Top Five Reasons to Bet Kansas City In Super Bowl LIV

by WagerHome Blog on January 21, 2020

The Super Bowl matchup is set following the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over Tennessee in the AFC Championship Game and the San Francisco 49ers’ victory against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday.

We still have two weeks to talk about the biggest day on the sports betting calendar, and a lot can change over these next two weeks. And you could change the entire complexion of your bookmaking business by signing up for pay per head software in the next two weeks. allows you to test its product for four weeks free, giving you the chance to supercharge your business before the Super Bowl.

As for the game itself, the Chiefs have opened as 1.5-point favorites, and here are the top five reasons we think taking the Chiefs is a good bet.

Patrick Mahomes

With all respect to Jimmy Garoppolo, Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback playing in this Super Bowl, and maybe the best to play in any Super Bowl since Tom Brady was at his peak.

Mahomes simply never has a bad game. All of his games are either good or great. In four career playoff games, Mahomes is averaging 297 yards and three touchdowns and has yet to turn the ball over.

This is a quarterback’s league, and going with the better quarterback is always a good bet.

Andy Reid

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan is one of the best young offensive minds in the NFL, and he will win a Super Bowl or two before his career is over. But Kansas City coach Andy Reid seems destined to end his Super Bowl drought and cement his place in the Hall of Fame.

We’ve all heard about how good Reid is when he has two weeks to prepare for an opponent. He is 18-3 in the regular season when coming off a bye, and in the playoffs when his team earned an extra week to prepare for its first game, he is 6-0.

Reid with an extra week to prepare for Super Bowl LIV is a big Kansas City advantage.

Tyreek Hill

Richard Sherman is a great cornerback who is destined for the Hall of Fame, and he will give Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill some problems. But he doesn’t have the speed to keep up with Hill, the fastest man in the NFL.

super bowl

Sherman will need safety help to keep Hill from adding to his 17 total touchdowns of more than 50 yards.

Tyrann Mathieu

This is one Honey Badger that does care. Since gelling with the new defense in Kansas City, safety Tyrann Mathieu has emerged as one of the team’s unquestioned leaders and has been playing some of the best football of his career.

He’s playing like a man on a mission and gives this team a big lift in the secondary.

Chris Jones

There was some doubt that Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones would play in the AFC Championship Game because of a lingering calf injury. But not only did he play, he was a disruptive force.

He helped hold Titans running back Derrick Henry to his worst game since Week 6, and several times his pressure forced Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill to misfire on third downs. With two more weeks to get healthy, Jones will be even better in the Super Bowl.

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WagerHome BlogTop Five Reasons to Bet Kansas City In Super Bowl LIV

Picking Winners In NFL Conference Championship Games

by WagerHome Blog on January 18, 2020

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is often called the best weekend of football since you have eight great teams all squaring off for more than 12 hours of live action. But conference championship weekend, while coming with fewer games, does come with much bigger stakes.

Win, and you are on to the Super Bowl. Lose, and you’re watching it on television.

It’s also a great weekend to raise the stakes on your bookmaking service by joining forces with pay per head software. Give your customers 24-hour web and mobile access, more betting options, and better service for the cost of a small fee.

But before paying anything, you can give it a try at for free for the next four weeks, right in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

AFC Championship Game

In the early game on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs are hosting their second consecutive AFC Championship Game. One year ago, they lost in overtime to the New England Patriots after a late Tom Brady interception was wiped away by an offsides penalty.

The Chiefs played a slow first half last year as they were a little overwhelmed by the moment. Returning to the game for a second straight season, that will not happen this time around.

They also got their terrible start out of the way last week against the Texans before scoring touchdowns on an amazing seven straight possessions and winning 51-31.

The Tennessee Titans counter with Derrick Henry, who has been all-world in these playoffs. But even as good as he’s been, the Titans’ point totals have been just average – 20 against the Patriots and 28 against the Ravens.

Henry will get his yards and maybe a couple of scores. But they will not get to 35 points, and that is what they’ll need to get close to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

The Chiefs win 38-20, and Andy Reid gets to his second Super Bowl as a head coach.

