Pay Per Head Money Maker: Dynamic Live Wagering

by WagerHome Blog on November 26, 2020

If you are an independent bookmaker looking to supercharge your business and maximize your sports betting revenue, you need to partner with a pay per head software provider with a live wagering option. Along with four weeks to try it out for free, gives you your own customizable website, your choice of worldwide sports and wager types, and full betting reports for each of your clients.

Beyond that, provides something that you can’t offer your customers when you’re running your shop alone – live sports wagering.

What is Live Wagering?

Live wagering, also called in-play wagering, is defined simply as bets placed on games that are currently in progress. As the game moves along and the score changes, new betting opportunities become available, and with constantly changing odds. Those changing odds are calculated by a computer – making them free of human bias – and they are something that you can’t offer your clients unless you are teamed up with a pay per head software provider.

As an example, it works something like this:

The Miami Dolphins are hosting the Buffalo Bills and are listed at +3 before kickoff. As soon as the game begins and points are scored, the betting line shifts. If Miami goes up early, the line will shrink. If Buffalo is the first team to score, the spread line will grow.

The over/under line, spread line, and much more are all subject to change as the game progresses. You can bet on quarters and halftime lines, and even smaller bets are offered, such as whether Josh Allen will throw a touchdown pass, Matt Breida rushes for a score, the next turnover, the next sack, as well as a host of other live bets.

Live Wagering

Your Clients Want Live Wagering

Live betting on sports dates back to the early days of the 20th century. Fans would sit in the stands at baseball games and bet on things like the next pitch, whether a batter would get on base, and how many bases the next hit would be. Now that we all have the ability to walk around with sportsbooks in our pockets, what was once a fun way to enhance wagering while sitting in the stands has exploded into the most popular way to bet on sports today.

Industry insiders believe that 70% of all sports wagers in the United States will be in-play wagers in the near future, a trend that would match what is already developing in Europe. If we can apply European trends to U.S. data, we can expect that most of your clients are likely to be placing live wagers with a large sportsbook, if they are not doing so already. And no matter how loyal they are to you, the siren song of live wagering will eventually come calling.

To stay competitive and keep your clients engaged and satisfied, the ability to provide live wagering is invaluable.

Live Wagering Means More Wagering

Along with the enhanced enjoyment that live wagering brings your clients, the ability to place in-game wagers keeps bettors more engaged in your sportsbook. They become an active participant in betting, placing multiple bets per game.

There are halftime wagers to cover pre-game losers. Drive and play bets in football and individual inning bets when wagering on baseball. Plus, since your clients can get an instant return on bets, there is an incentive to place multiple wagers, either to keep their winning streak rolling or to hedge their bet and cut losses.

Everyone wins when you add live wagering to what you can offer as a bookmaker. Your clients are happy, and your profits are bigger. To set up your sportsbook with pay per head live betting services, contact us at at any time.

WagerHome BlogPay Per Head Money Maker: Dynamic Live Wagering

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