An In Depth Look At The 2019-20 NBA Future Odds & Betting Options

by WagerHome Blog on October 24, 2019

In looking at the 2019-20 NBA future odds, it is the battle of Los Angeles, as the Clippers (+420) have the best odds to win the title, with the Lakers (+450) not far behind.

The Milwaukee Bucks are at +530 as the team with the best odds to win it all from the Eastern Conference, while last season’s champion, the Toronto Raptors are longshots at +6000. That is not a surprise since one of the reasons the Clippers have the best odds is that they now have Kawhi Leonard, who starred for the Raptors last season.

All in all, the 2019-20 season is pretty wide open in terms of teams that have a legit shot at winning the title. This simply has not been the case for the last several years.

When talking about the 2019-20 NBA future odds, there are quite a few different bets you can take a look at. This is a good thing for anybody with a solid PPH site, such as one you can get at, as you have the chance to offer quite a few futures betting options to your customers.

The more bets you have to offer customers, the more money you can make, so take advantage of all the futures bets available for the NBA this season.

Lots Of Options for NBA future odds

There are team NFA future odds such as: to win the NBA title, the Eastern and Western Conference titles, as well as all of the divisions. There are also several player futures wagers to offer your customers, such as who will win the MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, and Rookie of the Year.

If you have a LeBron James or Stephen Curry mega-fan as a customer, then reach out to them and let them know the player futures options available.

Betting on NBA futures can give a massive payout, as the odds can get huge for teams that could be a surprise and come out winning their division or conference. With teams that are not expected to do much, they have huge odds and big payouts if they pull off a shocker.

For example, if you think the Atlanta Hawks will be a massive surprise and win the NBA championship and you bet $10, and they do pull it out, you will walk away with a cool $2,500.

Still, even teams that are seen as contenders can have good payouts as well. The Utah Jazz reloaded and added some key players in the offseason, and they are at +1350 to win it all. With a $10 wager, you pull in $135 if they win the title.

NBA future odds Utah Jazz

Bet Anytime

As a sports bookie with a PPH site, you need to let your customers know all of their betting options for the NBA season, and that includes futures bets. One of the good things about NBA futures bets is that they are available all year, as you can make a bet at any time.

Your customers will have to wait until the end of the season to see if their futures bet is a winning one, but they have betting action for the whole season from a single wager.

There are tons of betting options for the NBA, which is good for you as a PPH site owner. It allows you to offer your customers many betting options, which is advantageous for you, as the more they wager, the more you make.

This goes for the 2019-20 NBA futures bets, which there are many of and can be very enticing for your players with the solid payouts they have.

Click here to inquire more about setting up your own reputable PPH site at! Your players want to see NBA future odds and make these types of bets, so start letting them this NBA season.

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WagerHome BlogAn In Depth Look At The 2019-20 NBA Future Odds & Betting Options

5 Essential Reasons to Become a Basketball Bookie This NBA Season

by WagerHome Blog on October 22, 2019

We are all ready for the NBA season and guess what, it’s here. But are you ready to start taking bets as a basketball bookie? Sure, you can continue doing it the hard way or you can join a top Pay Per Head (PPH) site like and really take your bookie business to the next level this season.

There are many great reasons for being a bookie this basketball season. But let’s take a look at the top five reasons to run your bookie business through a PPH site this NBA season.

1. Profit as a Basketball Bookie

It is pretty obvious that the main goal of any bookie is to make money. By using a PPH site, such as one you can get at, you can eliminate the overhead in running your bookie business.

Your sportsbook operation will be seamless and easy to run. Gone are the days of tracking bets and balances for all of your players. Your PPH site setup will do this for you. Less overhead means more profit.

On top of that, it will be much easier for your players to make bets. We all want more action as a basketball bookie because you are making money on the “juice”. More bets = More juice = More profits!

2. No Lack of Betting Options

One of the great things about the NBA is that there are so many different types of bets to make. There are the typical bets like spread, total, and moneyline, as well as many more. Other bet types include futures, proposition bets, parlays, teasers, and pleasers.