NFC Championship Game

Each of the four remaining teams lost games this year that they shouldn’t have. But no one suffered worse losses than the Green Bay Packers.

conference championship


The Packers dropped an early home game to an average Eagles team, then twice on road trips to the West Coast, they laid massive eggs, losing 26-11 to the Chargers and 38-7 to the 49ers.

They get an opportunity to seek revenge against that Niners team this Sunday, but San Francisco’s defense has gotten healthy the last couple of weeks, and it showed in the divisional round with a suffocating 27-10 win over the Vikings.

The quarterback edge in this game, of course, goes to Aaron Rodgers, who is trying to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in nine years. But overall, the 49ers at home will prove to be too much.

They have the better defense, a great run game, and a weapon in George Kittle unlike anything the Packers have as a counter.

The 49ers win 27-17 and will play in their first Super Bowl in 24 years.

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WagerHome BlogPicking Winners In NFL Conference Championship Games

3 Players To Watch During The NFL Divisional Weekend

by WagerHome Blog on January 11, 2020

The NFL is a league of turnover, and nowhere is that more clear than in the eight teams that are playing on divisional playoff weekend. Of those eight teams, seven of them failed to make it this far a year ago, with only the Kansas City Chiefs making it to the divisional round in each of the last two seasons.

That turnover just adds to the excitement that is betting on football, which is why now is the perfect time to jumpstart your bookmaking service by signing up with pay per head software. You can give a try for four weeks free of charge before making any commitments.

Teams rise, and teams fall, and new players enter the big stage of the NFL playoffs, where they hope to cement their legacy. For this weekend, as the eight teams battle it out to see which four will advance to the championship games, these are the three players that are worth watching.

Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

Following Tennessee’s upset win at New England, the football world can’t stop raving about the play of Derrick Henry. Add us to the list of those heaping on the praise, because he has been outstanding.

Just how good was Henry last weekend? Quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw for just 72 yards, and the Titans still won because the steamroller that is Henry ran for 182 yards. He now has 393 yards over his last two games.

Up next is a trip to Baltimore against the top-seeded Ravens, another team that is pretty great at running the football. If Henry can keep it going, and he can get just a little more help from Tannehill, it’s possible we could see another upset.

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson looked like an absolute magician in Houston’s come-from-behind win against the Buffalo Bills on Wild Card weekend. Watson was running for touchdowns, bouncing off would-be tacklers, and throwing darts to his receivers.

His college coach Dabo Swinney called Watson another Michael Jordan, and no one was arguing against that comparison at the end of the game.

NFL divisional

The Texans’ defense is not good, so the Chiefs are expected to put up a lot of points in their matchup in Kansas City. But if Watson can keep pace and have another magical performance, Houston could move on.

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are the top seed in the NFC and are the odds-on favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. But their quarterback, Jimmy Garappolo, is making his first-ever playoff start.

If the 49ers are to fulfill their lofty expectations, they will need Jimmy G to play like a guy who’s been there before. He’s had a terrific season, and there’s no reason to think that won’t continue.

But the Vikings did just make Drew Brees look rather ordinary, and they will look to do the same to Garoppolo.

It’s simple, if he plays well, so will the Niners. If he doesn’t, it might be a very short postseason.

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WagerHome Blog3 Players To Watch During The NFL Divisional Weekend

Five Players To Watch When Betting On Run To Win Super Bowl LIV

by WagerHome Blog on December 31, 2019

The NFL playoffs begin this weekend, so we’re going to look at the five players who can make a difference this postseason. If you are currently running your own bookmaking business, it is not too late to capitalize on the increase in sports betting that happens this time of year. The best way to maximize your profits and capture the thrill of customers betting on the NFL postseason is with pay per head software.

You can try it out at for four weeks free before making any commitments.

And speaking of the next four weeks, these are the five players that will have the greatest impact on which team will ultimately wins the Super Bowl.

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore

Lamar Jackson is the presumed NFL MVP for 2019, and what a season it’s been. Jackson is a weapon unlike any other in the league, and if he can’t be slowed down, it will be awfully hard for anyone other than the Ravens to win the Lombardi Trophy in Miami on Feb. 2.

