Houston Cougars vs. Kansas Jayhawks Prediction – Feb 3, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on February 2, 2024

The college basketball season has already been terrific up to this point, but things are going to get even better as the season moves along. Every weekend is loaded with some great college basketball action, and that is going to be the case on Saturday as well. 

The Big 12 Conference continues to be one of the best leagues in the country, and two of the top teams in the league are going to battle it out on Saturday afternoon. This matchup will feature the Houston Cougars visiting the Kansas Jayhawks in a top-10 matchup. 

Not only is this going to be a great college basketball game, but it will be one that leads to some great betting opportunities. Instead of simply wagering on this game, you should be looking to take some bets yourself with your own PPH site. 

It can be easy to set up your own PPH site, especially if you are reaching out to WagerHome.com for some help. Here is a look at this huge college basketball game, and some tips for getting your PPH site ready to go. 

Jayhawks Too Tough at Home

The Houston Cougars are currently ranked higher than the Kansas Jayhawks this season, and they are also on top in the conference standings. That might matter when it comes time for the seeds to come out in March, but that information won’t have much of an impact in this game. 

Houston is allowing just 52 points per game this season, and they continue to smother opponents all season long. The Cougars have the ability to shoot the ball well, but they would prefer to win this game by scoring just 60 points. 

It has been an interesting season for Kansas up to this point, but they are still one of the best teams in the country in terms of talent. Kevin McCullar Jr. is one of the best players in the conference, and he has the ability to take over a game. 

This should be a game that is tight throughout, but ultimately the Jayhawks are going to find a way to get the job done. 

Take Some Bets

The sports betting industry just continues to grow, and everyone is looking to get in on the action. If you are someone that has already bet on sports, it’s time to take things to the next level and set up your own PPH site. 

WagerHome.com makes this an extremely easy process as it will provide you with the tools needed to get your site up and running. This website has been helping people for years, and it can help you start accepting your own wagers today. 

College basketball is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting, especially when the calendar flips to March. There is actually time to get your site set up before this big game, and that will let you work out any flaws before the NCAA Tournament begins. 

You should stop making your own bets, and start making some serious money by accepting wagers on your own PPH site

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WagerHome BlogHouston Cougars vs. Kansas Jayhawks Prediction – Feb 3, 2024

Auburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction – Jan 24, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on January 24, 2024

The college basketball season is really starting to heat up, and there are a number of big games on the schedule on Wednesday night. One of those big games will come from the SEC as the Auburn Tigers are set to visit the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

While this rivalry game doesn’t have as much hype on the court as it does the football field, this is still a game that both teams want to win. This is also a reflection of just how great college basketball has gotten, and why it is one of the top betting options. 

This game is going to have a big impact on the standings in the SEC this season, but it can also impact you personally. Setting up a PayPerHead site is now a possibility for everyone, and you can actually accept bets on this game. 

Here is a look at this rivalry matchup, and a brief introduction as to how you can get your own site ready to go. 

Alabama Needs a Win

Home court advantage always seems to mean a little bit extra in conference games, and the Crimson Tide hope that is true on Wednesday night. Alabama is coming into this game with a record of 12-6, but they are in need of a signature win. 

Auburn will be coming into this game having won 11 straight games, and they are right at the top of the SEC Conference. This Tigers team is trying to improve its seed in the NCAA Tournament, and a win on Wednesday night would do just that. 

Both of these teams love to score the basketball, and this game could end up in the 80s. Auburn is scoring 83.7 points per game this season, while Alabama has actually been better than that at 89.2 points per game. 

With so many great offensive players on the floor in this game, you should expect to see a big offensive performance from each team. Auburn has been the much better defensive team this season, but it’s hard to set the tone on the road. 

For as good as Auburn has been this season, there is a reason that Alabama is going to be favored in this one. You can bet on this game and take the home team, or you could accept bets and win money that way. 

WagerHome is Your Friend

It is possible to set up your own PayPerHead site without any help, but you might end up being extremely frustrated throughout the process. Instead of trying to do it all alone, it’s a better idea to use WagerHome.com throughout the process. 

Not only will WagerHome provide guidance when you are setting up your PPH site, but they will also stay with your throughout the entire process. If you ever run into issues then WagerHome.com is going to help you navigate through those issues. 

Stop betting on college basketball and get your PPH site set up right now. March is coming and it won’t be hard to get bettors to your site.