One of the great things about the NBA is that for every single game, there are many prop bets available for both players and teams. The more betting options that you can offer your customers, the more bets they can make.

Another feature you can offer your players is live betting. This type of betting allows your guys to bet as each game is taking place. Live betting is the future and you can get ahead of the competition by offering this.

3. Tracking Your Customers

Using a PPH site makes it simple to track your customers. This is not only showing how much your customers have won or lost but also showing what types of NBA bets they make and how often they bet.

If you have a solid PPH site like one you get at, you can track betting from your customers, and then you know what they like to wager on. Knowing this can allow you to offer them more of what they want, which can lead to increased wagering from them.

4. Accessibility

When you have your own bookie PPH sportsbook, you have access to that site 24/7 360365 days a year. Not only that but by using a reputable service to get a PPH website, your customers will also have 24/7 access.

This is important, as you want a website that is always live so your customers can make NBA wagers whenever they want at any time of the day. By having a solid PPH site that is always live, you will not need to worry about if your players can get into their accounts and bet, which gives you more time to cater to your players and find new ones to increase your business.

5. The Long Haul

The NBA season is a very long one with the first games starting late October and the NBA Finals taking place in June. That means there are nearly eight and a half months of NBA action going on, which gives a ton of betting options to your customers.

Ok, that’s five great reasons to not only become a basketball bookie this season, but to do it through a reputable Pay Per Head company. Click here to get started with your very own PPH site right here at!

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WagerHome Blog5 Essential Reasons to Become a Basketball Bookie This NBA Season

Tabcorp Enters Betting Partnership with the NBA

by Wager Home on October 22, 2019

Tabcorp, an Australian lottery and wagering administrator is expanding its gambling partnerships.  This time around, Tabcorp Enters Betting Partnership with the NBA. According to the Press Release, will be an official wagering administrator of the NBA in Australia.  Thus, under the multi-year deal, they can now utilize official NBA league data on its different platforms.

The association will likewise bring NBA TV, the class’ 24-hour broadcasting company, to Tabcorp’s Sky Channel in excess of 4,400 TAB retail and diversion locales crosswise over Australia.

Sky Channel will include different NBA TV programming, for example, live NBA games, features and unique substance. What’s more, Tabcorp will make its very own NBA substance and encounters for fans at its scenes. Thus, they are currently working on incorporating the NBA data within their sportsbook software and platform.

Tabcorp is expanding its relationship with American Sports Leagues

Tabcorp Enters Sports Betting Partnership with the NBA“We will probably bolster the developing craving in Australia for the NBA, which as of now includes the most grounded unforeseen of Australian players we have ever observed,” Tabcorp’s overseeing chief for betting and media, Adam Rytenskild, said.

“The NBA is prominent with our clients, and we are pleased to set up this association to bring aficionados of the challenge a wide scope of activity in bars, clubs and TABs. This makes an extended games offering, gives fans and our scene accomplices more worth, and supplements Sky’s unparalleled inclusion of Australian and universal dashing.”

Scott Levy, official VP, overseeing chief of NBA Asia, included: “Tabcorp’s broad retail system will bring NBA TV to a large number of fans all through Australia. “We additionally anticipate working with Tabcorp on honesty observing in their new job as an approved games wagering administrator.”

According to gambling news, the new organization comes after Tabcorp with the National Football League (NFL) in Australia.

The understanding permits Tabcorp to make NFL substance and encounters for Australian fans over its advanced stages and scenes. What’s more, TAB and the NFL will consolidate to advance the NFL’s authentic ‘Pick’em’ allowed to-play football match-up.

Open your own Sportsbook Today with Starting at $9 Per Player!