Jackson did lose to the Chiefs this year, and last year too. But if they are to meet in the playoffs this year, it will be in Baltimore, and that could make all the difference.

George Kittle, San Francisco

The NFC Championship runs through San Francisco, and the 49ers’ offense runs through tight end George Kittle. In the storied history of the 49ers, only one tight end has ever topped 1,000 yards, and it’s Kittle. And he has done it now two years in a row.

Whichever team has to go on the road in the divisional round and face the 49ers must contain Kittle, or they will have no chance.

Aaron Jones, Green Bay

Aaron Rodgers will someday be in the Hall of Fame, but he may not be the most important Aaron on this year’s Packers team. Aaron Jones is a 1,000-yard rusher who also caught 49 passes for another 474 yards, and it’s not a coincidence that the only three Packers losses this year came in his three worst games.

Five players

When Jones is rolling, so are the Packers. And if he keeps it going in the playoffs, it might be Green Bay winning another title.

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City

Last season’s MVP has the Chiefs heading into the playoffs on a six-game winning streak – the second-longest current win streak in the league (the Ravens have the longest).

Kansas City’s defense is improved from last season’s AFC Championship Game, but if the Chiefs are to win the Super Bowl this year, it will be on the back and arm of Mahomes.

Derrick Henry, Tennessee

It’s a passing league, and Derrick Henry is a running back. There are five teams with at least 12 wins on the season, and Henry plays for the nine-win Wild Card Titans. But he just won the rushing title, topped 200 yards in Tennessee’s Week 17 win that secured its playoff spot, and is averaging 149 yards over the last six weeks.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been incredible down the stretch, but this team relies on Henry to keep pounding.

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WagerHome BlogFive Players To Watch When Betting On Run To Win Super Bowl LIV

Week 17 Playoff Picture Games To Watch

by WagerHome Blog on December 28, 2019

There are no Saturday NFL games this week, and no one plays on Monday. With playoff implications on the line, the NFL has everyone playing on Sunday for Week 17 of the regular season, so that all teams go into their games on equal footing.

It’s the best time of year to bet on football, and it’s the best opportunity for you to see just how much your bookmaking business would benefit from pay per head software. From the tech used to the available bets to the speed of changing odds, you can see how it works at with a free four-week trial.

A full 11 of the 16 games on Sunday will decide NFL playoff berths and seeding, but it’s the following five games that we’re keeping our eyes on the most.

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans

The Texans have already clinched the AFC South and are currently the fourth seed in the playoffs. It’s possible they could move up to third, but that would require a Chiefs loss to the Chargers in Kansas City.

For the Titans, it’s simple; win, and they are in the playoffs as the sixth seed. If it was to lose to the Texans, then Tennessee needs Pittsburgh and Indianapolis to lose, and then it would still get in.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are locked in as the AFC’s top seed. So with home-field wrapped up, they will probably rest many of their starters. That could open the door for the Steelers, who would become the sixth seed if they win and the Titans lose.

There are also a few other less likely scenarios to get the Steelers in that involve multiple other results and a strength-of-victory tiebreaker.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers and Seahawks are both in the playoffs, but the difference between a first-round bye and having to go on the road as a Wild Card is a big one, which makes this game one of the most intriguing of the weekend.

Whichever team wins gets the division. If it’s the 49ers, they will also get a first-round bye. If the Seahawks win, they get the bye if the Packers lose this week. Scenarios also exist for either team to get home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

The NFC East hasn’t exactly shown itself to be the class of the NFL this season. Only one playoff team will emerge from the division, and it’s now impossible for any team to win as many as 10 games.

That being said, the division championship is coming down to the final week, and the Eagles are in the driver’s seat. If they beat the New York Giants, they are champs of the NFC East and will be the NFC’s fourth seed.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

If the Eagles falter against the Giants, then the Cowboys can win the division. They will need to beat the Redskins at home, and their division-winning scenario only comes to fruition if the Eagles lose.

