Continuing Success By Upgrading To PPH Software Following The Super Bowl

by WagerHome Blog on January 23, 2020

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the sports betting calendar. The American Gaming Association estimates that for last year’s game, more than $6 billion was wagered across the country. It is a gambling behemoth unlike any other.

But the sports calendar that follows the Super Bowl is also filled with many great sports, high-dollar wagering events, and a variety of opportunities for your bookmaking business to make even more money.

So as we get closer to the NCAA Tournament, the Major League Baseball season, and the NBA and NHL Playoffs, make sure your business is ready by having it teamed with the latest available technology.

At, you can give pay per head software a try for four free weeks before ever having to make a commitment, and truly see the many advantages PPH software provides.

Pay Per Head Software Advantages for Bookmakers

The most obvious advantage is the top-of-the-line website you’re given. Instead of having to build out a website and a mobile app and paying for fast and responsive technology so that your clients get the experience they demand, you will get all of that for a small fee.

Point spreads and odds change at a moment’s notice, and with pay per head software, you no longer are responsible for keeping track of all the changes. The PPH site does it all for you.

Pay per head software also offers you complete customization. Choose the sports, set the betting limits, and change those customizations for each of your customers. Even though PPH software does the work for you, you are still very much in charge.

pph software

You will also provide your clients with complete customer service when you are teamed with PPH software. They get 24-hour access to knowledgeable customer service agents, and solving their problems is no longer your responsibility.

Advantages For Your Clients

Your clients are loyal, but only to a degree. They want the convenience of being able to bet on any sport, anywhere in the world, and at any time of day. And instead of having to contact you to place that wager, all they need now is an internet or data connection.

Players also want to be able to take advantage of in-play wagering, which allows them to place bets on events already taking place. With PPH software powering your bookmaking business, you can offer that, and take advantage of this new and dynamic way to facilitate even more wagering.

Your customers will also be able to make all financial transactions through encrypted software, giving them the security and peace of mind that players expect with sports wagering in 2020.

And of course, that customer service previously mentioned makes their experience as your client that much better. If they have problems with placing wagers, technical issues, or account management, being able to offer them an immediate way to get solutions goes a long way to enhancing their sports wagering enjoyment.

WagerHome BlogContinuing Success By Upgrading To PPH Software Following The Super Bowl

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