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Wager HomeTabcorp Enters Betting Partnership with the NBA

NBA Finals Promise Emotions And Good Plays

by Wager Home on May 30, 2019

NBA Finals are finally here. The biggest stage in NBA season is saying hello to all the basketball fans over the world. At least six exciting games between Golden State Warriors against Toronto Raptors will take place, blowing the summer wind. All you need to know about this stunning game is here. Let’s figure out which of these sides could be a better option of play. Live betting in NBA is a very good way of making cash when picking money-lines mostly. Stay aware that scores will move up and down making the line lose and free. The idea is to take opportunities instead of risks since basketball is a hard sport to bet. Mostly, have fun with your wagers and the final games.

For Golden State Warriors, there’s no introduction with their amazing final streak. Five consecutive appearances in finals say much about the golden era with the famous “three-peat”. Last time something close to this situation happened was on 2000 to 2002 with LA Lakers of Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson winning three titles in a row. But last time a team classified to five consecutive finals was Boston almost fifty years ago. Certainly, they are full of talent with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins who got recovered from injury. Golden State Warriors has gold in their blood and could be a serious killer in the final series. They got to the finals by winning four games in a row against Portland Trail Blazers and showing great stat performance, being free shots and three points their best tactic.

Let’s talk about Toronto Raptors now. Coming from a tough series against Milwaukee Bucks in which got tied by two games and went for a deep run achieving the fifth and sixth game. Just to remember that this team is a very new franchise in NBA with only 24 years old. And it will be the first Canadian team in playing to win Larry O’Brien trophy. Within his first season with Raptors, Kawhi Leonard will dispute NBA finals and will become historically the sixth best scorer in playoffs with 18 games and 561 points. His numbers are impressive with 50.7% effectivity in free shots and 38.8& in three-point shots. In fact, these numbers don’t hesitate his best achievement which is being humble and with his feet on earth. When he was asked for Lebron James and other superstars, he responded with a huge attitude: “It’s not about being famous or collect fame, it’s about playing basketball and have fun”. Words that show their passion for playing the extra mile and actions that make some people make comparisons with his nearest player: Michael Jordan.

Looking close to the lines will say that Toronto needs to take advantage in the first two games playing locally. A good advantage with their crowd could help the players get full motivated when is the time of showing up in California. They need to take the lead of this series somehow. Remember that this is the first time NBA finals goes to somewhere off the United States and certainly plays when choosing your pick. Will suggest you take Toronto’s in the spread of -1 with a regular price. What happens from these two games will defer third and fourth games. But please don’t expect of getting rich with these two first games, be smart on placing bets and expect comebacks.

Follow Wager Home’s predictions always. Our sports specialists will provide you with the best preliminary information on each game and our bookie software will ease you the lines. Fair enough? Share our blogs with your bettors and become a convenient bookie to bet with. Being reliable is about sharing business opportunities, make your list satisfy with the customer attention and provide clue information on how to make your clients grow.

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Wager HomeNBA Finals Promise Emotions And Good Plays

Predictions: NBA Playoffs – Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals

by Wager Home on May 22, 2019

Reaching NBA playoffs demands a huge physical condition, lots of concentration and training, confidence and attitude as a team, and strict coach orientation. These games meant to be aggressive, intense and sometimes controversial. Pushing for comebacks is quite common. A team can be winning by a streak of 15 points and finally lose the game. Playing the underdog for these special moments will help a nice move for live betting but only if hunches are expressing interesting opportunities and are set in the loop of a hard feeling. This means that scores change a lot between quarters, first halves and second halves. Nevertheless, they are good games for sports betting.

Ending the above introduction; will say that game five for Eastern Conference Final between Toronto and Milwaukee is a very tight game, as it’d happened during the first four games and which lead to a tied series with hand to hand scores. However, for sports gambling Milwaukee Bucks are comfortably favorite; a reason to think that probably these lines are forgetting something and can deliver into a good sports wager opportunity. Let’s follow some stats and clear the fog. Both ended the regular season with a good winning streak of 58 for Toronto and 60 for Milwaukee. The best player performance for Toronto in this playoff season is Kawhi Leonard with 26.6 points per game and 84.4% success in free shots. The best player performance for Milwaukee Bucks is Giannis Antetokounmpo with 27.7 points per game and 72.9% success in free shots despite his poor appearance in game three. Putting the eye in this matchup will help you pick a winning side since the defense will need to have leverage against the damage in points that both players can generate. Another player match-up to pay attention is Eric Bledsoe from Bucks against Kyle Lowry from Raptors. Both are essential in the strategy of their teams holding the ball and promoting assistance.