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WagerHome BlogAuburn Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Prediction – Jan 24, 2024

Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars Betting Preview & Pick – Jan 17, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on January 17, 2024

The 2023-24 college basketball season is rolling right along, but now things are going to start to heat up in a big way. There is a huge Top 25 matchup in the Big 12 Conference on Wednesday night as the Texas Tech Red Raiders will visit the Houston Cougars. 

Not only will this game have a big impact on the standings in the Big 12 Conference, but it’s also one that will attract plenty of betting attention. Instead of simply betting on the game yourself, setting up a PPH site is a better way to go.

PPH stands for Pay Per Head, and this gives each individual the opportunity to become their own bookie. That might sound like a task that is too hard to accomplish, but it becomes easier when getting help from WagerHome.com

Before discussing how to set up your own PPH site, here is a quick look at how this game will play out. 

Cougars Need a Win

The Houston Cougars continue to be one of the favorites to win the national championship this season, but they haven’t looked the part of late. Houston has now dropped two straight games, and they need to bounce back by playing on their home floor. 

The Cougars are allowing just 51 points per game this season, and that defense needs to set the tone in this matchup. Houston is also scoring over 74 points per game, but they want to try to slow things down and win with physical play. 

Texas Tech is coming into this game with a ton of momentum as they have rattled off nine straight wins. They are another team that likes to play some defense as they are giving up just 64.8 points per game. 

The Red Raiders have been able to put a ton of pressure on teams during this winning streak, and that defense has led to some easy baskets. Texas Tech will need to find a way to score in the halfcourt as that just isn’t easy to do against Houston. 

Ultimately, this should be a game that is won by the Houston Cougars on their home floor, but it’s going to be a battle. Texas Tech simply has too much momentum to be ignored in this game, and they will keep things close throughout. 

Take the Bets

Even though the college basketball season is starting to heat up, things are going to get even more crazy during the month of March. The NCAA Tournament is widely considered one of the best sporting events out there, everyone will be wanting to make bets. 

WagerHome.com makes it easy to become your own bookie, and it won’t take long to get your own PPH site up and running. They provide tools to assist you in setting up the site, and they also provide guidance every step of the way. 

Don’t just sit back and plan to make the bets for the remainder of the college basketball season, but get your own PPH site set up so that you can start to make money off of the action. 

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WagerHome BlogTexas Tech Red Raiders vs. Houston Cougars Betting Preview & Pick – Jan 17, 2024

Wisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Preview – Jan 10, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on January 10, 2024

The 2023-24 college basketball season continues to roll right along, and you should be looking to set up your own PPH site. There are a number of Big Ten Conference games scheduled for Wednesday night, but a big matchup in the Big Ten Conference is at the top of the list. 

The Wisconsin Badgers are coming into this game with a record of 11-3, and they are currently ranked number 15 in the country. Ohio State has also had a terrific season, but they are still unranked besides sitting at 12-3 on the year. 

The Big Ten Conference continues to be one of the best in the country, and it’s one that always attracts plenty of betting attention. Before digging into this game, here is a look at how WagerHome.com can help you get your PPH site up and running. 

Plenty of Tips Coming

WagerHome.com is going to provide you with all of the tools necessary to get your PPH site up and running, but the assistance doesn’t stop there. Not only will you get some assistance at the beginning, but WagerHome is going to be with you every step of the way. 

Running a standard PPH site isn’t really that difficult, but you should be trying to set up a site that is much better than others. That is where you can use the tools available from WagerHome to create the ultimate experience for those that want to bet with you. 

There are so many advantages to running your own PPH site, including the freedom to choose what bets that you want to offer. College basketball is going to be a major focus over the next few weeks, and bettors will be flocking to your site. 

Now is the perfect time to get your PPH site set up and running, as the Super Bowl is coming as well. Let WagerHome help you out and you will soon be making money as your own bookie. 

A Look at the Big Ten Battle

The Big Ten Conference appears to have a clear leader in the Purdue Boilermakers, but there is room for other teams to make a run. Two of those teams would include the Wisconsin Badgers and Ohio State Buckeyes, making this a really big game. 

Wisconsin has actually started scoring some points this season as they are all the way up to 75 points per game. That’s not how the Badgers usually play, but guard A.J. Storr is leading the team with 14.7 points per game. 

Ohio State has lost some serious talent over the last few years, but guard Bruce Thornton is still scoring 16.9 points per game. The Buckeyes are a team that wants to push the tempo, but they are at a size disadvantage in this matchup. 