Otherwise, a Cowboys win will be a nice way to end the season, but their season will end.

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WagerHome BlogWeek 17 Playoff Picture Games To Watch

Three Keys To Remember When Betting The NFL Playoffs

by WagerHome Blog on December 17, 2019

Just as teams have to step up their games to be successful in the NFL playoffs, so do sports bettors. The competition is better, the lines are tighter, and the stakes are greater.

If you are a bookmaker, it only makes sense that you would rely on a pay per head site to handle the administrative side of your business during this most important time of the betting year. offers you four free weeks to try out its product and see if it’s right for you.

It also makes sense that you remember these three keys when placing your NFL playoff bets.

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Everyone is talented in the playoffs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. But not everyone is playing their best football at the time the playoffs kick off.

Smart gamblers know to focus on the teams that come into the postseason on a hot streak and give less credence to the team with an overall better resume but struggled a bit in December.

It is the proverbial “backed into the playoffs” scenario. And quite often, a team that backs into the playoffs with mediocre play is quick to back itself out.

Case in point: the 2018 Houston Texans. They lost two of their final four regular-season games last season but remained the No. 3 seed, hosting the sixth-seeded Indianapolis Colts, who won all four of their final games to make the playoffs. The Colts then promptly knocked off the Texans in the playoffs 21-7.

The hot team advanced; the cold team began its offseason.

The More Ways A Team Can Win In Playoffs, The Better

As we just said, everyone is good, and everyone has video on each other by the time the calendar hits January. So the smarter plays are on teams that play multi-dimensional football. The more ways a team can beat you, the harder it is to shut them down.

A gaudy passing offense that struggles to run the ball is much more likely to be shut down against a good defensive coordinator and playoff-worthy defense. Add in questionable weather, and a team that scores 30 points a game in October may suddenly have a hard time hitting 20.

Put your money on the most well-rounded playoff teams.

Injuries and Practice Time

Don’t get too caught up in who isn’t practicing during the week. It does not necessarily mean that they will miss the game.

In the playoffs, everyone wants to play and has extra motivation to take the field. An injury that will keep a guy out in November may not do the same in January, so don’t make assumptions based on mid-week injury reports.

That doesn’t, however, mean you shouldn’t study injuries in-depth. How long has the injury nagged him? How did he perform this season playing hurt? How good is the backup? How might him playing change the game plan?

All of these are important questions to ask and attempt to answer before you place any NFL playoff wagers.

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WagerHome BlogThree Keys To Remember When Betting The NFL Playoffs

Top NFL Favorites To Bet In Week 15

by WagerHome Blog on December 14, 2019

Only three weeks remain in the NFL’s regular season, so there are only three weeks left to pick some favorites and play the full slate of games to get the best wagering experience offered anywhere in sports. But you don’t just have to be on the betting side of things to love a full day of NFL action.

If you are a bookmaker and are running your operations through a pay per head bookmaking site, you also know just how exciting the action is on the other side of the betting slip.

And if you haven’t yet signed up for a PPH site, you can try for four weeks commitment-free, and find out just how profitable your bookmaking services can become.

Speaking of profitable, let’s get to our list of the top favorites to bet this NFL weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5) at Washington Redskins

Philadelphia has not been impressive this season, and its wide receiving group looks more like a MASH unit. But you can play that to your advantage.

The Eagles opened as six-point favorites, but enough money has gone to the Redskins to move that line down to 4.5. This is now a good bet for Philadelphia. It still has a division title within its reach, while Washington is playing out the string.

Go with the Eagles to cover a line that might even get smaller by kickoff.

New England Patriots (-9.5) at Cincinnati Bengals

The Patriots are still playing for the No. 1 seed in the AFC, while the Bengals are playing for the No. 1 draft pick. On a normal week, this line might be closer to 14, but with New England coming off two losses and the distraction of Spygate 2.0, the line sits at just 9.5.

The talent may be waning, but no team is as professional as the Patriots. They put aside all the noise and get back on track with a big win over the Bengals.