The last point to consider is the three shots efficiency on both teams. It’s being said that Bucks has developed a strong attack all season long under this shot achieving almost 40 percent of attempts. They are lethal weapon hardly to restrain in this chip. In the other hand, Toronto Raptors have the worst math out of the four final teams with only 32 percent of all attempts. Dear bettor, please choose wisely when it comes to game five of Eastern Conference Final and consider our points when you are about to place the bet. It will help you decide.

Is good to remember that Wager Home will offer interesting props and of course the entire game line. We are getting popular advanced bookie software among the pay per head industry thanks to our that helps agents and bookies offer the best lines and benefits to their clients. Share our content with your whole list and keep growing your business with Wager Home. Cheers!

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Wager HomePredictions: NBA Playoffs – Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals

The Price Per Head Revolution – 1-800-728-8509

by Wager Home on February 26, 2019

We all know that sports betting is one of the most popular gambling-related activities in the world, and it is certainly one of the drivers for the boom in sports of all kinds in the United States. And we have a price per head revolution going on offshore.

It is itself driven by land-based operations in Nevada, and more prominently, by online sportsbooks that are headquartered offshore and by private people who deal with customers on a personal basis. These are businessmen who, by and large, deal with a local clientele. And traditionally, they have operated on a local basis.

But that is rapidly changing. There is indeed a revolution going on in the industry, and if you are involved in it and haven’t yet climbed on board, you are going to be left behind.

It is called Price Per Head, which is the best thing that has ever happened to bookmakers, or rather, “agents” in the 21st-Century vernacular. This is a platform for doing business that allows anyone running a sports betting business with the opportunity to offer their customers the same interface, odds and superior service that customers of online sportsbook. It is, in fact, an online sportsbook apparatus, except that the “agent” is responsible for the financial arrangements (i.e., settling up) with customers.

So anyone betting with you would see precisely the same thing a customer of a major online sportsbook would see. And the foremost operation along these lines is WagerHome, which has provided agents with the most advanced, most secure platform available for Price Per Head operations.

What do they offer? Well, proprietary software, for one thing, which is customizable to your needs. Do you want complete control on the back end, so that you can keep track of your customers, impose limits on them, and monitor where they stand with you in real-time, at ALL times, you’ll have it.

With WagerHome you will also have the ability to offer any and all sporting events, from around the world, 24 hours a day to your customer, and they can place wagers right through the interface, or, by special arrangement, over the phone, which means you save a lot on personnel costs and can afford to concentrate on recruiting more and more customers. And all of those customers can be handled at once. They’ll all get the sharpest odds in the industry – the same ones the pros play! And the most sophisticated offerings – such as live in-game betting – will be right at the fingertips of your patrons.

This is the quickest point-and-click betting platform in the industry, and sports betting is not the only thing you will be able to offer your customers. When you do business with WagerHome you can offer casino gaming AND racebook betting to your clients, and unlike other operations, you won’t be charged for it. We also offer a live casino at a price per head cost, unlike other competitors who will charge a percentage.

And you won’t disappoint your clientele; not in the least. In fact, you’ll have no downtime; not with 24-hour customer service every day of the year, with a state-of-the-art facility that is monitored around the clock by our technical staff, along with over a hundred years of experience in command of the sports book side of the operation. We also offer a unique live betting platform that will keep your clients on site longer which means more volume and profit for your business.

For all things having to do with the Price Per Head industry, you couldn’t possibly be in better hands than with WagerHome! Call us Today 1-800-728-8509

Keep reading us, all you need to know about Parlay buyout options.

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Wager HomeThe Price Per Head Revolution – 1-800-728-8509