This is a game that is going to come down to the wire, and that is why there will be plenty of betting action on the matchup. Get your own PPH site up and running so you don’t miss out on the next big clash. 

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WagerHome BlogWisconsin Badgers vs. Ohio State Buckeyes Preview – Jan 10, 2024

Illinois Fighting Illini vs. Purdue Boilermakers Betting – Jan 5, 2024

by WagerHome Blog on January 5, 2024

The 2023-24 college basketball season is really starting to heat up, and now is the perfect time to set up your own PPH site. Instead of simply finding the best betting options to explore, it’s time to start taking bets on the biggest college basketball games on the schedule. 

On Friday night, the Illinois Fighting Illini visit the Purdue Boilermakers for a huge showdown in the Big Ten Conference. Illinois is coming into this game with a record of 11-2, and Purdue is sitting at 13-1 on the season. 

Not only is this going to be a huge game in the Big Ten Conference, but it could also have seeding implications for the NCAA Tournament. Purdue is coming into this game as a 10.5-point betting favorite, but that spread is only one betting option that you could offer.

Now is the perfect time to set up your PPH site by taking advantage of all of the tools from WagerHome

WagerHome Can Set You Up

It’s not easy to set up your own PPH site when trying to do it by yourself, but fortunately that isn’t the only way to go. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, you can use WagerHome to put you on the path to success. 

The nice thing about WagerHome is that is going to guide you through the process every step of the way, and there will be support provided as well. More people are signing up to place bets on sports every single day, and you want to get those people to your site. 

College basketball is just one of the many great sports betting markets that you can offer, and it’s currently one that is popular. Don’t wait around any longer as you are missing out on some great college basketball betting opportunities by not having your site ready to go. 

A Look at This Battle

This game has plenty of hype and excitement around it, even though the Boilermakers are pretty significant favorites in this game. Purdue has the best player in the country in Zach Edey, while the best player from Illinois is currently dealing with a suspension. 

The team stats for the Fighting Illini and Boilermakers actually look pretty similar though as both teams are scoring over 83 points per game. Illinois has a better shooting team than Purdue, and the Fighting Illini are better defensively as well. 

This game is going to come down to whether or not the other players from Illinois are good enough to take over on offense, and they have proven that they can be. Illinois is not going to have an answer for Zach Edey, but they have proven that they can win games in a variety of ways. 

Purdue is going to be able to defend home court and come away with a win in this game, but giving Illinois 10.5 points is simply way too much. Illinois has the tools to battle for 40 minutes and they will keep this game within single digits.

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WagerHome BlogIllinois Fighting Illini vs. Purdue Boilermakers Betting – Jan 5, 2024

Future Favorites as College Basketball Begins

by WagerHome Blog on November 8, 2023

The college basketball season for both men and women began on Monday, and two unusual upsets highlighted opening night.

The best women’s basketball team in the land, the LSU Tigers, were easily handled by the Colorado Buffaloes, 92-78. Frida Foremann of Colorado led the upset with 27 points and seven 3-pointers. Angel Reece, who was the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player when LSU rolled to the national championship last spring, had just 15 points on 15 shots.

It was the first time a women’s defending national champion lost on opening night since 1995.

On the men’s side the No. 4 ranked Michigan State Spartans lost to James Madison, 76-74 in overtime, making it just the first time a top-five team lost to an unranked opponent on opening night since 2005. That team that lost in 2005 was Michigan State.

This was the first November home loss for the Spartans since 1986, and just the second time in school history that James Madison has beaten a ranked team.

Men’s National Championship Favorites

  • Kansas (+1000)
  • Duke (+1100)
  • Purdue (+1100)
  • Kentucky (+1200)
  • Arizona (+1400)
  • UConn (+1400)
  • Michigan State (+1800)
  • Marquette (+1800)

Kansas has made head coach Bill Self the highest paid coach in the nation, and the Jayhawks are the favorites to win another national championship. They won it in 2022, but last year they were knocked out in the second round by Arkansas.

UConn is the defending national champion, and the Huskies are tied with Arizona for the fifth shortest odds to begin the season. The Wildcats won the Pac-12 Tournament last year and were awarded a two-seed, but they were bounced in the first round by the 15th-seeded Princeton Tigers.

Michigan State has fallen to +1800 after their loss to JMU in East Lansing.

