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3 Effective Pay Per Head Marketing Tips To Keep Your Players

by WagerHome Blog on October 27, 2019

When you have a Pay Per Head (PPH) site, you not only want to attract new players but also keep your existing ones in the fold. Consistent marketing to your player base is the best way to keep them happy and in the know.

Why Pay Per Head Marketing Tips Can Help You Grow

When you have a good PPH site driving your bookie business, you have the tools to manage your players, but you still have to put in the time to market to them as well.

If you want to be a successful bookie using a PPH site, then you have to go above and beyond when the site software offers and not just let the sportsbook run itself.

Let’s take a look at a few tips for marketing to your players.

Let Them Know What Sports Are Active

Just because YOU know everything about every sport, doesn’t mean your players do. Make it a habit to send out regular messages to your players about big games taking place.

Remind them each weekend of the big college football and NFL games on the schedule. If there is a big night of sports, be sure to remind them of the lines and give them a nudge to bet.

Don’t assume your players know. They may not remember and a friendly reminder will give them that extra push to make a few bets.

Educate Them On Your Sportsbook Options

One of the most important types of marketing you can do is “teaching” your players how to use your sportsbook. When you utilize a PPH site (like, you get a ton of different options at your fingertips.

Your players may be a bit overwhelmed so make it part of your routine to explain the features to them. Explain how they can make live bets, futures, straight bets and more.

Show them some of the confusing or behind the scenes features that will make betting easier on them. This is one sure fire way to get more out of your players.

Utilize Email & Text Messages

Email marketing has been around for decades, but it’s still a great way to communicate with your players. Get them on a list and take advantage of services like Mailchimp, aWeber, Hubspot, etc… Find one that works for you and start emailing.

You can setup autoresponder messages to your players or send one time blasts. But form that relationship with your players and watch the trust grow. Once they have trust in you, it’s easier to keep betting and bet more at your site!

Text messaging for business purposes is starting to grow in popularity as well. It used to be that no one would read “marketing texts” — but lately that trend has changed. More and more people will open sales texts and often times take action on them.

Consider this method as a way to get ahead of your competition.

All in all, you want to market to your players to keep them wagering with you. Keep up on them, teach them, inform them and show them that you are the best PPH bookie in the business!

WagerHome Blog3 Effective Pay Per Head Marketing Tips To Keep Your Players

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