NFL Playoff Clinching Scenarios in Week 17

by WagerHome Blog on December 29, 2023

Six teams are in, eight teams are out, and the other 18 NFL teams are fighting it out for the remaining eight playoff spots with just two regular season games left to play.

AFC Division Clinchers

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the two teams in the AFC that are in the playoffs. With a win this week, or a Cleveland Browns loss, and they will clinch the North. A win also gives the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

If the Miami Dolphins can beat the Ravens, they will clinch the AFC East. They will also clinch the division if the Buffalo Bills lose to the New England Patriots. Miami has already clinched a wild card berth.

The AFC West will be won by the Kansas City Chiefs for the eighth straight year if they can beat the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs also clinch if the Las Vegas Raiders and Denver Broncos both lose or tie.

There is a three-way tie in the AFC South, but Jacksonville is the only team that could clinch this week. If they beat Carolina and the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts both lose, the Jaguars have the division.

NFC Division Clinchers

The Philadelphia Eagles can clinch the NFC East if they beat the Arizona Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys lose to the Detroit Lions.

The jumble in the NFC South can be decided this week with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers win. That would eliminate the New Orleans Saints and give the Bucs all of the possible tiebreakers in the division.

The 49ers have already clinched the NFC West, and they will clinch the No. 1 seed and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with a win, and losses by the Eagles and Lions.

Wild Card Clinchers

Two teams in the AFC can clinch wild card berths this weekend – the Bills and Browns.

The Bills need to win, and then one of six other scenarios need to fall their way. The Pittsburgh Steelers or Cincinnati Bengals need to lose in each of them, and then a combination of losses by Jacksonville, Houston, or Indianapolis need to happen. If both the Steelers and Bengals lose, a Bills win has them in.

For the Browns it’s much simpler. Win and they are in. Or they are in with a loss by Pittsburgh, or Buffalo, or Jacksonville, or both Houston and Indianapolis.

The Los Angeles Rams will grab an NFC wild card berth with a win this week, plus either a loss by the Seattle Seahawks or a tie between the Packers and Vikings. Seattle is in with a win and a Packers-Vikings tie.

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