Women’s National Championship Favorites

  • UConn (+400)
  • LSU (+450)
  • Iowa (+900)
  • Utah (+950)
  • South Carolina (+1100)
  • UCLA (+1400)
  • Indiana (+1500)
  • Ohio State (+1800)

LSU has dropped behind UConn as the early favorites to win the women’s national championship. UConn holds the record with 11 women’s national championships, and this season they have Page Bueckers. She was the AP, Naismith, and John Wooden Player of the Year in 2021, but missed all of last year with a torn ACL.

She headlines a great battle for this season’s player of the year, with Reece from LSU and Caitlin Clark of Iowa. Reece is the preseason SEC Player of the Year, and Clark is the preseason Big Ten Player of the Year. Reece and Clark, and LSU and Iowa, played in the finals last year of the highest rated NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament in history.

Pay Per Head Software

Now that college basketball has begun, all of the winter sports are on the betting schedule. NBA, NHL, and the NFL and college football – so many sports, so little time for an independent bookmaker. That’s where our Pay Per Head comes in…

With WagerHome you get a fully customizable website, access to WagerHome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ Live betting. See a demo today at WagerHome.com.

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WagerHome BlogFuture Favorites as College Basketball Begins

The Final Four Betting Preview

by WagerHome Blog on March 30, 2023

Major League Baseball opens up this weekend, but with all due respect to America’s pastime, America’s passion for the NCAA Tournament gets top billing on Saturday, and then again on Monday.

This isn’t the Final Four anyone expected, and it may not be the Final Four television executives were hoping for. But this is the Final Four we deserve. It has so many great storylines, and the best betting of the college basketball season.

Florida Atlantic vs. San Diego State (-2)

Naturally, the biggest day of the college basketball calendar tips off with Conference USA taking on the Mountain West Conference. This is a matchup you might expect to see in an early November third-tier tournament in Akron, Ohio. Instead, we have two teams making their first-ever visit to the Final Four, and one team that will play for its first-ever National Championship.

FAU is only making its second-ever NCAA Tournament appearance. SDSU on the other hand, has been to 10 of the last 13 NCAA Tournaments, and it’s worth remembering that in 2020 they were 30-2 when the Tournament was canceled because of COVID.

Adam Seiko and Nathan Mensah were on that 2020 team, and along with Darrion Trammell, Lamont Butler, and Matt Bradley, this team has talent. They were good enough to knock off the No. 1 team in the nation, Alabama, and they have now won 30 games for the third time in program history.

The Owls are a great three-point shooting team and they have now won 35 of 38 games this season, easily the best year in program history. But history also says that seeds No 9 and lower don’t get past the semifinals, and history will hold true here. The Aztecs defense will be too much for FAU, and they will cover the modest spread.

Miami vs. Connecticut (-5.5)

Miami comes into its first-ever Final Four with one of the best offensive teams in the country, and the best offense of the four remaining teams. So if they can just get past UConn, they would likely be the favorite in Monday’s National Championship game.

They beat No. 4 Indiana, 85-69, No. Houston 89-75, and No. 2 Texas 88-81, and another game into the high-80s should be enough to get it done against the Huskies.

Final Four

Connecticut, however, is one of the best No. 4 seeds we’ve seen in recent years. The selection committee got their seeding wrong, as we’ve seen the past four games. UConn’s average margin of victory is 23 points, and in their win over Gonzaga, it wasn’t even that close. This team is good, they are experienced, and they are the favorites to cut down the nets on Monday for a reason.

Miami may keep it interesting in the first half, but UConn will cover in the end.

Pay Per Head Software

The Final Four, Major League Baseball, and then the NBA Playoffs. Don’t wait. If you are an independent bookmaker, today is the day to join forces with a top pay per head software provider like WagerHome.com.

With WagerHome, you get your own customizable website, access to WagerHome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ Live betting. See a demo today at WagerHome.com.

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WagerHome BlogThe Final Four Betting Preview

Final Four Betting Odds

by WagerHome Blog on March 28, 2023

You did not predict this Final Four, the experts didn’t predict this Final Four, because no one could have predicted this Final Four.

Three of the four teams playing this weekend in Houston have never been here before. The four coaches in the Final Four have never won a championship. Forget about all the talk of blue bloods. This is new blood, and it’s setting us up for a wild and unpredictable weekend of college basketball.

