to aggravate the many Astros haters that have emerged in the last several weeks.

Without a complete house-cleaning, this team will be public enemy No. 1 for all opposing baseball fans and players.

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WagerHome BlogWill Astros Be Marked Men Every Game During 2020 MLB Season?

Three NCAA Teams Going Under the Radar As March Madness Creeps Closer

by WagerHome Blog on February 1, 2020

February is upon us, which means it’s just four more weeks until the calendar flips to March, and the greatest three weeks of basketball takes center stage.

You love March Madness for the Cinderella stories, the buzzer-beaters, and the cutting down of the nets at the end of the Final Four. But we also love the wagering, as the 32 games that take place on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament provide some of the most action-packed betting anywhere in sports.

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Looking ahead to March and any wagers you might place, certain teams are emerging as favorites. But other teams are flying under the radar and can still provide very good betting value.

Indiana Hoosiers (100/1 to win NCAA Championship)

It’s strange to think of one of the true bluebloods of college basketball as a team flying under the radar, but having missed the NCAA Tournament for three straight years, that’s where Indiana is. But a big win over Michigan State recently and an earlier win over Ohio State makes it more than likely that the tournament drought is about to end.

Battle-tested through a tough Big Ten season, Indiana will have a few more top matchups to prove that it belongs. But right now, all signs point to a program returning to its glory days.

Colorado Buffaloes (80/1 to win NCAA Championship)

No one thinks of the Colorado Buffaloes when talking about NCAA Tournament success. They’ve won exactly three tournament games since 1963. The last win came a long eight years ago.

The Buffaloes, however, are a good team. Maybe even a very good team. Colorado is battling out it for the top spot in the Pac-12 and has a signature win over Oregon to bolster its resume.


Colorado also has a top 20 defense, which is exactly what you need to make a deep tournament run.

Rutgers (80/1 to win NCAA Championship)

Another school playing great team defense is Rutgers, which has allowed it to climb back into the Top 25. A good win against Penn State and tough losses to Illinois and Iowa highlight the Scarlet Knights’ season resume.

It has been 29 years since Rutgers played in the NCAA Tournament and 37 years since it won a tournament game. So even as a ranked team, it is being largely overlooked.

Rutgers is winning by an average margin of almost 10 points and is getting significant offensive contributions from seven different players, making it very difficult to shut down, and making it an intriguing under-the-radar play.

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WagerHome BlogThree NCAA Teams Going Under the Radar As March Madness Creeps Closer

Top Choices For Where Tom Brady Will Be Playing Next Season

by WagerHome Blog on January 28, 2020

NFL free agency doesn’t begin until March, but it’s never too early to start looking ahead to where the biggest name in the free-agent pool, Tom Brady, might land. There hasn’t been this much name recognition in a potential free agent since Peyton Manning hit the open market, joined the Broncos and led them to a Super Bowl.

So, where will Brady play football in 2020? These are the four most likely landing spots.

Los Angeles Chargers

Philip Rivers has officially moved to Florida, and he is just short of being officially out as the Los Angeles quarterback. But this team has talent, and it’s looking to make a splash as it moves into a new stadium and tries to emerge from the shadow of the Rams.

The Chargers are the kind of team that would seem to check all the boxes for Brady, who doesn’t just want to play but wants to play for another Super Bowl. The one downside about a move to Los Angeles is that it is a long way from Brady’s new house in Greenwich, Conn.

Indianapolis Colts

Jacoby Brissett is a fine quarterback, but he is not an adequate replacement for Andrew Luck, who suddenly retired last summer. Brady, on the other hand, would be a good replacement.

He brings instant championship swagger to the position, and the Colts have more than enough salary cap space to make it happen, and to surround him with even more talent.

Brady finishing his career as a Colt would also add an extra layer of fun to the Manning-Brady rivalry that lasted in the AFC for so many years.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The biggest knocks on the Patriots this last season was their lack of weapons at wide receiver. So how different would it be to see Brady throw to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, O.J. Howard, and Cameron Brate?


Jameis Winston isn’t gone yet. But following his 30-interception season, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians didn’t stay away from talking about a possible quarterback change.

It’s hard to know exactly how good Brady would be in a new system at the age of 44, but there is zero chance that he will get anywhere close to 30 picks.

New England Patriots

Of course, staying in New England is a possibility, and even might be the most likely destination. Owner Bob Kraft wants him to stay. The fans want him to stay. And probably/maybe Bill Belichick wants him to stay.

And if the Patriots can find the money to keep him and get a wide receiver or two, Brady will stay. But he will still very much enjoy the courting from the rest of the league.

Whoever signs Brady will be an instant contender for a 2020 futures bet. And if you’ve ever thought of being the person who takes those bets, now is the perfect time to start your bookmaking business by signing up with a pay per head software provider. offers you four free weeks to try it out before any commitment is necessary.