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers (-11)

The 49ers are another team looking at a possible No. 1 seed in the playoffs. So not only are they playing like the best team in the NFC, they have all the motivation to keep playing at a high level.

San Francisco has covered the spread three straight weeks, while Atlanta has failed to cover in two of the last three weeks. It’s a long road trip for a Falcons team finishing up a disappointing season. The Niners win this game by a couple of touchdowns.

Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints (-9)

Against the spread over the last six weeks, the Saints have gone win, loss, win, loss, win, loss. Well, if that pattern is to continue, they’re due for a win.

But a much better reason to take the Saints this week is that they are at home in primetime, they’re jockeying for a playoff bye, and the Colts have lost three games in a row and have only slim playoff hopes remaining.

Drew Brees has a big game, and the Saints cover the spread.

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WagerHome BlogTop NFL Favorites To Bet In Week 15

Five Favorites To Bet In Week 14 Of The NFL Season

by WagerHome Blog on December 3, 2019

With just four weeks remaining in the regular season, the NFL has hit its final stretch, and sports bettors have a final month on the calendar to find the best value and place those last bets. And if you haven’t yet signed up for your own pay per head bookmaking site and brought your business into the future, you may be missing out on those final NFL bets.

Check out and its four free weeks of service to maximize your end-of-season profits.

As for the games, these are the top five favorites to bet this week.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (-1)

The Carolina Panthers are in freefall and are now just playing out the string as losers of four straight games. Most recently, they lost to the Redskins after going into the game as 10-point favorites.

The Falcons have also struggled against the spread this year, but they just played a tight game against the Saints on Thanksgiving and have an extra three days to get ready for this one. The smart money is on the Falcons to prevail.

Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers (-13.5)

The Redskins have shown a little life recently against some really bad teams. That has people thinking they are better than they actually are, and we’ll see that in spades when they travel to Green Bay to face a playoff-bound Packers team.

The Packers are 8-4 against the spread, one of the highest rates of any NFL team, and showed last week just how good they are in bad weather.

The weather will be bad again this Sunday, and that translates to a big Packers win.

Tennessee Titans (-2.5) at Oakland Raiders

Apart from a garbage score in the closing minutes last week, the Raiders have gone 10 quarters without scoring a meaningful touchdown. They’ve also lost two straight games by more than 30 points, so banking on a three-point loss to a Titans team that is squarely in the playoff hunt is a good bet.

Simply put, the Titans are the better team, the hotter team, and the team with the most to play for. Take the Titans and give the points.

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints (-2.5)

The Saints and Drew Brees are scoring points, and as good as the 49ers have been playing, points for them are harder to come by. This will be a great game between a pair of Super Bowl contenders, and possibly an NFC Championship preview, but for this one, we’re going with the home team.

New Orleans is 8-4 ATS this season, and it will make it 9-4 on Sunday.

Denver Broncos at Houston Texans (-7)

Fresh off their win over New England, the Texans are primed to make a run through December. The AFC South leaders struggle a bit on defense, but Deshaun Watson has played great, and the Broncos defense is banged up.

Denver is also starting rookie Drew Lock at quarterback, and that adds up to a big loss on the road. Take the Texans and give the points.

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WagerHome BlogFive Favorites To Bet In Week 14 Of The NFL Season

Three NFL Favorites To Bet As Locks In Week 13

by WagerHome Blog on November 30, 2019

Thanksgiving weekend is the unofficial start to the NFL’s homestretch. Playoff teams begin to separate themselves from the pack. Other teams begin to eye the coming offseason. Weather becomes an issue. And since this is prime betting time on the sports calendar, if you haven’t yet signed up for a Pay Per Head bookmaking website, you are leaving money on the table. You can give it a look at and get four free weeks to test it out.

If you have already moved your bookmaking business to a PPH site, then you know the value of NFL betting and the values that can be found by betting the best favorites for this week.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5)

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr does not do well in cold weather, and a winter storm is rolling its way through Kansas City. Couple that with Carr’s 0-5 record at Arrowhead Stadium in any weather and the giant egg the Raiders laid on last week’s trip to the Jets, and expectations are low for Oakland.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Kansas City coach Andy Reid is coming off a bye, where he’s deadly. The Chiefs are finally getting healthy after a number of weeks lost due to injury. And Patrick Mahomes has had huge games against a below-average Oakland defense.

