Football is Coming; Make Sure You’re Ready

by WagerHome Blog on June 14, 2024

Even though the entire sports betting industry is growing at an alarming rate, football will always be the most popular sport to wager on. There are even those that will only bet on football, and that season is coming soon. 

When it comes to football, there are some great betting options out there, and every game provides some real value. Not only can you cash in by betting on the NFL, but you can also make some money by becoming your own bookie. 

Becoming your own bookie might not be something that you have ever thought about, but now is the perfect time to begin this journey. If you are able to get things in place to become your own bookie over the summer then you will have things up and running ahead of the football season. 

Here is a look at why becoming a bookie before football is a good idea, and how you can begin this process. 

A PPH Site Comes First

If you are going to have any success when becoming your own bookie then you will need to get a PayPerHead site set up first. This PPH site is where all of the betting action is going to take place, and it’s the place where you will set the odds. 

You can get a PPH site set up on your own terms, but you are likely going to run into some issues when trying to get that done. Instead of going through all of that stress, reach out to for some help. should be your one-stop shop for all things bookie related, and they have had a ton of experience with this in the past. Not only can help you get started, but they are also going to be there if you have any questions. 

There will be other things to figure out after getting your PPH site set up and running, but that’s an important first step. Make the right choice and use to begin your journey into being a bookie. Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl

Football is King

When it comes to sports, football remains the clear leader throughout the United States. Not only is the NFL the most popular league, but college football provides plenty of drama and excitement as well.

“Betting the spread” has become part of the everyday vocabulary for many sports fans in the country, and this is really the sport where that matters the most. That will be one of the best betting options out there, but you can also offer other bets if you are your own bookie. 

Future betting is extremely popular when it comes to football as well, and this is another way that you can manipulate the odds to cash in. Bettors are always looking to wager on the upcoming Super Bowl champion, and that is where a ton of great action will come from. 

Be sure to get some practice in with other sports so that you are ready to go when the football action kicks off. 

WagerHome BlogFootball is Coming; Make Sure You’re Ready

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