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WagerHome BlogTop Choices For Where Tom Brady Will Be Playing Next Season

Betting These 3 Dark Horses In The NCAA Tournament

by WagerHome Blog on January 25, 2020

Not everything has to be about the Super Bowl this week. As the calendar gets closer to February, the NCAA basketball season begins to take center stage as the favorites battle it out for the top seeds in March.

But every year, there is an unexpected run to the Final Four, like Auburn in 2019. So who is this year’s best candidate to go on a run and outperform its seed? Who might be the surprise wager of the year and net you a tidy profit in a future’s bet?

Houston Cougars 80/1

The Houston Cougars were a No. 3 seed in the 2019 NCAA Tournament, but because they lost a pair of scorers from that team, they began this season unranked. That has changed, as they’ve now climbed into the Top 25 following a big win over 16th-ranked Wichita State.

And with a tough road loss at Oregon, this team will be battle-tested by the time March rolls around.

With Kansas transfer Quentin Grimes emerging as the superstar scorer the Cougars hoped he would be, this is exactly the kind of team that can go on a late-season run to Atlanta.

Maryland Terrapins 40/1

It seems like every year, there is a team from the Big Ten in the mix to win the national championship, and quite often, that team is Michigan State. But don’t sleep on Maryland, which is currently tied for third in the conference.

The Terrapins have had big wins over Notre Dame and Marquette – two frequent teams mentioned as possible tournament dark horses – and the grind through the conference will get Maryland more than ready for March.

dark horse

Maryland features a great defense, giving up just 61 points per game, and a dynamic outside scorer in junior guard Anthony Cowan Jr. And that combo is exactly what a team needs for a deep tournament run.

Arizona Wildcats 25/1

The Pac-12 has been a down conference for quite some time. It has had just one Final Four appearance (Oregon) in the last 11 years. But with three teams in the Top 25 this year, there is some quality basketball being played out west, and Arizona might be a team primed to return to the former glory of the Lute Olson days.

It was 2001 the last time Arizona made a Final Four, but following a dominant 21-point win over 20th-ranked Colorado, the Wildcats look like a team on the rise. They’ve also looked very good in close losses to Baylor, Oregon, and Gonzaga, giving them the exact kind of resume you look for in a tournament dark horse.

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WagerHome BlogBetting These 3 Dark Horses In The NCAA Tournament

Top Five Reasons to Bet Kansas City In Super Bowl LIV

by WagerHome Blog on January 21, 2020

The Super Bowl matchup is set following the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over Tennessee in the AFC Championship Game and the San Francisco 49ers’ victory against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

We still have two weeks to talk about the biggest day on the sports betting calendar, and a lot can change over these next two weeks. And you could change the entire complexion of your bookmaking business by signing up for pay per head software in the next two weeks. allows you to test its product for four weeks free, giving you the chance to supercharge your business before the Super Bowl.

As for the game itself, the Chiefs have opened as 1.5-point favorites, and here are the top five reasons we think taking the Chiefs is a good bet.

Patrick Mahomes

With all respect to Jimmy Garoppolo, Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback playing in this Super Bowl, and maybe the best to play in any Super Bowl since Tom Brady was at his peak.

Mahomes simply never has a bad game. All of his games are either good or great. In four career playoff games, Mahomes is averaging 297 yards and three touchdowns and has yet to turn the ball over.

This is a quarterback’s league, and going with the better quarterback is always a good bet.

Andy Reid

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan is one of the best young offensive minds in the NFL, and he will win a Super Bowl or two before his career is over. But Kansas City coach Andy Reid seems destined to end his Super Bowl drought and cement his place in the Hall of Fame.

We’ve all heard about how good Reid is when he has two weeks to prepare for an opponent. He is 18-3 in the regular season when coming off a bye, and in the playoffs when his team earned an extra week to prepare for its first game, he is 6-0.

Reid with an extra week to prepare for Super Bowl LIV is a big Kansas City advantage.

Tyreek Hill

Richard Sherman is a great cornerback who is destined for the Hall of Fame, and he will give Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill some problems. But he doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Hill, the fastest man in the NFL.

super bowl

Sherman will need safety help to keep Hill from adding to his 17 total touchdowns of more than 50 yards.

Tyrann Mathieu

This is one Honey Badger that does care. Since gelling with the new defense in Kansas City, safety Tyrann Mathieu has emerged as one of the team’s unquestioned leaders and has been playing some of the best football of his career.

He’s playing like a man on a mission and gives this team a big lift in the secondary.

Chris Jones

There was some doubt that Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones would play in the AFC Championship Game because of a lingering calf injury. But not only did he play, he was a disruptive force.

He helped hold Titans running back Derrick Henry to his worst game since Week 6, and several times his pressure forced Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill to misfire on third downs. With two more weeks to get healthy, Jones will be even better in the Super Bowl.

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WagerHome BlogTop Five Reasons to Bet Kansas City In Super Bowl LIV