Connecticut Huskies (-125)

The one team that has been here before is Connecticut, and they are naturally the favorites to win it all. UConn has four National Championships to their credit, with the most recent win coming in 2014. This visit to Houston is their sixth Final Four appearance in school history.

Final Four

The Huskies have won each of their four games in the NCAA Tournament by 15 points, and they are the first team to win its Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games by at least 20 points since Kentucky in 1996.

San Diego State Aztecs (+400)

While the Aztecs have never been to the Final Four before, they aren’t a pushover. They are champions of the Mountain West Conference, and they have been to the NCAA Tournament in three straight years. This year’s success is unprecedented, but the team as a whole is quite good.

San Diego State is here on the back of a great defense that handled No. 1 ranked Alabama, forcing 14 turnovers and holding the Crimson Tide to 17 points below their season average.

Miami Hurricanes (+450)

Miami was in the Elite Eight just 12 months ago before losing to eventual National Champion Kansas. And this year they are making their first trip to the Final Four. With seven wins in their last eight NCAA Tournament Games, they are the most successful collection of players of the four teams left standing.

Miami beat No. 1 seed Houston in the Sweet 16, and then ousted No. 2 Texas in the Elite Eight, so they might not be the most popular team in town this weekend.

Florida Atlantic Owls (+625)

Like San Diego State and Miami, Florida Atlantic is a conference champion. They won both the Conference USA regular season and tournament titles after being picked to finish fifth in the preseason poll. This is the first Final Four appearance in school history, and just the second NCAA Tournament appearance in 30 seasons at Division I.

The Owls’ path to Houston was opened up when Fairleigh Dickinson knocked out Purdue. But FAU did have to take out Memphis, Tennessee, and Kansas State, and on the back of some great three-point shooting. Their 9.6 made three-pointers a game is 12th best in the nation.

Pay Per Head Software

The Final Four, Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, the Masters, the beginning of the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and the NFL Draft – and that’s all just in the next month.

If you are an independent bookmaker, this is the time to join forces with a top pay per head software provider like WagerHome.com. Get a customizable website, access to WagerHome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ Live betting, and get your first four weeks absolutely free.

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WagerHome BlogFinal Four Betting Odds

Latest NCAA Tournament Odds

by WagerHome Blog on March 21, 2023

The greatest basketball tournament in the history of the sport never disappoints. Two of the top seeds lost in the first weekend, with Purdue becoming just the second top seed in history to lose in the first round to a 16-seed. Break out Fairleigh Dickenson (although sadly their Tournament ended two days later).

Defending champion Kansas lost to Arkansas, Arizona lost to Princeton, and fellow two-seed Marquette was beaten by Tom Izzo and Michigan State.

Sixteen teams remain, and this is who the oddsmakers are favoring to win it all.

Favorites to Win Final Four

Alabama Crimson Tide (+350)
Houston Cougars (+360)
UCLA Bruins (+850)
Texas Longhorns (+1000)
Connecticut Huskies (+1000)
Creighton Blue Jays (+1100)
Tennessee Volunteers (+1100)
Gonzaga Bulldogs (+1200)
Michigan State Spartans (+2500)
Kansas State Wildcats (+3000)
Arkansas Razorbacks (+3500)
Xavier Musketeers (+3500)
San Diego State Aztecs (+4000)
Miami Hurricanes (+4500)
Florida Atlantic Owls (+4500)
Princeton Tigers (+20000)

Since the NCAA Tournament expanded in 1985, this is just the fourth time that multiple No. 1 seeds failed to get to the Sweet-16. And now, with just two top seeds remaining, not surprisingly, they are the two heavy favorites to win the NCAA title. Alabama has the easiest path, with only a fifth seed, a six seed, and a 15th seed left in the South Region.


Houston faces the Miami Hurricanes in the Sweet-16, and the winner there will play the winner of Xavier and Texas. The NCAA Tournament is now without blue bloods Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and Kentucky, but UCLA is plenty blue, and they are the highest seed remaining in the West.

The Kansas State Wildcats were picked in the NCAA preseason to finish dead last in the Big 12. Instead, America’s coach, Jerome Tang, who is having more fun than anyone else left in the Tournament, has K-State as the highest remaining seed in the East. Up next for the Wildcats, who just knocked off Kentucky, is Michigan State.