The inclement weather expected for kickoff has lowered the over/under total line, but the Chiefs are still a great bet to score lots of points and roll to a big victory.

Cleveland Browns (-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s not often we look forward to a Browns-Steelers rematch. But following the Myles Garrett helmet-swinging incident, this game carries a little extra excitement with it. Even if the change at quarterback for Pittsburgh robs us of one the major players in that fight in the first meeting.

Devlin Hodges will be making his second career NFL start for the Steelers because, as head coach Mike Tomlin said, “He hasn’t killed us.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, and reason enough to still like the Browns in this one despite playing on the road and being without Garrett. Cleveland’s offense has been clicking since the addition of Kareem Hunt, and it will keep it going in this one.

Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks (-3)

Seattle has been on a roll against the spread, going 4-2 in its last six games. Russell Wilson is playing some of the best football of his career, and the Seahawks have to get this win if they want to stay in the hunt for the NFC West title.

Minnesota also has a lot to play for as it remains in the hunt for its own division title and a possible first-round bye. But the Vikings are just 1-5 against the spread in their last six games against Seattle and going on the road in primetime isn’t where Kirk Cousins thrives.

The Seahawks are on a four-game winning streak, and against the Vikings, they will make five straight and win by at least a touchdown.

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WagerHome BlogThree NFL Favorites To Bet As Locks In Week 13

Three NFL Underdogs To Consider In Week 12

by WagerHome Blog on November 23, 2019

The NFL is hitting the home stretch, and if you currently own a pay per head bookmaking service, no doubt this has become one of the busiest times of your year. And if you aren’t yet an owner of a pay per head bookmaking service, you can sign up at and get four free weeks to try it out.

With a PPH site, you can give your clients the wagering experience that they deserve, and give yourself a break from the constant struggle to keep up with the changing odds. Odds that have us looking at the three best underdog bets for Week 12 in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks (+1.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles offense is a weekly struggle. They are in desperate need of good wide receivers, and Carson Wentz just seems a hair off in his play of late. While on the flip side, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone playing as well as Russell Wilson, who many list as the MVP frontrunner.

Seattle is 4-1 against the spread on the road this season and a perfect 5-0 straight up, and even as a West Coast team playing in the Eastern time zone, they are great. The Seahawks are 16-3 since 2013 when making a road trip to the East Coast.

Add it all together, and it equals take the Seahawks and the points.

Dallas Cowboys (+6.5) at New England Patriots

We have another home team with a struggling offense in the Patriots. And just like in the game above, where the Eagles are facing a quarterback having a great season, the Patriots are as well. Dak Prescott is on pace to break the single-season passing yardage record.

He’ll probably slow down against a good New England defense. But this team has a top running back in Ezekiel Elliott and Amari Cooper at wide receiver, and because of their big three, the Cowboys will keep scoring.

It’s hard to pick against the Patriots, especially at home. And they may still win. But a good Dallas offense keeps this one close.

Green Bay Packers (+3) at San Francisco Giants

The Green Bay Packers are 7-3 against the spread this year and 3-1 on the road. The 49ers are impressive 9-1 straight up, which ties them for tops in the NFL, but they are just 5-4-1 against the spread and 2-2-1 at home.

Those numbers, by themselves, aren’t dispositive. But consider how the 49ers have struggled over the last few games. They won by three points at Arizona. They lost at home to Seattle in overtime. And most recently, they played a tight one at home against the Cardinals and only covered the spread because of a fluke defensive touchdown on the game’s final play.

Meanwhile the Packers’ lone blip over the last month was the egg they laid at the Chargers. Otherwise, that offense has been humming and Aaron Rodgers has looked like, well, Aaron Rodgers.

This will be a great game, and very possibly, there will be a rematch in the playoffs. But for this week, I like the Packers and the points.

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WagerHome BlogThree NFL Underdogs To Consider In Week 12