Favorites to Win Each Region

East – Tennessee (+130)
West – UCLA (+210)
South – Alabama (-140)
Midwest – Houston (-115)

Alabama and Houston are favorites to get things closed out in their regions and make it to the Final Four. In the East, however, Tennessee is only the fourth seed, and they are favored over No. 3 seed K-State (+350). Even No. 7 seed Michigan State (+300) is favored over the Wildcats.

UCLA is the No. 2 seed in the West and is playing in Las Vegas, just up the 15 Freeway from L.A. But at +210, they are actually tied with UConn as West favorites. Just behind them is Gonzaga at +240. Arkansas, who beat Kansas, is at +550.

Pay Per Head Software

Only 15 NCAA Tournament games remain, and 12 NCAA teams will be eliminated this weekend. Baseball begins in less than two weeks, the NBA and NHL Playoffs aren’t far away, and the NFL Draft is here in a month.

As spring begins, independent bookmakers should begin a partnership with a top pay per head software provider like WagerHome.com. With WagerHome you get your own fully customizable website, access to WagerHome’s huge menu of sports and betting options, plus EZ Live betting.

See a demo today at WagerHome.com.

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WagerHome BlogLatest NCAA Tournament Odds

NCAA Basketball Teams to Bet on in 2023

by WagerHome Blog on December 28, 2022

Here at WagerHome, we are your home for all things in the pay-per-head betting world and are eager to help you maximize your profitability in all aspects of wagering. If you are looking for the tools and help required to operate a PPH site, WagerHome has everything you need in a one-stop solution.

When it comes to NCAA or college basketball, coaching is king, while guard play and experience are a close second and third. Here are some teams that are likely to be big money movers and makers during league play and the new year.

NCAA Bets for 2023: Illinois Fighting Illini – Fade

From a wagering standpoint, there are different ways to make money: NCAA teams you should “buy” and teams you should “sell.” 

In this case, Brad Underwood’s Illini represents the latter. With strong rumblings out of Champagne suggesting this team is strongly lacking in the chemistry department, Illinois is a team to fade during the second half of the season as league play enters the fold. 

Illinois is proving this as the NCAA season steams forward, ranking just ninth in the Big Ten against the spread on the season. Their 5-6-1 mark ATS is not a number that typically makes up a strong unit, especially considering that their out-of-conference strength of schedule is 133rd in the nation. They have covered just once in their last five games and are now approaching a stretch of four straight teams currently ranked within the Pomeroy top 100, which they are 3-4 against SU thus far in the season. 

NCAA Bets for 2023: Connecticut Huskies – Buy

Coach Danny Hurley and the Huskies are currently the second-ranked NCAA team in the nation and the most consistent from a wagering standpoint. UConn has 11-1-1 thus far in the season against the spread despite playing seven games against “Quad 1 and 2” teams. 

UConn’s only failure to cover this season came in their most recent contest against program nemesis Georgetown. The Huskies were able to notch a double-digit victory but could not cover a bloated spread of (-22). This team has quality depth in the frontcourt with classic big men who rebound and defend the rim while boasting a backcourt that shoots the ball and initiates multiple offensive looks. UConn needs to be considered an NCAA national championship contender at this point.

NCAA Bets for 2023: North Carolina Central – Buy

Teams like North Carolina Central can be very valuable when discussing PPH plays. The Eagles are still coached by legendary Levelle Moton and have played a heck of an out-of-conference slate thus far. 

NCC’s overall record of 6-7 is not indicative of its status as a program or club. The Eagles play in one of the nation’s worst conferences and cannot attract top-level talent. However, due to their coaches’ chops, they are always competitive, which is represented by their 8-1-1 record against the spread. 

The Eagles have covered the spread against all three power six schools they have faced this season. In the games against Virginia, LSU, and Marquette, the largest spread they faced was 24 points, and they were able to cover every time. They are 6-0-1 in their last seven contests and are now entering league play in a weak MEAC after being battle-tested in the out-of-conference season. 

NCAA Bets for 2023: Notre Dame – Fade

The Fighting Irish are another team representing more name value than betting value. Mike Brey’s club is one of the worst in the nation against the spread at just 2-10 ATS this season. The Irish are underperforming the number by a second worst in the ACC (-6.6) points per contest. 

Notre Dame boasts some really nice players in Nate Laszewski and Dane Goodwin, but that has never equaled a ton of success against the number, as the club is just 64-73-1 against the spread overall and 33-39-1 at home during their careers. This season, the Irish are just 2-7 ATS at home. 


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WagerHome BlogNCAA Basketball Teams to Bet on in 2023